Tips for creating a perfect tweet

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Twitter has traveled a long way from just being a mobile phone application to becoming one of the largest online social media platforms! It has developed into a powerful social media marketing tool for businesses now, and any online business is incomplete without having a Twitter presence. Well, it has crossed popular websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg in popularity and right not; people compare it with Facebook; that is a social media giant. Twitter is known for its simple, easy and neat interface that looks like a sophisticated office of a businessman. Well, it is free from clutter, colors, glamor and the funny ambiance but still it has a worldwide popularity among people as well as organizations.

Recently Twitter limited the characters per tweet to 140 which is another step in making posts brief and simple. Many online brands and bloggers use this social media platform effectively in order to build their repute and to connect with their online followers. Using 140 characters, you can convey your message to billions of people out there with the help of popular and relevant HashTags. Well, if you ask that what is meant by a perfect tweet, the answer would lie in its simplicity and perfect use of these 140 characters.

Some online marketers are of the opinion that twitter is not offering enough space to people as 140 characters are not enough to convey your message in right meanings. It is rightly said that perfection cannot be achieved by using just 140 words but isn’t it a great way to test you whether you know how to choose your words carefully or not? With lesser words, the chances of mistakes are also reduced, and you don’t need to proofread or check your post for errors like you do on Facebook. So it could prove helpful in case you are in a hurry and cannot focus on spellings and grammar. Well, to write the perfect tweet using your Twitter account, you must make sure you focus on three most important factors. Check out these below;

  • Your tweet must be engaging enough to encourage people into discussions.
  • You should convey your message properly using 140 characters.
  • Your tweet must be able to improve your online conversion rate.

Before posting a tweet to your Twitter account, you must make sure it passes the filter easily. You should make sure it is easy to understand, easy to click and compelling enough for people to like it and re-tweet if they are interested. If your followers will not re-tweet your tweet or not share it on their networks, you cannot get benefits from improved visibility, better click rate, better optimization and improved ranking of your content. So, all these factors are very important before posting anything on Twitter. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you are using to reach your online followers as if your posts and content are not bringing more customers and not helping in improving your conversion rates, then you must reconsider your posting style.

Have a look at following tips that could help you write a perfect tweet for your twitter followers;

Think from a perspective of your followers

Your tweets will be visible to a huge twitter audience, and your followers can like it or ignore it; as it depends on their choice. Before you post anything, ask yourself few questions like;

  • Is your tweet interesting?
  • Is your tweet informative?
  • Are you encouraging your followers to share it?
  • Is it being posted at the right time?
  • Are you tweeting to the right audience?

If the answer to the above questions is a YES, then you should not waste time and just hit the click button for tweeting your message. It is essential for you to think of your followers. Think about what interests your targeted audience. If you own an online brand of cosmetics and you sell beauty products, then your tweets must be about new products or anything that relates to your business. Your followers would like this as they have joined you with the similar interests, and there will be better chances to convert them into potential buyers. So think wisely and be one of your followers for few minutes so that you can understand what your followers would like to read.

Tweet at right times

Another most important factor to make your tweet perfect is the timing. If you are tweeting at wrong times, when your audience is not active, even the most important tweet will be ignored. According to statistics, three to four hours are given to any content for being visible and after that; it gets lost in the crowd of new content. So make sure you are tweeting at the times when your followers are active and using Twitter. It will improve the chances of generating a discussion and user engagement at a higher level.

Never ignore the perfect language without any errors

Have you ever liked a post or a tweet that is full of errors and grammatical mistakes? No! This is because people don’t like it, and perfect grammar is in demand as it makes you look cooler and smarter. A perfect tweet is free from errors and mistakes so make sure you follow this simple rule while tweeting.

Don’t sell anything directly using Tweet

A perfect tweet is not a message for selling anything to your followers. Instead, it is a way of encouraging them to invest their money in your products for their benefits. Never sell anything directly using a tweet unless you are one of the top brands who don’t need to bother such things. Your Twitter profile must be a representation of your brand, not a poster for your online business. You must try to make long term relationships instead of just increasing your sales.

Well, a perfect tweet doesn’t have any hard and fast rules because it is different for every business and brand but the basics are same.  It is your impression and your representation in front of your customers. Just make sure you are using right words, for the right audience, at the right times because these things matter the most! You must use these 140 characters using your best level as it is the only way to impress your audience on social media.