Switch a Facebook Page to a Profile


For a really long time now, people have been confusing Facebook profile with pages and vice versa. Pages weren’t something extraordinary; they used to just be profiles having added features. People used to be really confused whether they should make a page or a profile.

These days it is very much possible to come across business pages that were actually made for people, people using page template for their personal profiles. These modifications have only been possible due to different optimizations and enhancements Facebook has implemented over the passage of time.

Business pages are quite limited in several ways, the ways where it is virtually impossible to be used as a personal profile.

If you have a business page you are unable to message people directly, the only thing you can do is reply to the messages people have sent you. There is no way to interact with personal profile, you cannot add them as friends either.

There is another possibility is to make a personal profile for a business, they are quite common because Facebook doesn’t have any policy against it.

Although it is not a functional idea, because it stops you from utilizing those awesome business features, but the only benefit you will get from having a personal profile is being able to message people.

There is also an issue where normal personal profile users who are not doing anything business related are finding Facebook’s suggestions to convert their profile into a business page.

This is absolutely an unwanted change, but on the other hand Facebook is difficult to contact and asking them to stop asking to convert the profile into page is pretty hard.So there are quite a few reasons you might want to convert a personal profile into a page or vice versa.

One more thing, if you’re trying to run a business through a personal profile, then you might want to stop doing so. The reason behind is quite simple; it is against Facebook’s terms of service. Another reason is that it is more or less useless running a business from a personal profile. Pages don’t have ‘friends’ option which proves the organic reach of your profile, but the ultimate goal of business isn’t reach on Facebook.

There are massive number of tools you have access on a business page, Facebook insights are very important and the audience targeting options also.

These tools are available to everyone regardless of their budget and size. It is not like profiles are made for free and Facebook charges to make business pages, both are free, it’s only advertising that will cost you money.

If Facebook finds out that you are using a personal profile to run a business they will have you convert or just remove your account in the first place.


How to Convert a Profile into Page?

Converting a profile into a page is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to the profile to page migration page. There you will be asked to choose a category for the new page and a sub-category. You will be required to fill out some information, check some information and there you go.Before converting you have to make sure that you are admin of any group, otherwise you will lose access to groups with the account when you have converted.

After the conversion some your information will be saved and transferred. All of your friends will automatically become your followers. The profile picture will become page profile picture and your username will become page name. your role will stay the same for all the pages you manage, if you manage more than one.

You have to download your posts and messages before you convert. You can keep them in archive because you won’t be able to upload it later. You will lose the admin status of group.


Page to Profile Conversion

This is the other way around, and it’s a lot more difficult.This is the opposite action, and it’s a lot harder. First step is to log in as your page and not your personal profile. Then go to Facebook Help and submit a form requesting for reverting your page to profile.

This form will go directly to Facebook, once they receive it, they will go through your case and decide whether or not your page should actually be a profile.

You have to do it right the first time, because you cannot make another request again. If your page is actually a running business it will not be converted into a profile. There are actually two reasons of the reversal not working in the first place.

The first reason is a hacker might have gained access to your profile and submitted the form or it could be you who did not read the instructions properly and made the mistake yourself.The second reason is if Facebook mistook you for a business and forced you to convert. You have to prove to them that you’re not running a business a business then will consider the request of your reversal.

If you haven’t converted your page, you cannot request a reversal. For example, if you have just made a page that has never been a profile, you will not be able to convert it into a profile. Facebook doesn’t have an automatic process for that.

If you run out of options the one thing you can do is contact Facebook, find out their phone number from one of their numerous help centers and see if you can get your hand on a human.

As far as group are concerned you cannot convert them along with events or any other style of page either. You absolutely cannot convert them in to a personal profile.

The best thing you might be able to do is you can change the category of a page from shopping/ retail to entertainment, because that doesn’t have any limitations. This doesn’t affect the functionality of a page either. All of the page have the same access to all the similar features as any page of any category.