What is Social Media Optimization?


You may have heard a lot about search engine optimization and related terms as everyone is talking about these a lot! However, the term of social media optimization, also known as SMO is a new blend in this series. Rightly said, social media optimization is an outcome when you mix social media with SEO. Well, if you are not familiar with SEO, you can get some details here. Search engine optimization is a set of techniques that are used to improve the ranking of any website in search engine results. The purpose of SEO is not to cheat the search engines or play them into wrong tricks. The main reasons, for optimizing your website, include a flawless user experience and to make sure that search engines recommend your site for relevant searches. Your back links, your keywords, social media strategies, your content and the web design, all work together to make your website look better from the eyes of search engines.

If you use social media marketing for the same purposes, you get a new term, social media optimization! So this was a brief explanation of what it actually means! Well, not to mention that social media is your biggest asset while carrying out online business. It can improve your organic search results and let you connect to more customers who can make you earn more money. Social media optimization works by connecting all of your social media channels in a single network that is pointed toward your potential customers. You can direct them anywhere using search media optimization and get your desired results instantly. So if you are overlooking the significance of social media optimization for improving your search engine optimization results and to employ your customers, you are thinking wrong.

For a successful social media optimization strategy, you need to follow some steps that can skyrocket your sales and increase your online presence. Have a look at these steps here;

  1. Build social networks and interlink them all

If you are using just Facebook for communicating with your followers, what about those customers who use Twitter? Have you ever thought that by ignoring any social media channel for advertising your business, how much loss you are facing? Well, take this advice and be sure to use every other social media platform for effective networking and increased visibility. If your brand XYZ is popular on twitter, it should be present on Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and other social media channels with exact name of XYZ. Let your followers find you easily when they search for you using any search engine. You must network using all the platforms. Don’t forget the social importance of YouTube as it is among the biggest online communities in the world. Making new videos for your products and services and uploading them on your YouTube channel can boost your social media optimization.

Your YouTube channel must have information about your other social media channels and just like this, make sure all of your channels have call to action option for sharing content between the channels. If your customer is using LinkedIn, give him an opportunity to share a post he likes to his friend who is using Twitter. This can be the best thing you can do to maximize the results of your social media optimization strategies.

  1. Build your reputation by being active with your customers

Your brand reputation is something you must never compromise! Using right content, right strategies and right decisions related to your social media marketing strategies, you can build your reputation among your competitors. If you are providing quality content and services to your followers, they will respect you and consider you as a qualified source for getting right products. Your strategies – for engaging your customers, are the reason they will come back to you. Use discussions and active conversations for talking to your clients. Try to understand their expectations and fulfill them before they ask for them, and you will see how they will turn into loyal customers.

By being more helpful to your followers, you are improving your brand reputation, and that is the only reason your customers need to be loyal to you. There are many ways to engage with your online followers on a regular basis. You can talk to them via Facebook posts, Tweets, and blogs. Ask them to retweet your tweets if they find them interesting, and you can improve your following in this way. You can use Google+ which is emerging as an effective social media channel. Just use any channel that can give you benefits because social media channels are meant to help your online business.

  1. Optimize your social media strategies

If you do not realize the importance of share buttons and social icons, you will soon learn that they are most important parts of your social media optimization strategy. Using a unique social image is a prerequisite for having a strong brand presence. A subscription option, a share button, options to share content, and snippets, all are important for optimizing your social media activities. You must consider using in trend options like Twitter cards and many others that can help you improve your brand presence. Social media optimization works best when you use right Hash Tags in your twitter posts and link them to your blogs. Using real images for your Pinterest channel can be a best thing if you own a photography club, or you offer online classes to novice photographers.

You should be consistent with using keyword phrases for your social media channels as it can help your customers to find you quickly. Hence, you must do everything that is important to bring back your potential clients. Your followers are your strength, and you can make them loyal using your social media optimization strategies. Social media are more powerful than you think, and it can help you achieve heights of success when done right. Understand the strategies of your competitors and try to beat them with your practical plans and optimization tricks. Today, no online brand can become successful without having a strong social media marketing strategy. So don’t forget the significance of using these channels as they are the new hype and no doubt, your bread and butter too!