Social Black Market Takes A Beating From Instagram

UNITED KINGDOM — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all took turns swinging at the social media black market. One who hasn’t yet, was Instagram. Well, that changed today.

Instagram is still a fairly new social platform and is currently growing in users. With that being said, Instagram wanted to crack down on fake accounts to make sure its black market problem doesn’t grow out of control. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it surely knows why its better to crack down on this early — and not let it spiral out of control.

This is exactly what Instagram did, it took down millions of followers from celebrities to authoritative public figures. This showed exactly who was buying fake Instagram followers and also put celebrities in a tight spot. One thing that the media forgot to mention, is that the drop in followers is also based on ‘unactive’ accounts.

That doesn’t mean they are necessarily ‘fake’ in nature.

But inactive accounts are just thousands, not millions. Every social media store on the web saw an impact with this ‘purge’. We contacted all the top providers and stores about the issue. This morning, the top 5 social media providers for these services, including Rantic, had an emergency conference meeting.

Luckily, Instagram was only to terminate 40% of the fake accounts that are considered ‘active’. This means that it is still game on and not all fake followers will drop. Expect the purge to continue for a few more days. We’re confident that most of our clients are safe.

Note to all our worried clients, hang in there!