Social media sites: Top 5

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Social media have no doubt come a long way, and it was never as we have it now. People used to call the Internet a trend for teenagers and youngsters. Now, grannies are using Facebook and CEOs are using LinkedIn for sharing and dealing. So the patterns have changed, and social media channels have become a must-have medium for communicating with your customers and clients online. Multiple social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn have influenced people and for a newbie, it is a hard decision to choose anyone of these. Each of these social media platforms offers different rewards and benefits to the users. So before making your choice, make sure you are making the right decision. Here are the top 5 social media networking websites that are the first choice of any online brand or company for internet marketing;

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Google+

When it comes to social media marketing strategies for small and large businesses, managing all of these channels altogether is not an easy task. You need to be active on all of your social media websites in order to make sure your channels are working great and going in the right direction. Some people have their priorities, and they prefer using any social media website because some people like some other particular site. So choosing the right social media website for promotion of your business or products is a very crucial stage. Even if you are not using social media for business and professional purposes, making a choice among these 5 top websites is no doubt hard. Pinterest is best for images, but it may not be best for professionals who deal with companies and corporates. Similarly, Twitter is best if you want to share small tweets not more than 140 characters long but Facebook is best for lengthy posts.

So social media websites have their features and limitations and choosing the right network can help you in bringing the good traffic to your site or blog. You must be sure about your needs and expectations in terms of user interaction, exposure on the internet and optimization. Being present at all of these favorite websites is not the best thing, in fact you can shortlist your selected websites and excel in using them. After a careful comparison between these websites, you will be able to choose where you must invest your time and money and where you should not! Have a look at the following measures related to these popular social networking websites;

In terms of active visits per month: Facebook is at the top with a maximum number of monthly users.

In terms of internet users: Facebook again tops all of these five social media websites with more than 901 million users. This is more than combined users for all of the other websites.

In terms of gender: women influence Pinterest and Twitter due to the maximum number of shopping and food-related content and posts. However, men occupy other social media websites like Google+, Facebook and not to forget, LinkedIn.

So you can see that these social media sites are unique for men, as well as female users. However, this does not mean men and women have limited scope of social media marketing in any of these channels. This is just a comparison for making you understand that how these websites are different. Well, have a look at the detailed comparison between these top 5 sites.


With a huge number of more than 540 million active users worldwide, Google+ is no doubt the most visited website around the globe. It is best for sharing your photo albums and videos with your circles and contacts. It is a newcomer in the social media pool, but it has given a tough competition to all of the other four social media websites in real terms. Everyone is familiar with Google search engine, so Google+ didn’t have to work hard to secure a place in the market. It is an example of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Google+ is no doubt the future of social media marketing.


Queen of all social media websites, here comes the Facebook with more than one million links shared every 20 minutes on the internet. This is the largest social media channel with more than one billion users worldwide and not to mention, each one of them check their Facebook profile for five times a day. So, you can never overlook the significance of using Facebook in your social media marketing strategy. The features and user interface is just best among all of the websites, and the demographics tool is mind blowing.


With the name of Twitter, the first thing that comes to mind is a neat, smart, quick and small platform that doesn’t allow more than 140 characters per post. It has more than 600 million users worldwide and among these, 241 million are daily active. More than 5700 people tweet after every second on this social media platform. So this is among the strongest social media channels right now. You can tweet, re-tweet and follow anyone on Twitter. The Hash Tags are the new hype and used widely for brand uniqueness and to find people and profiles quickly.


This professional social media networking site is perfect for corporates and businesses. More than 300 million professionals and employers make up this site an excellent place to meet up and have commercial marketing and dealings. It has more than 79% of users above 35 years of age so expect a little maturity while you try LinkedIn for your social media marketing.


The biggest video sharing website, YouTube is one of its kinds. It is the second largest search engine, and it has more than 1 billion monthly visitors. Around 4 billion videos are watched worldwide on a daily basis. You can market your products and communicate with your audience using this largest social media platform. Without having YouTube as a chunk of your social media marketing cake, you cannot expect to target audience in best possible ways.

So these were the top 5 social media websites that are no doubt developing and increasing by leaps and bounds. The thing that matters here is not to focus on being active on all of them, rather than just choose which one is best for you and your purpose of using social media marketing and then sticking to it. Set your goals and chase your dreams!