Tips for 2015: Increase your Online Sales

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Online shopping is the new craze among millions of online users. Although it is not a new concept, but it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years as now people are fully aware of ways to shop online. Now online brands are marketing their products using socials media networks that are other reasons for an increased trend of online shopping. Well, many factors are there, like convenience, ease of access, more variety, better rates and a lot more which are the reasons for brands opening their online shops. Nowadays, any brand is incomplete without having an online store.

If you have an online store and you want to improve your overall sales, you need to invest in your marketing strategies. With the help of your social media channels and an active blog, you can market your online products in front of your online customers. Having a successful blog where updates and new products are launched from time to time is a quality of a best online store in this current era. Well, making your customers happy is the only key to get more customers as word of mouth is the most popular way of advertising, and happy customers bring a lot of new customers. Other than that, you might use strategies like open discounts and coupons to keep customers coming back to your store. You can make new online relationships as well as bring back the old ones.

However many ways are there to help you increase your online sales and to improve your rate of conversion, but here are some of these which could help you in maximizing customer satisfaction and your sales.

Offer rewards and loyalty gifts to your customers

Everyone likes to have free gifts and rewards whether big or small! So if you want to get more customers and to make more sales, you should invest in some unusual type of rewards plan for your online customers. It is not necessary to offer many rewards to every customer as you cannot afford it, but offering rewards on after a limited number of purchases could be possible. You can limit that rewards would be given to purchasing a limited amount of products or after spending a particular amount. This will be encouraging for your customers to buy more and more products from you in order to get access to those rewards.

Simplify the process of purchasing

When selling anything online, keep in mind that customers do not like to spend much time on one product so keep the process simple. Don’t add extra steps that are unnecessary and try to add shortcuts to your online website. A long list of steps and procedures will make you lose your online customers.

Provide a detailed description of products

It is important to provide a detailed description of your products on your relevant blog. Customers must know the importance and benefits of using any product from your website. You can also add comparisons of different products available at your website. This will help in improving your sales by convincing customers that you have the right product for their needs at the right price.

Don’t limit the sales to website members

Sometimes people do not want to sign up for your website, and they just want to buy products. So you must not ask them to sign up before buying anything from your website. You could lose customers in this way. Just make sure they enter a phone number or an email id and then they could purchase anything from you.

Add a call to action button

The worth of the call to action button can never be ignored while operating an online website. You can add multiple buttons like Add to cart, skip this step, add information, checkout, review your order and a lot more call for action options to offer your customers more relaxation while shopping anything from your website. Don’t forget to add a call to action button to your social media links and your blogs. Other than that, you can add call to action buttons with every product that could take customers to a review of those particular products at your blog. This could help you a lot in gaining trust of your customers.

Add valuable feedback from your customers to your landing page

Don’t forget to add feedback for your happy customers to your landing page. Make a segment for all the testimonials at the bottom of your page too. Adding happy feedback could help in building confidence in our online customers who have never purchased anything from you. It could help you convert your visitors into potential buyers. The testimonials work as a way of verification that you are good at selling products, and you will take care of them too!

Offer discounts for multiple types

Offering a flat discount is also a great idea but if you offer different discounts for different products, this will benefit you in many ways. Sometimes, your products do not get many sales whereas some of your products get purchased by customers soon. You can offer encouraging discounts on those products so that more people show interest in buying them. Other than that, you can offer multiple discounts like 10% discount on first purchase, 20% discount for a purchase of over 200$, 50% discount for purchasing particular products and similar discounts. This will keep your customers happy as they could get multiple discounts for multiple products, and everyone loves to choose from a variety of choices!

Send an instant thank you email after a successful sale

After your customer pays the bill and checks out, send an instant email to show your gratitude and add few more options for similar products too. You can take help of much software that could generate automated emails after every purchase of your customers. This will help in making your customers happy too!

Add high-quality images of your products

Don’t forget to enlarge images of your products from every angle. High-quality images work best for selling the nay product online so keep adding and updating your photos in order to show a better insight of products to your customers.

Offer free shipping from time to time

You must offer your customers an option to get premium shipping for 24 hours, at higher rates. However, other than that, you must offer free shipping on occasions like Christmas and New Year when your sales are going to boost. This would encourage more customers to buy products from you as people shop more on special occasions.

Offer instant and quality customer’s service

The importance of having a quick online chat should never be undervalued. A quality customer service using your social media accounts like Twitter chat or a quick Hangouts Chat should be included on your website so that customers can revert to you for any concerns.

Now you could visualize how you can improve your online experience of purchasing for your customers. Just keep offering your customers something new and be thankful to them for buying products from you. Happy customers are loyal customers so never forget that rule!