Social media tools: The Nail and the Hammer

Overwhelmed Blue Person Holding A Hammer And Nail While Standing In A Patch Of Many Nails Clipart Illustration Image

Social media tools are the ways to achieve your goals related to social media marketing. For every person or every organization, these tools are different and are used to achieve different goals. There are many ways to get social media success, and you must pick those which are going to help you in the long run. That is right that social media is very powerful, and if you are lagging behind, you will get no benefits but just lose your customers and brand presence. Now your customers want to talk to you and discuss anything that bothers them.

Using social media as a marketing strategy is a commitment to your clients that you will be there to dedicate your time and energies to satisfy them. No tool is beneficial if you do not use it right, but it must serve the following purposes at any cost.

  • Better online interaction with your customers
  • Better networking in your social media channels
  • Improves brand presence and trust development among customers
  • A quality analysis of social media marketing strategy
  • Improved sales and profits
  • Better reputation

It is possible for any company to have different goals and aims regarding social media marketing but these above ones are most common and necessary. It does not matter what is your goal, as the thing that is important is the identification of these objectives. If you do not need something, but you just add it to your social media marketing strategy, it will not give you any benefits. So ask yourself before applying any social media tools that what are your needs and what are your limits?

Before you use any social media tool for your online business, ask yourself following questions;

  1. What is your target audience?
  2. What do you want from your followers?
  3. Do you wish to build trust or build your brand?
  4. Do you want to follow your competitor and his strategies or want to make your own?
  5. Do you prefer user engagement for social purposes or business profits?

If you answer all of the above questions and write them down, you will make a social media strategy for your online business. Then you can clearly understand that which social media tool you need to use and which is not worth investing your money and energies. Have a look at some of the following social media tools that you can incorporate into your strategy for effective user communication and better profits as without profits, you cannot grow.

Using right advertising tools

Just imagine you have many followers, and all of them are active in your discussions and posts, but they do not buy anything from you. Is it right? It is not right because you are marketing online to sell your products and your services. If your followers are not buying anything from you, you are lagging behind in something. You are not doing right things to convert your followers into potential buyers. So there is no benefit of your social media advertising, and you are just wasting your time!

What can you do? You can use right ways of advertising for your customers so that they can be encouraged to buy your products. Running contests, offering discounts and special prices for products can make your buyers active. They will want to save money using a coupon that you just posted on your Facebook page for first ten customers every day. You can run advertisements on social media channels and make people aware of your products.

Your customers want to save money just like every other person living on this planet. So don’t disappoint them by offering high prices and including hidden taxes and costs of shipping. Give them free shipping for bigger orders. Offer them 24 hour shipping for extra charges and let them decide from a variety of payment options. You can also offer them pay on delivery services that are becoming a common way to advertize your products nowadays as a lot of online brands are giving pay cash on delivery options to their buyers.

Repurpose your content using social media tools

Well, writing a new blog post every week is hectic but if you consider repurposing your content, you can save yourself much time which you can utilize somewhere else. Repurposing of your content means using the same content in new and different ways that can make it unique.

For example, you can use a blog post content to make a slide share and share it on your social media channel. You can also make a small Facebook post using your previous blog post that was not shared on Facebook. This way your Facebook followers will get something new to discuss and talk about. Make videos of your content using your creativity and post them on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to link them back to your blog and ask viewers to visit your blog if they want to get the same content in written form. Post photos of your content and your products on Pinterest and pin them to your Facebook and Twitter account. Just use the content in different ways, and you will notice that it will not only save your time, but also make your audience active. People want something new every day so share new images, posts, tweets and pins to keep them engaged using the same content but repurposed!

Best customer services tools

If you are not focusing the satisfaction of your customers, you will not progress unless you change your attitude. Your customers need verification that they are important to you. They want to be cared for, and they want quick answers to their questions. Well, you need to keep them happy if you want to keep your pocket heavy so be grateful to them for making you rich. Nowadays people do not like calling customer services and to hold for minutes or hours. They want to post on your social media channel and expect a prompt answer. So satisfy them using your communication skills and deal with them. Did you know that more than 42% of social media users use social media channels to complain about anything that went wrong? Additionally, most surprisingly, most of the users expect not more than an hour of delay in getting their answers. So in this age of social media, you need to make some changes to your customer services strategies so that you can survive in the pool of your competitors and clients.