The Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2017

By Nazia Khan-Ahmed


‘There is no doubt that a while ago, social media marketing was thought of just a trend that was expected to fade away in the smoke in a couple of months or so. As the time is going by, Social Media Marketing or SMM is becoming very popular and very effective. The major reasons for its hype is so many people joining social media. Facebook alone has more than a billion users, Twitter and Instagram comes next. The more people join social media platforms mean more opportunities for business owners to advertise their brands. It is very much clear that SMM is here to stay at the top of marketing scene. The massive longevity is completely dependent on one factor that SMM keeps on evolving and keeps getting better and more effective. As new technology is introduced for example mobile phones, tablets and PCs, Social media keeps on making it easier for the people to use Facebook or Twitter. It is becoming more user friendly by the day. The competition is very tough between all these platforms and it really helps them to ace one another. Facebook owns Instagram so they are basically one entity. Snapchat has become extremely popular and news have been circling around that Facebook has tried to buy Snapchat by offering 3 billion $ in cash. Snapchat’s CEO has rejected the offer. Facebook has no problem it already owns Instagram, WhatsApp and what not! Why the urge to buy Snapchat? Why not just stay the way it is?

The answer lies in Evan Spiegel’s quote to Forbes magazine

‘There are very few people in the world who get to build a business like this’

You can totally understand why the CEO of Facebook carried out countless meetings to try to buy Snapchat as well. You can see the extent of success of Snapchat. Both Evan and the co-Founder of Snapchat would have gotten 750 million each by agreeing to this deal. Seemingly they thought it is a relatively short-term gain and really saw what is Snapchat’s worth. Nowadays all the major celebrities use Snapchat and it is widely used for SMM. I want to use the Puppy filter in Snapchat to post a picture here to take the stress out of this article. People are posting stories and using their incredibly updated filters some whimsical and some really creepy around Halloween.

Now you might think this is the end, 2017 has brought us a wider horizon of possibilities when it comes to SMM that is an acronym of Social Media Marketing, that I will be using throughout this article.


Let’s discuss what Snapchat a.k.a Snap has in store for us in 2017

Snapchat is evolving more than ever; the future is pretty bright. I am not looking at my crystal ball and quoting this though. Snapchat is a trendsetter when it comes to live and in-the-moment content. People post live stories of their events. Users are posting live videos of their fashion shows and short funny videos using their awesome filters. Trust me once I open Snapchat I can’t help but admire the way designers have come up with these filters. Snapchat is an app that is mobile phone based, since it’s not available to desktop users it is kind of limiting. The developers are now coming up with products which are way ahead of everyone else, for example it is developing real-world glasses where you will be able to experience first-hand what is going on. This company was recently renamed Snapchat Inc. So our expectations from this app are pretty high. It has never failed to meet them in the past though.


The Twitter Decline  

Twitter used to be exciting with its bite size tweets and celebrities posting interesting tweets about any topic on the face of the Earth, Like Simon Cowell tweeted that he likes dinosaurs and Ed Sheeran Tweeted that he was expecting a Grammy Nomination. It seems very exciting at first but as people of the 21st century we cannot keep ourselves engaged in one platform for long. We need something new and trendy. 140 characters in one tweet, come on that’s too less if someone wants to rant about the lack of characters on Twitter. Twitter was thought to fade away in the shadows but somehow it is sustaining and fighting what’s called ‘Twitter Fatigue’. It might stay for another year or so because people are craving for content that rolls out a bit slower like once or twice a day as in Instagram. Instagram is becoming more popular as it is basically a photo sharing platform.


Users Crave to experience something they have never experienced before

People are demanding newer things to experience on Social media the latest trend is to post a 360-degree image. I have seen these images and trust me they are awesome. Live video posting from an event is quite educational and really impressive for example the live video from the Oscars which had more than a billion views. People have been posting live videos from concerts and workshops from concerts to make other people jealous because they are enjoying Sade Adu and you are sitting at home staring at your screen. Real-time posting is a viral trend now; the main idea is to make your audience a part of your experience.


New Means of Communication

 In the past social media was invented to prove as a means to communicate while on the internet. Soon all the businesses started using it as well as they saw a ridiculous number of people using it over a very short period of time. It has become a very effective way to communicate with your existing and potential customers. Brands have developed special profiles for their customer services which is not only making it easy for consumers to communicate to a brand but it also a self- marketing tactic. It indicates that you really care about customers and provide an after sales service.

SMM is the future of marketing on the whole, Print has really not proven to be cost effective and not proven that it will reach people. SMM on the other hand will reach million if not billions which is a chance I am willing to take.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.