The Top Social Networking Site for Marketing


Today, the social media has taken over the world. It has become an essential part of our lives. And you cannot deny its importance in any case. Whether you are an individual, a marketer, an entrepreneur, a developer, and business personnel or from any walk of life you can find the social media very useful one way or the other. If you are a newbie here or someone who has just recently started to use the social media network. Then you probably might be thinking about which social media channel to use. And also the best social channel for growing an online audience.

From a long time, this particular topic has remained in debate among experts. Due to a broad range of social media platforms that includes social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest, and so on. No one is actually able to conclude the best among all. All of them have some great features that differentiate them from one another.

From so many available social networking sites nowadays it is not easy to decide that exactly which social media network is best for marketing. I have compiled an overview of the most famous and most uses social networks in this article. You can read it and decide for yourself regarding which is the best available social network for marketing among the following.


Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media network these days. It has a total of over 2 billion monthly active users according to a recent study conducted in July 2017. With so many active users I can bet that it is one of the most effective marketing as well as a communication platform. Just imagine how many people would see your posts or advertisements that you market on Facebook. And the numbers of viewers are not just limited to any geographical location. Rather it can be viewed all around the world. Providing you a platform with an overall winning situation.

So I will surely recommend you to use Facebook for advertising your businesses or products. Moreover, you will enjoy using it as one of the best marketing platforms. Whether you are planning to initiate your exclusive Fan Page on Facebook, investing your money in creating sponsored posts, purchasing of different ads, advertising your products, promoting sales or any other thing. You can do everything using Facebook.


I have no hesitation in saying that Google is the mother of all search engines and Google + is owned by Google itself. Google+ ranks second among all the social media networks. This is because it has a total of about 2.2 billion users. Among them 440 million users are monthly active users. Google+ is also famous due to the fact that it is the fourth most used app on smartphones or android devices. Launched in the year 2011 Google+ was successful in attracting over 10 million users in just two weeks after its launch. Today many users use Google+ as a source of marketing their businesses and products. It is considered as a great online marketing tool including the SEO marketing.


Twitter stands as the third most famous social media channels among all available social networks. And this is rightly so. Twitter is basically a news and social networking platform where different users from all over the world interact or communicate with one another by posting messages that are called “tweets”. Today Twitter stands firm among all the available social media channels having a total of 328 million monthly active users. And the number is increasingly day by day. Although it is not taken as a pure marketing channel by many users and experts but nowadays many people prefer using Twitter due to its unlimited and user-friendly features as compared to Facebook and Google+.

Many users and business people are highly recognizing the value of Twitter today. You can see many large as well as small businesses are harmonizing Twitter with their marketing plans. That is why the Twitter company got over a billion tweets in the previous year. You can witness the importance of Twitter yourself because today it is actively used by different individuals, celebrities and famous personalities, musicians, actors, politicians and almost everyone.


Next comes the Instagram. If you like visual contents like images and videos rather than written ones than this social media channel is just the right option for you. In a very short time Instagram has become one of the famous social networking site. Managing to attract a total of 700 million monthly active users. And they this number is still increasing. Today many businesses prefer using Instagram to promote their business and products by posting some attractive images and videos of their stuff.


LinkedIn is basically a social networking site that is mostly used by the corporate groups and networks. According to the recent statistics LinkedIn has a total of 133 million monthly active users. By using LinkedIn as your marketing tool you can advertise your business among the corporate world and industries. The major aim of LinkedIn is to provide a platform for users where they can connect with numerous business professionals and industrialists. As like other social media channels you can easily use LinkedIn to promote your stuff. You can do this by posting different contents or messages, writing blogs, by advertising or by creating different groups for discussions.


Pinterest is comparatively a new social media site then the rest which I have mentioned above. This factor does not prevent it from gaining the momentum of making a steady place among other famous social media channels. Pinterest is a mobile application startup. It also performs different tasks as a software system that is specifically designed to explore different types of information on the Interne. With the passage of time the number of Pinterest users increased to a total of 175 million monthly active users. I am not saying that by myself. These statistics are according to a recent research.  Today many businesses as well as small and large companies are using Pinterest to promote their stuff among the audiences.

So which site is the best for Marketing ?

Now getting back to the point where we started. The question remains the same that which social networking site is the best. One thing that I feel that it totally depends upon your targets and your requirements. All social media platforms hold a unique place when it comes to socializing or marketing your business or products. So you can decide for yourself what to choose according to your requirements.