Techniques to Market Yourself on Social Media

Internet has largely influenced the way we live, since the day social media arrived our lives have been affected on a bigger scale. Now we used to think that social media is just a portal to meet people and reunite with the people you graduated high school with. Other very beneficial facet of social media is business. Social media has proven itself to be a bustling hub of business, buyers or sellers all are taking the help of social media to boost their businesses. You know that billions of people use social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is not a surprise that social media has become one of the most successful form of marketing online. Each business page consists of millions of followers especially the big sharks. People are looking to invest into social media marketing because it is reliable and gets you tons of customers. Along with social media people have set up websites to showcase their business and it ranges from clothes, accessories, essential oils to services like writing, editing etc.
Now we will discuss some simple but really effective methods of utilizing social media market to advertise yourself and your brand. The sole purpose of doing this is to create more awareness and get more sales. These methods will be covering all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.
Each platform has its own pros and cons and some are built for marketing like Facebook and some are perceived to be a less friendly with businesses like Instagram. All of these avenues are largely being used to market businesses. How, let’s discuss.


Make a Facebook Page

As we discussed before in many articles before this one is making a proper Facebook Business page. A lot of marketers make this blunder of using their personal profile for marketing their business. This screams unprofessionalism, and you will miss out some of the awesome features Facebook Business page has to offer. Making and Facebook is the best way to go, first keep it unpublished and tweak it a bit, fill out all the information, keep content ready for future posts and then publish it. You should have content for a week. Don’t just become a shop selling stuff, you have to connect with your audience and appear real. The engagement that it will bring is a vital tool for boosting your business.


You will have existing customers and potential customers. It is very important that you engage with them on regular basis, just like anyone who’s running a successful business. This will ensure that one-sided communication doesn’t ruin your business. If someone posts a query it is very important that you point them in the right direction for example if it’s a customer services issue you have to guide them to a representative, if it’s a complaint ask them to inbox you and if it’s appreciation you can reply by a ‘Thank You’. It will show the human side of your business, customers will know where to turn when they have a query or a problem.

Images are vital

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used and visited social media platform. Users are not patient enough to read long texts and posts. when these posts are accompanied with interesting images there is a chance they might read it. Images have been categorized as the most interesting an effective media on Facebook, along with videos. Images get you loads of engagement that includes comments, likes and shares. This will play a huge role in promoting your business.
Customers comes first

Everybody loves attention so does your customers, the only way to do is to show them how much you care about them personally. Don’t portray your brand as a shop, empathize and connect when they have a complaint. It is good to remember that it’s social media, blatant advertisement doesn’t work here. It’s a two-way street. Communication has to be from both ends.


Fan Featuring
We have discussed fan featuring and contests before and I’ll just give an idea about contests. They are a good way to boost traffic on your page. Different contests like ‘photography’ and ‘who wears best’ are some of ideas you can use to carry out a contest. You can give away store discount, a gift hamper or a vacation. You can feature the user who won the contest and get loads of sharing and likes.


Posting about Yourself

The aim to post about yourself is self-promotion. You can post about how you started your brand and what was your inspiration, your goals and how many you have achieved. Don’t write long text post. It’s better to summarize and post images.
You can also incorporate call to action in your posts to ensure your customers respond.

Utilize Geographically targeted ads

By using these type of ads you will be targeting the people who will be interested in your brand not the ones who have nothing to do to your brand. For example, if you are running a clothing brand for teenage girls you have to target that audience in order to get more responses.

Now i’ll state some tips on how to use Twitter to help your brand boost on Twitter.

Tweet in form of Questions
Just tweeting a statement will not help you get a lot of engagement, post it form of a question and you can encourage responses and create engagement for your Twitter page.

Tweet news

You should tweet about your brand; the latest news I mean. You can tweet about new discount you’re giving, your new store opening, your new line of products etc.


I have discussed in previous articles how important are hashtags. Using hashtags will contribute to making your tweets more obvious and comfortably found by people looking for related topics.

Pinterest has been ranked as the fourth most used social media platform. It aims to connect people using photos and really needs you to use them creatively in order to successfully showcase your brand.
How can you use Pinterest to boost your brand?

– by using hashtags.
–contests and giveaways for followers.
– Cross-promoting using a Facebook Pinterest tab that allows you to get your updates on Pinterest post on Facebook.