Suggestions For Growing your Fan Base on Facebook Quickly

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Facebook is a great social media network that allows its users to promote business and products with so many available options. It is among the most commonly used networks by internet users, and many people are utilizing it for commercial as well as for personal purposes. If you are still not using Facebook while you have an online business, you need to get the start on Facebook as it can provide many opportunities to you for your online marketing and advertising. Facebook is followed by more than 1 billion people all over the world so advertising your business on this website means maximum exposure and online visibility.

Well, if you want to use Facebook for connecting with your customers and to advertize your online business, you need to create a Facebook page. First of all, make a Facebook profile and then create a page that will be used for your promotional purposes. You need to get as many followers as possible to like your page as more fans will make you popular, and that is what you need to do! Having a Facebook page is not enough as the next step is to get more and more likes. You can get likes to your page from many sources. You can ask your friends to encourage their friends and link your Facebook page with your other social media networks. Hence, by applying right tactics, you could increase your likes on Facebook as it is a common mentality that if you have more fans, you are more popular.

For having more and more likes for your Facebook fan page, you should encourage more people to like your page. Other than that, you can use some of the following suggestions from internet experts to improve the number of likes for your Facebook page. Have a look at these tips and check out whether you have been using these or not!

Understand the requirements of your audience

When you start using Facebook for connecting with your online customers, you will start to understand their needs and interests. You could use these to link with your fans in better ways. You can talk to them. Ask for discussions, feedback and comments on your posts. If you follow their requirements, they will be happy and bring more people to your page that means more likes for your Facebook page.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback

If you operate online clothing business and you sell your products using Facebook page, ask for feedback from customers. Tell them that their comments matter and post their words on your page wall. Their feedback is the most important thing to understand what they want and need from your brand. It is a vital thing to understand if you want to improve up to their level and to become popular on Facebook while gaining more likes for your page.

Always respond to your customers on time

If you are not responding to your online customers on time, you are going to lose them soon. Internet users do not spend much time on one thing, and if they do not get what they want, they simply switch brands or companies because they have unlimited options out there. If you want them to be your loyal as well as potential customers, you need to listen to their concerns and reply them as soon as possible. According to stats, online users wait mostly for 2 to 3 hours to get a response from any online page or profile owner of a brand. So you have a time window of just 2 to 3 hours. Otherwise, you are going to lose your customers.

Visual advertising is the best option

Don’t forget to post great images with high-quality resolution as pictures attract more people than the content. Facebook allows its users to use cover photos and profile pictures as banners and logos of brand so you could use them to gain more attraction from your Facebook followers.

Run interesting contests

Online users have a special craze for contests. If you want your Facebook page to get more likes, you need to run contests and publish the details on your other social media networks so that more and more people could participate in the contest. You can award winners special gifts like coupons of your products, discounts, and free giveaways. This can help you get more likes for your Facebook page as a winner will spread more good about you than anything else. That could be the best way to promote your brand on Facebook.

Interlink your all social media channels

If you have Twitter profile, Instagram profile, and a YouTube channel, you should connect these channels to your Facebook page as you can connect all of your followers from all social media websites and this could be a great way to get more likes for your Facebook page. Your YouTube users will follow you back on Facebook if they use Facebook just like your other social media followers. You can also ask your other social media fans to connect to you via Facebook so that you could grow your fans on Facebook.

Collaborate with your fellow Facebook page owners

If you want to get the advantage of having connections, you should consider talking to other Facebook page owners. You could benefit them by promoting their page and in return, ask them to promote yours. So in this way, both of you could get more like and more fans on Facebook.

Invite your old friends from your email list

If you have been using email for connecting with your customers and your friends on the internet, now you could use these contacts to like you on Facebook. As nowadays many people have started using Facebook for their social networking. You do not know if anyone is using Facebook or not so by inviting your email contacts, you can get back all of your old friends and customers and make them like your Facebook page.

Invest in Facebook advertising

If you want to get maximum outcomes in minimum time, investing in Facebook advertising could be your bet. Facebook allows its users to target audience regarding their location, interests, and genders. You could get exposure to a lot more interested people on Facebook if you run your Facebook ads. So that could be a great way to get more likes for your page quickly.

Buy likes for your Facebook page

Well, this idea is not loved by all internet marketers as it is not ethical but unfortunately it works, and it can make you popular in no time. By buying fans and likes for your Facebook page, you could increase your fan number from few hundreds to thousands of hours. So you can consider investing in this method too.