Succeed by Fixing these 9 Flaws in Your Social Media Strategy


Social media is one of the most powerful medium used these days to promote your business online. Internet is swarmed with ads and campaigns that are doing nothing good to business. I have come across many blunders marketers make while fashioning their strategy. The reason behind working hard to find a way to fix your strategy is the immense influence of social media on potential customers. Everyone has account on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or is looking for videos on YouTube.

The world of social media is really not for something stagnant it is ever evolving and you have to keep up with the pace if you want to succeed. A well planned and debugged social media marketing campaign can bring in a huge amount of traffic and engagement. It will result in increase in sales and popularity. The more people you get to like and follow your business the better it is for your business. Although you should never ignore the fact that a little bit of negative feedback can be really harmful for your business. It is advisable to keep on improving your products and customer sales representation.

The realm of social media marketing is really perplexing when you have so many platforms to cover. It is very confusing to cover all the aspects. One solution is to take baby steps towards development of your strategy. Take one platform at a time and develop a strong footing then move on to the next one. There is no use doing little on every facet.

Before losing yourself in the black hole of social media you should always consider doing thorough research on the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing. If you see that you are not getting the response you have dreamt of since the launch of your campaign, it’s probably the time to rethink your strategy and fix the bugs. Here are some pointers to consider

1. You are Being Overly Self-Promotional

What to Do and What Not To!

One of the major reasons of failure of a social marketing strategy is being too self-promotional in your posts and everywhere on your page. There is no harm in that you might think but it really harms the reputation of your page. Social media is a device for communicating with your customers first hand no a billboard on a highway just displaying the name of your brand.
Look through your page and see how many times have you posted the logo of your brand and promoting your sale this season. You are a better judge of what you would want your potential customers to see. You can portray your brand as a living breathing example of what your customers want or just a one way sales pitch.

There are many people who follow certain pages on social media just because they are interesting or entertaining. Most people would simply scroll by or click ‘Hide Post’ if they see too many posts about your product and discount offers. It is kind of annoying to see these ads anyways.

You can seize this opportunity to invest in an effective and comprehensive blog about your products and how they are helping other customers. You can start a Vlog of your customers and their reviews. There is so much you can do to promote your page and attract customers. You should also appreciate and share what your competitors are sharing on their pages. This way you don’t sound too egomaniacal and will provide great content for you viewers. It will also help you to become a part of bigger community. There is no harm in sharing something funny probably a meme or inspirational quotes from time to time. This will engage your audience and steer traffic your way.

2. You Haven’t Worked on Developing a Personality for Social Media

How many times you have liked a page with a logo and a boring profile picture. I bet not too often. Social media is devised to communicate with people not just displaying logos and stuffy brands. Your audience wants to communicate with a human being not a robot who is updating status from time to time regarding a new discount deal or a new product.

What to do?

The best thing for you is to select a member of your team like a CEO or marketing manager to represent your brand on social media. One pointer never to miss that I have mentioned several times in previous articles is to never leave a comment of query un answered.

If you regularly attend to your audience’s concerns and question you customers will start trusting you more. If a customer has a problem, it is always best to refer them to a CSR. You can always get more traffic but the target is to get maximum positive traffic that is beneficial for your business.

There are tons of internet warriors who are just trolling on internet all day long it’s always advisable to deal with them in a polite manner. You should always ban that user and delete the profane comments. Let it stay on the page and it will go viral which is never good for your reputation.

3. You are not Communicating with Your Audience or they are Not Responding!

What can go wrong on social media, you keep on updating your page and you don’t get as many likes and comments as expected. This is one of the reasons your page is falling behind other pages. It is always best to start conversing with your audience. Ask them their favorite product and what would they like in your next collection. You can comment on post that a user has left on your page and start a conversation. Beware of Grammar police that is waiting for a single to bash your linguistic skills and grammar.

