Tips to Become a One Man Social Media Marketing Machine

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The use of social media for promoting your business is not a very complex job. The novice online businessmen might think of this as something that requires a magical wish granting chalice but in reality its simple and only dedication can make everything work. The first step is to understand that your audience is your muscle and if you realize that on time, you can become a one man social media marketing machine. ( Digital Rambo…)

Social media is a wonderful marketing tool and just a basic understanding of how things work is enough to advertise your business online.

Tip: Utilize every platform available online

If you want to promote your online business and want to get maximum traffic, the best way to do that is to use every online platform that can help you in accomplish your goals. Many social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and a lot more can be used effectively. You must make your presence felt by internet users. This will increase your audience and you can reach maximum number of people with common interests. Many online business websites use Pinterest, Tumblr, Bebo, Reddit, Yandex, QZone and other social forums to share their products with online users. But before choosing the right forum which suits you best, you must understand the way that forum works. Setting up a powerful profile is the first step for having an influence over your audience. So follow these simple steps:

  • Always choose a URL or account name that is relevant to your online business
  • Don’t leave spaces in filling out your online profile and add location and address exactly like it is written in your website. This will be helpful in local citation of your website.
  • Link your online profile on different social media websites. For example, add links to your Facebook on Twitter, your Google + should have links to LinkedIn and so on.
  • If you are novice user of any social media forum, experience by using test posts but keep them hidden from your followers. They must not know that you are inexperienced.

Tip: Leverage your list of Emails

So the next step after setting up your profiles at different social media websites is to send emails to your subscribers. Write a powerful story about announcing your social profiles to your followers so that they feel excited about this announcement. Introduce some contests and introductory blogs to your followers so that they don’t get disappointed when they follow you back.

Tips: Manage your posts and maintain consistent Activity

Internet users like to anticipate and regular posts can help them in expecting “what’s coming next!” Make sure the posts are different in their type and maintain a proper time difference between the posts. If your followers are from different time zones, you must schedule automatic posts according to their time zones. In the end satisfaction of your users is your top priority.

Tip: Share the audience on different social media forums

Your online business will get maximum benefits when you link your social media channels with each other. You can direct your users from one marketing channel to any other channel. All the channels are like wheels of a car and every one of them has equal importance. Definitely you cannot force anyone to view your post or like you but you can win hearts by posting relevant content and directing people to more channels so that they can have more options.

Tip: Ask questions to your audience

Communicating with your audience is the key to success for your business especially if it is online. You need to be social and engage your followers by asking them questions about what they like and want from you. Analyze their responses and improve your marketing strategies according to their interests. Always comment on the posts and reply to your followers comments for an active conversation. Comments are a great way to engage your customers into communication and can improve trust in your brand.

Tip: Forget the Numbers

For many online business owners, having thousands and millions of number of followers is very important and no doubt it matters a lot for your brand reputation and your online visibility. Having followers on your Facebook page, Twitter profile or Pinterest can improve your brand trust among people as people tend to follow the crowd. But it’s not the basis of your online success as you can buy users or likes for your posts easily. So having potential and active followers is more important than having a lot of idle followers. To gain interest of your audience, you need to dedicate your time to your audience as a larger number may indicate higher number of people interested but it doesn’t indicate the potential users. You can improve that number by engaging your followers more and more.

Tip: Develop a social media calendar

There are no guarantees on the internet and you don’t know when someone might leave a negative feedback for you. Sometimes this happen without any reason and all you can do is to be patient. So you should be prepared for anything that can pop up anytime. Your social media profile is what people see you so you must give them a reason to get back to you. Using automatic updates and other strategies for improving your social engagement with followers can help you in avoiding such embarrassing situations. So just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Follow all of your followers on Twitter.
  • Schedule your posts and tweets at already set times.

Scheduling a calendar for your automatic posts can be helpful in reminding you if you forget anything to share on Facebook or Google+ and will also save your time in scheduling every single update. A consistent activity is important regardless of any set schedule. So if you don’t agree with scheduling, you can at least take the responsibility of posting and tweeting once or twice a day. You have potential to do anything; you just need to follow right path and take right decisions at right times.

Never forget that your audience is your power and you must not let them down ever. They are the reason your business is earning money and you are getting social exposure. So thank them and show gratitude.