What to Do While Sharing Videos on YouTube

YouTube videos used to rise to the stars overnight in the past, this is not the case today. The endless swarm of videos has made it impossible to get your video recognized organically. No random video can become viral unless it’s either extremely annoying or hilarious.

These day the channel owner has to work really hard in making sure the video is up to the mark of other successful videos. There are certain points that should be considered while uploading a YouTube video.


Proper Tagging of Videos

Tags, Tags and a lot of Tags! They serve the same function as keywords in a post. Don’t spam keywords especially if you are filing them in the video description. Don’t do it unless you really want to lose your viewers and get penalties for spamming Keywords. It is not beneficial for what you want to achieve by uploading your videos.


Watermark Your Link in Footnote

Always add a watermark in your video, also add a footnote link that takes your viewers to your website or blog. It will also protect your video from getting stolen, although YouTube has strict policies against video theft.


Social Media Sharing

It is always a wise move to link all your social media together. Share the link to your video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

It is going to boost a lot of engagement and your viewers will get to know the origin and journey of your brand. You can add call to action 10 sections in the end of your video and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and give a Thumbs Up.


Highest Traffic Time of Day, Best Time to Share

 It is always a wise move to conduct a bit of research about your demography and see in which hours your audience uses internet most. For example, evenings from say 6 pm till 10 pm is the best time to upload a video. If you upload a video early in the morning or the middle of afternoon on a weekday, it’s not going to get the response you’re looking for.


Promote Your Channel Even When You Haven’t Uploaded a Video.

It’s not necessary that you promote your channel only when you upload new video, you can and you should promote even when you haven’t uploaded a video. You can promote your older videos, ‘Stay Tuned’ or ‘Sneak Peek’ video while you’re processing your video.


Submit Video Responses to Popular Videos

Video responses allows you to take advantage of the popularity of other more famous videos, unless you’re some big shot on YouTube like VEVO. I mean if you’re VEVO which by the way runs the music of almost all musicians on the face of the Earth, what are you even doing here? If not, then yes you need to use video responses as much as you can. The trick is not to seem too desperate and trying to find a video to reply to. You can use videos related to your industry to your benefit and create new videos.


Grow Your Subscribers and Regular Viewers

The number of subscribers indicate how many people you’re broadcasting your videos to, it is as much important as having Followers or Facebook or Twitter. Use your advertising expertise to draw audience in off-site. As I mentioned above ‘Call to action’ accompanied with link in your subscription feed can also go a long way. Use all the strategies in hand to steer the audience your way, this way your videos will get maximum viewing, sharing and more people will subscribe to your channel.


Spamming Annotations are a NO NO!

Annotations are like keywords in the description and they can be very distracting for a viewer also. Annotations might contain important information or links to your video content but they can obstruct the viewer from concentrating on your video.  Use them carefully, mainly for actual video corrections or any additional information you want to give out to your viewers.


Should I Share Poorly Produced Videos?

Well you know the answer to this question better, go through the video if it’s more like a presentation with monotonous ranting of an emotionless actor in the background, better not upload it. Find out actors who are really passionate about your products not some hired actors who know nothing. Why do the agencies pay a load of money to their endorsers? Because they know the model is going to represent their brand in a positive manner.

Make good quality, interesting videos, it’s not that hard to achieve these days.


Want to Set an Embedded Video to Autoplay : Don’t Do It!

I know how many times I am on YouTube and an annoying video starts playing and I’m scrambling to find out a way to mute it or click return. I curse the moment when I scrolled through that video and promise never to go near it again especially when I’m wearing my headphones. So never set your videos on Autoplay.


Uploading Several videos at once: Not a God Idea!

You Tube will show the most recent video and skip right through the old ones. Unless you make a compelling video to catch the eye of your viewer. Videos should be uploaded one at a time to make good use of your videos.


 Take The High Road with Bad Commenters

Internet is filled with Grammar police and people used to of posting nasty comments, it’s always wise to ignore these commenters. You are there to represent yourself and your business, attend to serious queries about your brand and really ignore the ones trying to take you down. You can post a thank you reply to positive comment and ignore insults.


Buying Thumbs Up and Inorganic Views, Again Not a Good Idea!

When you upload a video and see a sudden stop in the number of views when the number reaches to 301, this is an automatic system set by YouTube to see whether the views are real or fake. If they are found to be fake, they will be removed. So here goes your money and time. Better not to purchase them in the first place to avoid wastage of resources.