How to Spy on Your Rivals on Facebook: The Ultimate Guide

 Business competitors are hard to deal with. You can find numerous competitors when you enter any field. There are also many types of competitors that exist if you are using any social media network for promotion. It may include the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or similar social media channels. There are many things that you and your competitor might have in common. There may be some reasons that both you and your competitor both provide the same products or services to your audience. For example, you market the soft drinks like the Coca Cola in the market as well as on the social media.

Similarly, the Coca Cola brand also produces different kinds of soft drinks and promotes it through different marketing channels including the social media. In this way the Coca Cola brand becomes your competitor in the business field. Further many other companies can also compete in the sense of brands, their prices in the market, their profitability and through many other aspects.

There are a number of ways through which you can know the strategies that are behind the competition that different businesses have planned. There are also some certain options which you can adopt in order to compete with different kind of competitors that are available in the market. Some of the ways to compete them and take advantage from them in business are discussed below


Techniques that are no longer functional

There are some techniques which were previously used by different users. These techniques are still mentioned and used by a number of users but in reality they do not work. You should try to avoid the following old techniques:

Social Lead Freak: It relates to the software containing many pieces through which the hidden data on Facebook could be accessed. It also found out the Ids of the users who followed a specific page. For controlling this issue, Facebook made two changes on these sites due to which these sites were controlled. The two main changes that were made by Facebook are banning all the users who use the bot scraper. In this way the scrapping of data was stopped because it violates the policy of Facebook. Secondly, Facebook has made the access of data much difficult for any user due to which the bots remain useless.

Using the link. GetStats console: It was a type of test console. It could be used by plugging the page ID that you want to check rather than testing the app that pulls stats. In this way the real live data was pulled than the app test that pulled data. Facebook then shifted the API and as result this console test do not exist now.

Using the Graph API to pull data: It was considered to be the modern version to use the test console in order to pull the data. Now, Facebook has plugged in a gate due to which this does not work anymore. Nowadays, in order to access the data, you will need the approval of the Facebook authority otherwise it will not work. If you are able to get the approval from Facebook, then in this way this method can work out for you.

Look out for Public Followers

You can search for many different Facebook followers. It is an important aspect through which you are able to get engaged with the other users. Here we can take the example of the Coca Cola company.

First of all, click on the follower number which you will find out on the left side of the page. Here you will see the total number of likes that different users gave to this page. These are total 83million likes that this particular page has got. If you search further you will find out that around 10-13 of your friends have liked the Facebook page of the Coca Cola company.

If you click on the page further you can view the statistics of the page. You can also see a graph here through which you can see the page growth over a week’s time. One thing to note here is that a normal change in the graph is ok. On the other hand, if you find out that a page or business has a noticeable increase or decrease of numbers in its graph, then you may find out that there must be some fake followers which are added to the page. It is due to the fact that they are all different kind of bots that are controlled by an individual.

You can also note that if you consider the total number of engagement rates on the Facebook page. If you get to know that one of your competitor has numerous followers but has no user engagement rate. In this case you can become aware that they have bought all the followers who are unable to get connected with each other on the page.

Look for Posts they have made Public  

You can search for the “visitors post” by scrolling down on the page and checking the box of left sidebar. If anyone has posted something you can find it on this wall where all those posts which are left by different users are stored. These posts are not made public. This is because the page owner like the Coke has some strict policies regarding the posts that different users leave. Many posts remain unposted on their wall because many of the particular posts contain some of the irrelevant information. Due to this, many posts are remained hidden on the “Coke” page.

If you open the visitor page of Coke, you will find out many posts that are posted by different users who show their feelings and engagement with the Coke brand. On the other hand, the Coke authority prefer to ignore these type of posts by different users due to many reasons. Some of these reasons include the spam issues, irrelevant queries of the customers and many similar issues like the ones mentioned below

  • A post asking them to stop having their handles break.
  • bottle coke and sprite mixed.
  • bring back a promotion that ended.
  • change their recipe

A company that has over 100 million followers do not bother to answer these kind of irrelevant questions. They have other things to consider than answering these kind of questions of the users. In this way many users leave their positive as well as some negative comments and reviews.

There are many benefits that you can get from the positive reviews that are left by the audiences. In this way it becomes easier to know what the audience wants from your page. On the other hand, different users also leave some negative comments on the webpage. These negative comments can also be helpful for your business. The most important aspect of negative comments is that you are able to find out the weaknesses of your business.

Here you can also target the audience by responding to them positively. You can simply do it by messaging them about resolving the issues that they faced.

 Pages Related to Them

When you market your business or product on Facebook. You can find different businesses or product with a similar name. There might be a possibility that these products are of same values. In this case you can opt for different kinds of marketing strategies that might be useful for Facebook marketing and also would be helpful in order to compete with the competitors in the market. For example, the Coca Cola company uses the similar pages for marketing purpose.

This search will show you what other pages are most commonly liked, and will allow you to see what sorts of interests your competitors’ fans have. You can use this as additional information to target them. This is, incidentally, another way you can identify if a page has a majority of fake likes. If you’re seeing a random bunch of no-name pages there, particularly Film or middle eastern pages, you are probably seeing click farm users who have thousands of likes, many of which are the same.


You can run or advertise different types of ads on Facebook that are paid. You can market different kinds of products in this way. There are many scenarios in which you might face some issues while running the marketing process. In this way you can advertise through different ads in front of your audience or users and informing them about the relevant issues that occurred and also some of the ways to overcome those issues in a better way. It is an important strategy in a business point of view. By following this kind of strategy would lead you to build up customer relationships as well as competing effectively with different competitors that are available in the market.

When you make an ad, you can add up the basic information in it. This would lead you to get to the target. Here the first and the most important thing that you should focus on is the geographic targeting. In this way you can get a lot of benefit from your ads without losing your business values. You can have different options when you think of geographical targeting. First of all, you can set up different sub-pages according to different countries and their values. In this way you have the opportunity to market effectively according to the custom values of different countries and the people accordingly.

Make Good Use of Fanpage Karma

You can find a web app named Fanpage Karma. On this web app you can find out the all the data that you will not be able to search by yourself. This data is commonly taken from the Graph API as well as from the social analysis. If you decide to run a particular page with it, you can see different aspects that are related to it. These include the about that you will be able to see on it, the category that they belong to, their most popular country, their subpages and also the main indicators of their performances.

Here you can take the example of the Pepsi company. The Pepsi company is relevantly popular in the Asian countries than all around the world. It has a low weekly growth average, a little engagement of the users but on the other hand it has a quick rate of response time as well as contain a higher number of information that they post on their page on a daily basis.

If you want to get some of the important data, you can find that in the other available tabs. For example, the tab of “times and types” shows the analysis of the brand posts and also how timely they are done. It shows the time and dates which are according to the engagements that are made with the user are a great thing. If you want to use it in future, you can use them for the targeting of the ads and also at what time you should be using the particular ads.

Similarly, the influential users who get engaged with the brand can be seen through the available influencer tab.

In this way you are able to find out some particular users with whom you can reach out directly. With this you are also able to get to know about the existing opportunities. Through this tab you can also find out the active users that are available on the other tabs. You can also see the status of the relationships.

Now from this point, you have the opportunity of refining up your ads. This will also lead you to make a certain increase in your budget. It will further take you to the desired point. Here you must keep in mind that the ads are an expensive way of marketing. These ads are not purchased freely. Due to this the position that you want to maintain your ad can result in backing up of the claims.