Successful Brands on Facebook

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Facebook is more than just sharing your personal photos of a trip or posting about your new born baby. It is an effective social media marketing websites that can make your online marketing a successful strategy and can boost your online business in many ways. Facebook was started years ago just to share interesting and attractive photos among college students but now, it is among the social media giants and it is often paralleled with Google +. Well, having more than billions of fans out there and actively increasing number of business pages, you can simply that Facebook is no doubt the future of online marketing. If you have an online blog or business and you are not using Facebook for promotion of your products and your services, you are missing something that could help you a lot.

Many online marketers consider Facebook as a first step towards a successful online marketing campaign. This is a right trick as having an active fan base is crucial to making your business success! Do you know why house owners invest in their gardens even before they start constructing their homes? Well, the reason lies in the fact that the garden takes time and meanwhile the garden would be ready; the house will be ready too! So you can save time and build both of the things at the same time to get best results. So same is the case with using social media! If you start using Facebook for promoting your brand and meanwhile manage your website and blog, you could save time and improve your fan following which could be used to improve your sales and profits later on.

Ignoring Facebook for getting promotional success online is not a good idea. If you are avoiding having a Facebook page, you are ignoring the power of 890 million active online people who use Facebook daily. More than 2 billion images are shared using Facebook, so if you think you can overlook sharing images of your products and find another way to become successful on the internet, you need to upgrade your concepts. These huge figures are a proof that Facebook is a giant of social media, and it can help your brand in getting more online recognition, in building credibility and trust among your customers.

Understanding the right use of Facebook for marketing purposes is important to become successful. Have a look at following popular brands who know how to use this social media website for promotion of products and services and how to build online reputation that can speak for its success.


This potato chip brand is no doubt popular for its unique taste and quality of chips. Even before the advent of social media websites, Pringles was among the most sold chips brand worldwide. Now, using Facebook, this brand has taken down other chips brands by right strategies. Their official page has contests, images, links and blogs related to the Pringles brand. They use correct tags for their posts and connect with other social media channels effectively. What else could you expect from any online business to become successful on Facebook? Well, their secret lies in their customer services and feedback that they receive from their online users. They know how to promote their brand using right Facebook ads and advertising campaigns.


If you want to see how any music app can have a huge fan following on Facebook, take an example of iTunes. Their featured tab is amazing which allows Facebook users to share any song of their choice on Facebook as well as on other collective media channels. They know that music is important, and they continuously share traditional songs and download links to their Facebook page. People download songs, listen to songs and share them using their tab. They offer convenience to music lovers on Facebook and people love their songs collections and lists.

Pizza Hut

If you asked anyone about the best pizza in this world, he would tell you about Pizza Hut. They have a legacy of satisfying customers with their mouthwatering flavors and budget friendly prices. They post teaser messages, contests, images and creative ideas for their Facebook fans. People post their photos eating their pizzas and get featured on their Facebook page which is connected to their other social channels. They focus fun and pizza together, which is a unique combination and now people do not forget to add Pizza Hut menu in their parties and celebrations. Some Pizza Hut pages offer delivery services too so you could just use Facebook to get pizza right at your door step. How simple and healthy!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Among the most popular ice creams in this world, Ben & Jerry’s holds a premium position. Their flavors, quality, and featured boxes are just awesome! They have a strong Facebook presence, and they continuously run campaigns like upside down flipped text app that was a fun and a lot of worldwide users praised this campaign a lot.


The name of Starbucks is not new to coffee lovers. It is a brand of premium flavored coffee and chocolate related products. You can have an excellent start of your day with their extra fresh coffee and have their cookies or shakes of any flavor. They constantly add variations to their menu and keep bringing back old flavors too. They know exactly how to make their customers happy by running online contests and campaigns on their Facebook page. Their campaign of photo sharing is going great in which their customers post their photos with a cup of Starbucks coffee, and they get featured by the Starbucks official page. Well, that was immensely popular among people of every age and gender and brought much online visibility to their Facebook fan page.

Victoria’s Secret

This is a top class brand of lingerie and women related products. Their collection includes perfumes, body sprays, mists, inner wear and comfort wear along with luxury lingerie. They are equally well-known in women as well as among men of all ages. No wedding is complete without products of this brand. Even men could buy products from a selected range. They keep on adding new contests and campaigns like Victoria Angels and interviewing popular celebs regarding their products so that they can get more customers. Their fans love their products and get advantages like discounts, free shipping and coupons on different products from time to time. Their brand is a real inspiration for any new Facebook page owner that how you could convert your online visitors to your potential buyers.