Solid Reasons to Have a Verified Twitter Profile

If you want that blue checkmark you have been wanting since the day you joined Twitter on your Twitter username, profile and on all your tweets you have go through Twitter verification process.

They are quite important, mostly because so many people want it on their profiles. Twitter doesn’t give away much information regarding verification and factors of eligibility.

The only thing we can do is see why some people are verified and some are not and we can take it from there.

Let’s go through the benefits of getting verified, why would anyone go through this process without getting anything in return. Usually the benefits are not tangible but that’s not important. If you know how important it is then you might work hard pursuing it.


Access to Twitter Analytics

You can access Twitter Analytics if you are a verified user. The fact is everyone can access Twitter analytics but you have to become an advertiser.

There are certain locations where Twitter allows advertising and some countries are not eligible to become advertisers.

You have to keep your account active and keep on tweeting, becoming an advertiser requires you to be on Twitter for a fairly longer period of time. You cannot make an account and become an advertiser in a day.

If you have protected tweets you need to remove it in order to become eligible for ads. If your account is deactivated or suspended for any reason, you obviously can’t run ads either.


Helps to Build Trust

Social media is a place where identities are easily stolen and impostors take the advantage. Verification is very important when we live in a world where an account is extremely easy to create and you can impersonate anyone you want, you just require a name and a profile picture. Getting Twitter verification means that Twitter is guaranteeing that this account is who it claims to be.

There are many fake accounts on Twitter pretending to be someone they are not. There are many accounts on a company’s name or a celebrity’s name. Many celebrities have username like @myrealfirstname because someone else took their first name or they didn’t like their first name. How will you know who is the impostor, this is basically the function of that check sign.

If an account is verified it’s easy for a user to identify a message or Tweet from an account. If it’s verified it’s authentic and if not, it is an impostor.


Protects Your Accounts Against Theft

Imposter accounts can be much more than mere parodies of the actual accounts. Their function is much more evil than stealing the fans of a celebrity or stealing business from a company. These impostors can message the fans of a certain page asking them to click a link and as a result it will steal their information. It really damages the reputation of the celebrity they’re impersonating and Twitter because Twitter ‘let’ it happen.

This problem cannot be solved by verification. Not every business can be verified and you have to be verified to earn trust of your users. This is quite damaging for the small businesses whose audience members might not put their trust in a company just because it’s not verified. On the other hand, if verification is so reliable there wouldn’t be impostors on Twitter.

Even the businesses whose Twitter profiles have been verified get loads of impostors and they succeed in scamming people, either by selling cheap knockoffs or extracting their information through phishing.

If you want to increase customer outreach verification is the way to go. If you are running a business and want to tweet someone to solve a customer service issue, you have to have that little blue check right next to your account to make yourself credible. Nobody will give any information to an account that doesn’t have this blue mark. Impostors have a very sharp way of manipulating users to extract the information they require. So the users have to be extra careful regarding sharing of their information online.


Reasons You Might Lose Verification

Verification can be lost in many ways for example if your change the username, if you protect tweets, most importantly if you violate Twitter’s terms of services you lose verification. If the violations are severe the penalty is termination of your account.


The Process of Verification

This is what happens when you’re invited to become a verified member of Twitter.

You receive a Tweet from Twitter’s verified account. It is an official Twitter account that is responsible for taking care of verifications. This account will send you a link which can be opened from mobile phone or a desktop, it will ask for some information. You will receive some information from Twitter to become a better tweeter before getting verified. If you have been using Twitter for quite a while this will be easy to catch on.

Then you have to provide your phone number. It is used as a direct line for security. For example, if the security of your account has been compromised this will be used to retrieve your account.

You might think they’ll ask for much more but surprisingly this is all they ask for. Once you’re done with this process you are verified and get this blue check mark you’ve been longing for.


Taking Right steps to get your Account Verified

You cannot invite Twitter to verify your account. It is going to require a lot more effort than that. All you can do is be a good Tweeter and keep a pace at posting them. Just like Facebook on Twitter high profile celebrities and businesses are verified quickly. These high profile celebrates may be related to movies, music, memes, politics etc. People like Gordon Ramsey can get verification a lot faster than anyone who’s not a celebrity chef. Same goes for Simon Cowell. He is famous and brings in a lot of engagement and user participation. There’s a trend going on these days where people post pictures of their dinner and ask Gordon to rate their dinners. You can very well imagine how many people have posted the pictures. So the more popular an account holder is the easier it is for him to get verified.