Social Media Evolution: 2015

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Social media has always surprised its users by its changes and new revolutions. The word of change is not new for social media users no as they have witnessed many changes in the past and hopefully in the future too! Well, since its advent, it has been continuously evolving and developing, and a lot of new members keep joining the club. Now you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, LinkedIn, and Google+. Many new technologies and apps have joined the arena, and now trend have changed to a higher level. Now people do not think like they used to think few years ago. Their preferences, choices, way of thinking, ways so living and hence everything that could influence their lives, is changed. Now this world is wholly different from a world in which you all used to live. This is an age of mobile-ready websites and internet marketing where even kids make millions per month using viral videos!

If you are one of the internet users who have been using social media websites from last few years, you will agree to the fact that internet has evolved in terms of management, search engine optimization and marketing. Now, any online business cannot become successful without incorporating social media channels in its online strategies. The rise of social media websites has changed the way SEO works now. You cannot expect your website to get a higher ranking if your social signals are not helping you on the internet. Hence everything is influenced by social media channels, and it is expected that these influences will become stronger in near future.

Social signals have already taken the place of search engine optimization. As you all witnessed the growth of SEO, you would be among those who will notice the growth of social signals for internet marketing and online businesses. Well, not to mention, now more than one-quarter of total people in this world are using social media channels right now, and most of them are mobile users. Every minute, more than 4.7 million posts are shared using Tumblr, and even more photos and links are posted online. Social media websites have proved that they are not just for entertainment purposes as businesses are using them for attracting potential buyers all over the internet and increasing their profits.

Now you can sit at your home and operate your business online with a success rate using social media channels. A strong presence of your brand and an attractive blog is all what you need to earn money and make thousands of dollars per month. Let’s see how social media has changed in the past few years using following facts;

Mobile, mobile and mobile

It is a fact now that everyone is using mobile to access internet in one means or another. If you are not a mobile internet user, you might be living in some third world country because living in big metros, and developed cities have changed the ways of living of people. People now check their Facebook status when they wake up and update their profiles hundreds of times a week. If you own an online website and it is not mobile- ready, there is no benefit of using this website as no matter how hard you would try, you will never get 100% results from your online advertising and marketing of your products. What’s the reason? Well, the answer is simple, that everyone uses mobile, and people don’t bother to check out links and videos that cannot be opened using his or her phone. So this is an age of mobile and smartphones. Now nobody opens their PC to sign up for nay website or to make online purchases as mobile is the most commonly used medium now.

Video marketing is a new form of internet marketing

You might have overlooked the importance of video marketing in the past, but in year 2015, you cannot survive without this trend. Video marketing is an emerging trend of social media, and many websites have already turned towards it like Twitter and Facebook. These two social media giants have started advertising using videos, and now you could imagine how video marketing is going to influence this year trends of social media. Viral videos of Vine and YouTube channels are going to become more popular than other types of marketing strategies. So don’t forget to add video marketing to your checklist this year.

Content was king, and it is a King right now

Not to mention, the importance of quality content was always higher, and as expected, it will remain like this in 2015. Social media has changed a lot; video marketing has made people go crazy, and other evolutions are influencing people but still, content is king in every aspect.

More and more social media platforms are joining the race

Now you could see new social media platforms are joining the club and people equally love this trend. Recently, all internet users had witnessed the success of Google +, a social media platform introduced by Google. Other than that, other websites like Vine have hit the market, and they are changing trends in social media now. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are there, but they are facing tough competition from these novice social media websites now.

Photos are everywhere

Another social media evolution is about photo sharing. People are becoming crazy about photo sharing on their online channels. Taking selfies has become a normal trend now, and many apps and photo sharing networks have come into being that are helping people to enjoy this latest trend. It does not matter if you have an online jewelry shop or a restaurant; you need to post high-quality images in order to become popular on the internet now. Now people are crazy for viewing HD photos and videos and this trend is going to influence every field and every online business in coming years.


Well, social media has come a long way, and it has struggled a lot in the past years. People have criticized social media websites, and there were many misconceptions but, fortunately, social media has proved all of them wrong. Now, these websites play a vital role in online success of businesses and to gain higher online profits.