How to Turn Your YouTube Videos into Followers and Likes


YouTube is a search engine that enables a person to upload and share various videos with people around the world. YouTube is also used to gain followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook. You can expand your business by steering traffic your way. There are many ways to turn YouTube videos into a tool to bring you more sales and fans.

You can create a free account on YouTube and upload any video that doesn’t violate YouTube’s terms of services. These days many people are using it to make use to their services. Opening a YouTube channel is a host of so many opportunities for excelling in your business. It is not a difficult task to start your own channel. Probably today’s the day you start your own!



Using Social Media with Your YouTube Projects


By now you should have established your accounts on all social media platforms. This is more important if you work on getting Twitter and Facebook to work for your brand’s marketing.

When you make profiles on more than one social media platforms it will give you more exposure and more fans/ followers. You content will be viewed by more people and it will have more chances of becoming viral.


Convert Your YouTube Videos into Likes & Followers


The best way for you to tell people that you are also on Facebook or Twitter is by putting a link in your video. It can either be in the description or tags.


Without knowing about a Facebook page, the person watching your videos might not know where else to find you. There are a few different ways that you can incorporate your Facebook page into the videos that you are putting onto your channel.


Add the link to your Facebook on the video itself as it is very easy to do and can be done using simple tools that YouTube actually offers to its users. Just add a link to the Facebook page and have it visible on the video itself. People will then be able to rapidly and easily click onto the video and visit your other social media profiles. This is one of the simplest ways for you to get people to either visit your Twitter or Facebook when they are watching your videos.

You can talk about your social media profiles in your videos as well, that’s probably the best way to promote your video along with your profiles.

Let’s say that you are creating a video specifically meant to be a DIY craft tutorial. Before the video gets into the details of the tutorial, you can mention that you have both a Facebook and Twitter. Request your viewers to both like and subscribe to your other social media pages before they even start to watch the video that you’ve posted.  This allows you to get their attention quickly and without getting monotonous because the video is already over. You can also talk about your other social media pages at the end of the video, this can sometimes be not of any use because people might be finished watching the video and move on before they find out that you have other pages.

Yet another way to integrate your Facebook and Twitter account into your videos is to use  software specifically meant for editing videos. You can add text to the video wherever and whenever you like. This text can be a simple instruction for the viewer to go to your Facebook page and like it or to visit your Twitter page and become a follower. You will find out that this really helps to bring people in and you can match the text with the type of video that you are making. Video software is not very difficult to find and there are many free programs available if you look particularly for them.

Something else that you will certainly want to do when it comes to expanding your business is to explain your Facebook and Twitter in the description of the video itself. When you upload a video on YouTube, you will be able to give it a title and description that people can go through before they start watching the video. You can link to your Facebook and Twitter using this description area so that people can find your social media pages without even having to go through the video that you’ve uploaded. Giving the viewers a purpose to visit your social media pages is also a good idea. Let your viewers know they can see more variety of products by visiting your Facebook page and get 10% discount.


Update Your YouTube Channel Frequently


YouTube is absolutely a great way for you to bring in more people and to grow your trade or fan base. One of the greatest ways to achieve this is to keep your channel and social media pages updated frequently. There is probably nothing more disturbing than going to a YouTube channel that has not been updated in weeks or even months. This lets your viewers know that you are too busy to update the channel and that they should expect new videos because you do not post them very often.

By keeping your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter updated, your fans will be recurrently engrossed in what is going on. Let’s say that you own a fashion blog and want to expand traffic to the site. You cannot do this if you only update the blog three times a month. You need to really work on it and update frequently so that people remain absorbed in what you’re doing, speaking about or providing to them as a customer. Just like you would update a blog or site, the same philosophy applies for your social media pages.

By being able to turn your YouTube videos into Twitter followers and Facebook likes, you can certainly expand your clientele and have more individuals interested in what you happen to be offering. So you have to keep these points understand consideration so you can really increase your fan base on all the portals.