You can hire a professional writer and editor to edit and polish your posts and comments. It is always best to never choose sides when a political party or sports team is concerned. You can always retweet or reply to tweets on Twitter or you can answer questions in LinkedIn Answers.
People want to be heard and you should always be there to listen to them. If someone has query immediately respond and try to solve the issue. This will help you portray as a reliable business owner that people can trust.

4. You are not Focusing on the Right Social Media Site

Numerous social media sites are fully functional these day for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, Vimeo, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious… Sounds too complicated, right.

You have to understand that it is impossible for you to cover all these sites unless you have 20 people to handle your social media marketing campaign. I am talking figuratively though.
You should always scale your options and see which site is most beneficial for you. Facebook is on the top with billions of users then comes Instagram which is basically a twin of Facebook. You can automate your posts that will both be posted on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are running a business to business brand it is best for you to focus on LinkedIn, Twitter and Slideshare. On the other hand, if you are running a Business to Customer brand it is obvious that you should use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One thing might work for someone and the other might not, you can always try your luck with all of these platforms and see what gives you best results. Choose the one site that brought your maximum traffic and customers and polish it further. Leads are also very important so consider the option that brings you a considerable number of leads.

5. You Website is Cut off from Your Social Media Sites

Now if you have established a social media page and have posted tons of quality stuff on it. You have crossed your fingers and expecting a load of traffic. Don’t get me wrong it does bring traffic but not in the same amount as it should.

I always advise to start a website before kick starting your social media campaign. Of course you have to invest in an efficient website that is capable of bringing in customers. First build customers on your website because the ones who visit your website and show interest in it are the ones who are your true customers. These are the type of customers you would want to promote your social media pages. They share the link on their walls and as a result their friends visit your website and build your audience. This will guarantee you that your social media marketing campaign will be a success.

6. You are Running Out of Fresh Content

I have mentioned before in my previous articles that content is the key to success that includes text posts, images and videos. You should always consider that Facebook is a site that is more inclined towards text posts. Instagram is based on images and eye-catching photos. Twitter on the other hand just 130-character limit which doesn’t give you any more choice than to squeeze your message in these limitations.

Posting a stale meme from January 2017 will never do you any good. People on social media look for fresh and creative content not the memes and posts they have seen a hundred times. You can use monitoring tools like Use HubSpot’s social media monitoring tools or a service like Google Alerts to keep tabs on relevant social media conversations. Every morning you should scan through your newsfeed of conversations and reply or comment on 2-3 posts.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough content or a video to post on YouTube you can always consider communicating with your audience. This will give you an insight of what your audience is thinking and what to expect from them in the future.

7. Getting Non Professionals to Create Your Content

Many brands and businesses hire content writers to come up with posts. They hire content writers to end the worry of posting fresh content every day. This is hassle free but to what extent. If you hire the rookie in content writing you can watch your site go down the drains. What my point of view is that nobody knows your business more than you do. You know what problems your employees or customers are facing. A third party can never create something so personal.

These companies are always rushing to put content together in a hurry so they can get done with the work in a couple of hours. Only you know how many hours, days, months and years you have spent to build your brand. You can always ask your employee to write content for you and you can fine tune it and add or remove certain parts.

Learn about the demographs of your audience and create content according to their age and interests.

8. Giving Up Too Early

Social media marketing is time consuming and requires you to deal with it patiently. You can only yield awesome results when you do it persistently. Creating awesome content is the first step towards success. Beware of copyright issues as plagiarism and stealing images is really not good for your image. In this world of tough competition, you have to be on top of your game and avoid making mistakes. Once you make a mistake internet will always remember (my reason of hating Screenshots). Don’t let anything discourage you and especially when you don’t get what you are aiming for.

9. You are Doing it as a Duty

I Came across Richard Branson’s Facebook page and I was amazed to see in this age this person has developed such a fun page to go through. I am not interested in planes or anything that he does. He is always smiling and taking so much pride in his company. His employees are always laughing and he is always there on their birthdays. It seems likes he is really passionate about his work. Never run a page out of compulsion but through passion. Channel it out on your timeline and people will be able to see how good you are at what you do!