Social media tactics: A guide

So you are trying your best to be visible, to get more followers and to make more money using social media marketing, but unfortunately nothing is working as it should! What will you do then? Will you take advice of any expert or just forget about online marketing? Well, you should never give up because it not only about striving hard, it’s about striving in the right direction. Your goal should be, to be on the right track when it comes to your social media strategy. A little effort will give you results but when done in wrong directions, social media will never work for you.

You may have taken advice from many social media experts about how to build more fans or how to make people love your blog posts. All of them will tell you that follow your passion, don’t worry about your followers, and don’t worry about figures and just hope for the best. But have you ever noticed that these so-called experts already have massive fan bases, and they do not need the help of followers to become famous anymore. The reason is they have done their part of hard work, and now they are just enjoying the fruitful results. However, somewhere back, they had a beginning just like you and they tried hard. Millionaire bloggers were never so rich when they started blogging; it is just that they used right strategies and tactics. They knew that Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are different, and their rules are not the same.
If you are a newbie at internet marketer, it may be intimidating to start from a scratch when there is a lot to be done. By using right tactics and having a goal that represents your hard work and passion, you can become one of those bloggers who are followed by millions of fans.
So coming to the tactics that you can use for your social media strategy, let’s have a quick look at why these tactics are important and what do they mean to your social media channels!
A tactic is not like a strategy that will go a long way. It is an action or a decision that you take to do something for your benefit. If you are using Facebook, your tactics should align with your Facebook marketing strategies. Running a surprise contest on your Facebook fan page for promotion of a new product is a tactic. Each and every tactic is a step of the ladder of your social media strategy. It must support the long-term goals and with each tactic, you should move one step closer to your destination. You must keep in mind that behind every Facebook post, Tweet, Blog post or a YouTube upload, there should be a reason.
The following media tactics will help you in building a strong online marketing strategy.
• Always fill your social media profile completely
You will need online visibility because having a social media account is necessary, but it is useless without the required information about your brand or business. You must fill out the profile thoroughly and leave no blanks in the form. Your brand name, your address, your contact number, your description and everything your profile wants to know, should be entered correctly so that if anyone out there wishes to find you ever, he can find you quickly on any social media platform. If you have a blog and people like you, they will most probably try to find you on the social channel that they use. If you have not filled the profile correctly, they will not find you or can confuse you with someone else. So you must pay particular attention to your details and phrases used for your organization so that anyone can find you everywhere when he searches for you on any search engine.
• Be creative and more visual
When you have a bright and attractive front page for your website or social media channel, people will find you easily using the colors and themes of your visuals. For instance, you sell hair bands, your background photo for your website must match with your Facebook cover and your Google+ experience. If you are present on other social media platforms, the theme should be same for all of them. A visual factor is the first thing your followers will notice about your profile.
Don’t hesitate to hire any professional graphics designer or a visual expert for making your interface more colorful, brighter and more attractive. He can make wonderful changes to your social media profile by using the right size images and perfect colors for your brand representation.
• Link your social media networks
For you to be active on the internet, you must connect your social media channels with each other. For example, if you have a blog, link it with your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your Facebook channel must be connected to your LinkedIn and your website and all the other channels you use. Hence, all of the channels must be inter-linked so that your users can find you everywhere quickly. Add details, and right URLS of your profiles and social channels to your networks so that search engine can show all of them when anyone searched for you.
Give your followers options for Tweeting, posting or pinning anything to their Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest profile. This way you can improve your audience exposure and people will be most likely to find you on the internet.
• Talk to your followers
Communication makes everything right! This is applicable to your online followers too! Your social media strength is dependent on your connection with your customers. If you have millions of fans, but nobody talk to you or takes part in your contests, what is the benefit of having they? Instead if you have just thousand followers and all of them give you feedback and talk to you via commenting on your posts and tweets, which is better for your online business. You can turn them into potential customers who will buy products and services from you and share your posts and tweets to their social media channels.
