Stop Twitter Spam  

 Twitter is among the unique ways to maintain contacts with people and it’s the best way to make oneself aware of news happening or latest developments around the world. However just like phone messages twitter is subject to trouble messages and fake posts. This not only makes it difficult to search and find the required information instead it sometimes creates frustration when you required something on urgent basis.

In previous posts I have discussed how to get verified on Twitter and how to use Twitter to boost your business. Go through these posts if you want more information. In this post I will discuss how to get rid of the menace of spam that has been riding on our Twitter accounts.

Following are the best possible ways to avoid spam posts or messages without losing any important twitter feed.

1) Be Careful when you tag on

Mostly people take social media as a game, with the purpose to accumulate more and more followers. Very few of these followers actually add a real value to your feed so before engaging them into your feed. A major factor in this case is following the people you don’t know or haven’t interacted with in a long time. There is a possibility that their accounts were hacked or being used for malicious purposes.

Make sure to consider these facts before you start following someone on Twitter.

Do you know this person, at least on line? Knowing them means, have you actually interacted with them before?

Does this person have a disproportionate number of people they’re following to the number following them? Do they have a reasonable number of Tweets for the length of time their account has been open? Check out their recent Tweets and see if they all seem to have the same links or if they offer a good mix of personal insight, business, and general fun or valuable content. A reputable Twitter account may be link-heavy, but there are a number of clues that will tell you whether these are links you actually want to click or not.

If you are not satisfied with these answers avoid following these followers.

2) Using Factual Twit

Factual or True Twit automatically examine and verifies your followers without any doubt, in this way you get less spam accounts. By using truetwit you and the people you follow know that you are only adding legitimate accounts, which enable you to minimize spamming and throw the fake things out of your account.  Fake accounts don’t need to verify themselves with truetwit moreover they are not significant your time.

3) There is always the option of Unfollow

To eradicate spam from your account the unfollow feature proves to be your best friend. If you are getting too much spam messages from your close friend there is a chance that unfortunately the account has been hacked. In this situation let your friend know that you are getting unnecessary messages from his or her account so that they my fix the trouble to avoid any mishap. Fixing the situation in the earlier stages doesn’t need strict action afterwards. Moreover if in case that friend shows negligence in taking any action simply click the button and throw the spam away from your feed.

By unfollowing someone on Twitter you also stop the spam from destroying your account and bothering your followers.

4) Never Click Shady links

This is of course a warning sign. Knowing the identity or being familiar with that person is very important who is putting up the link, or make sure the link is genuine (i.e. rational for what the person does, such as an link for authors or a YouTube link for upcoming musicians, then it’s certainly ok. Moreover, try to avoid clicking links that you are not familiar of as many sites take your login information or data illegally and subscribe you towards more spam sites.

There is a popular Clickbait now these days, this clickbait has a catchy or spicy headline which lures users into clicking them. Once you click on these links, your computer and account is infected with the spam or virus. So steer clear of clickbait and never ever fall into their trap.

5) Always Tweet Clean

Clean Tweets is a Firefox-based browser addition that cleans your twitter feeds and wash of spam by examining accounts that are not to old rather a day or two. And permanently delete their posts even before they reach your feed. A lot of spam accounts rely on trending topics to disguise spam posts or links, which ultimately results in more spam and people are unaware of their legitimacy.

Install this on your browser and it will enable you to eradicate spam in your account and help you send clean and spam-free tweets to your followers

6) Always report a Spam account

 Apart from unfollow spam account you can simply report them to twitter. Anti-spam is one of the various anti-spam activities of twitter to stop spamming.  By unfollow accounts whose primary activity is spam and reporting them, you can help ensure other users don’t have to deal with spam from these accounts either. This activity unfortunately doesn’t keep the spammer away for long as sooner or later the spammer again set up account with a different mail. Moreover it eases Twitter to monitor IP addresses and more effectively repress spam accounts.

Dealing with spam is not less than a headache but to certain extend its better than accumulating your account with useless links.  Unfortunately, you are labeled as a spammer if you accidently retweet something that is having a spam link in it. It doesn’t matter that either your intentions are good or not.

By using these mentioned tips above you would be able to keep your account neat and clean and avoid unnecessary spam afterwards. Arranging your tweeter account doesn’t take longer time so it’s better to manage them on daily basis. Eliminating Twitter spam is a community effort, and doing your part means less spam for everyone!