But all this only happens when you talk to your followers actively. Just communicating with them after few months or a year is not right and will not get you any benefit. Your followers will get disappointed if they get an answer on their posts after a month. Try to give them importance and show them that they are important to you. Give importance to their feedback and respond to them every time they need your help. You cannot expect anything from them if you are not dedicating your time and efforts to keep them. They have a lot more options out there on internet so don’t give them a reason to leave your social media channel.
• Share a perk
A surprise bonus or a coupon can make your followers happier than ever. If you want to make them visit your social media channel every day, you need to attract them using many tactics. A surprise post with a message that first follower to comment will get a discount on your product may make your members more active. They will take notice of your updates and will follow you because they know that following you can bring those benefits in the form of coupons or discounts.
• Analyze your rivals and search your field
There will be many brands dealing with the same products and services that you are offering to internet users. So what’s so special in your offers that they do not have? Have a break and think about that from a follower’s perspective. Do you really have something for your customers that they will stick to you and be your loyal and potential followers? If you do not have anything like that, make sure you find some reason to attract your members. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your rival brands and competitors on social media channels. What tactics do they use to gain more followers? You must research that before they kick you out of the social media pool. Follow your rivals and be sweet to them while communicating. They can be a lot beneficial for you if you talk to them right!
They also need more online visibility and more followers for their businesses, and that is the reason they are using social media. So you can work with them so that everyone gets benefits.
• Be patient and tolerant in everything
Patience is the key to excellence!. Patience is needed for all matters, for example, when you get a negative feedback; you need to be patient. You can make anything positive just by your attitude. So don’t make the mistake of reacting in anger when you are using social media. People will never remember your kind words but will always remind you of any adverse reaction you had for negative feedback.
The way you handle your negative comments is your tactic to attract your audience. If you are not solving the problem instead you are focusing on the feedback, this will represent an evil image. It can make your online brand and goodwill suffer. So beware of your anger and emotions when you are communicating with thousands of followers on Facebook or any other social media.
• The key is Consistency
Well, this is more like a strategy than a tactic but it can be used as a tactic too! You must be consistent in posting updates, tweeting or pinning about your online business. Social media are very fast, and it leaves behind those who cannot run for it. So always try to be active and more regular in your updates.
Your social media channel followers must know that you are focusing them, and you are present there on the internet. Your presence matters a lot. If you are posting anything after weeks, how will your followers believe that you want them to follow you? Only they will leave your Facebook page or Twitter profile. So keep posting and keep engaging your customers. Posting twice a day is a superb idea as it is enough to update your followers on two times of the day. Even if they miss a post, they will see the other one. However, keep them regular and consistent!
• Responding to negative comments
Well, it is not possible to always get positive reviews and feedback if you are running any business whether online or offline. It happens, and it is among those events that are inevitable. You can expect anything from your followers. Maybe, they do not like something you post or tweet about, and the result is an unfortunate comment. They can even abuse you in secret languages! You have to face it all because all of your brand reputation and fan following is not based on that one negative comment. Think ahead; think bigger! If you try to remove negative comments and feedback, people will stop trusting you. If you think none of your followers saw that remark, you must be joking as even if your followers do not like your tweet,. They will talk about it, and this will hurt your reputation. However, if you just let it be there and ask the follower who commented anything offending that why did him do this and try to calm him down, it will increase your trust on people. Your image on social media channels is all you got so don’t ruin it just for the sake of 100% positive results every time. 100% is not human!
• Follow popular social media channels and profiles
If you have much ego then you are probably in the wrong industry! The social media needs you to be shameless and brave in following others who have more fans and more followers. Don’t you want to get more traffic online? Yes, you do! Then you should make it possible by following traditional profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter posts and Pinterest boards.
For Instance, as a Twitter user, you can only add @popular channel to your tweet and just say anything that you want to share with your followers. How will it benefit you? Well, it will guide your fans to your tweet that was generated in search engine as results of that @popular channel. So you will enjoy your own follower’s re-tweets and that organic traffic coming from @popular channel members too!
• Share interesting content
Content is king or queen; doesn’t matter unless it is interesting! Sharing a post which goes Viral is a thing you must be doing right now if you want to apply the most important tactic for your social media strategy. Imagine posting a picture of your dog with new hair bands and new collar, and the very next moment it goes viral! So what did you need for making it viral? Nothing, just luck and right timing was enough to spread your post to millions of people out there. So quality is there, but you cannot always run behind quality when you are on social media. Yes, on LinkedIn you must think before posting anything as your colleagues and CEO may be watching your posts but why restrict yourself on Twitter or Facebook? Definitely you should not limit yourself as it depends on the social media channel and the situation. Just share interesting content in the form of images, texts, videos, and tweets. Use attractive and exciting Hash Tags for making your tweet favorite and ask your followers to re-tweet it if they find it interesting.
• Join more relevant groups and conversations
Having your Twitter profile does not mean you will post only for your profile and followers. Twitter is a lot more than that. You can follow and re-tweet posts of others too! Any new update about movies or whatever is relevant to your business must have your presence. You can comment on modern discussions about any upcoming movie and song.
Even if you are on Facebook, don’t just post to your group or page. Try to communicate with others using other pages and groups. Make your Facebook channel an individual and a platform depending on the requirement of time. Don’t limit yourself to one thing as variation is the basic of social media.
• More giveaways- more followers- more online traffic
If you own an online store website and you use social media for capturing more buyers for your products, social media can play a big role in increasing your sales. You can start giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and any social channel that you use. You must understand that this current age has buyers who only like to buy using coupons and discounts. So don’t expect them to buy anything from you unless you reduce the price!
Start contests, surprise giveaways and anything that can vigor your followers to try hard. They will spread the word and ask their friends to join your game in order to win something. You can use it for promotional purposes too. For example you can run a contest that within next few hours, any follower who will share your post or re-tweet your tweet on his wall or channel will get a bonus or a coupon for your product. This way, they will share your content and increase the amount of traffic. This traffic will be quality traffic, and search engines will detect it. So automatically, your social channel will go higher in ratings.

• Hire professionals
Well, this sounds a less like a tactic and more like advice but hiring professionals can help you a lot in running your social media accounts successfully. If you are full-time online marketer, you can expect to get time for your social media channels and to talk to your customers. However, if you do it in your part time, you cannot manage everything all by yourself. DIY does not work in social media marketing. So don’t just ruin anything trying to do it yourself.
Hiring experts can benefit you in many ways. They can make your social media posts and content excellent and communicate with the users effectively.
• Publicize, and more publicize
Facebook ads are a great way to broadcast your content online. You need to invest some money but can get many benefits. You might new to this industry, but you cannot expect to get a vast number of customers instantly. So investing in paid advertisements can help you this way.
• Repurpose your content and blogs
You may need to update your content on your blogs or your social media websites from time to time, but hiring any expert writer every time can be very expensive. So you can just re-use your content using different tactics and make it new every time you want to post something new. Writing a quality blog post consistently can be a difficult job. This is very beneficial if you have multiple social media channels as in this way you can post everywhere, but be different!
Some people love to read blog posts, some like to watch videos and some just like to re-tweet or re-post your posts. So you can convert your content into slide shares, videos, infographics and new posts.
• Talk short-talk smart
If your posts are very lengthy, there will be chances that many of your followers will not read them. Just try to save your time by posting small posts with maximum meaning. Try to add relevant Hash Tags so that these posts can be more visible and easy to find on social media channel. Twitter has limited the character of the tweets to 140, and this is a real step in making a brief tweet. Well, if you are not on the same page regarding this, you can use Facebook for this purpose as there is no limit of characters for a single post.
These social media tactics are just the guidelines, and you cannot say that following them will bring success. You can apply few of these which are beneficial and leave the rest that are not for you! Social media are not about using tactics; it is about hitting right people with the right content. So keep trying.

Hannah Jane Parkinson