Twitter And Customer Support

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Twitter is one of those social media websites that are quick, fast, neat and effective. Your Twitter profile is something that you can handle without making many efforts. It is not complicated like a Facebook page or like a YouTube channel that requires so much customization and optimization. It is a simple social media platform for simple people. Its simplicity can be proved by the feature of this website that users are allowed to use just 140 characters for a Twitter post; also known as a tweet!

It is no doubt one of the biggest social media networks available right now, and it holds a prestigious position among all of the other rivals. This platform was designed with a purpose to help online users to communicate with small and brief messages and posts that are the tweets. You can add HashTags to your tweets that represent your online presence anywhere on the internet and spread your message worldwide. Well, not to mention, this website is the first choice of online businesses and organizations when it comes to dealing with their customers. You might not find any online brand on Facebook or LinkedIn, but it will be present on Twitter. From the past few years, this website has grown into a giant platform where businesses connect with their customers and buyers. It has developed into an effective tool for companies as well as a great way for customers to talk to owners and to discuss their problems.

There are many reasons for increasing professional importance of this social media network as compared to other platforms. Well, its quickness is the best feature that gets promoted with its mobile app. The mobile app is easy to install; light weight to use and quick to connect. It even opens when your internet is not working well, so why go to other networks when Twitter is here to save your time. Have a look at following reasons why online marketers and brand owners are using this amazing network for customer care services.

Quick connection with customers

If it is said that Twitter wastes your time, that will be completely wrong as this is the best online platform for its quick responding features. Online businesses are using it for dealing with their customers quickly. Well, your customers want to be answered quickly, and a delayed response is not entertained on any of the social media. Twitter is quick because it is easy to open online, and it does not take much time to load all of the features.

While dealing with your online customers, you must keep in mind that responding them back quickly is the most important thing to consider if you want to keep them as your loyal fans. If you do not respond to them quickly, they will look for another brand or company where their questions get answered on time. People do not wait for anything now! Time is money and on the internet and social media networks, time is more than just money. If your company is taking too much time to respond to your customers. People will associate negative comments with the response.

These negative responses; although the customers might be bragging but as these comments are negative, they will spread quicker than positive comments, and the next thing you will face is a brand attack! This can be the worst thing to happen to your online brand and reputation that you have built in years. So as an online marketer and a brand owner, don’t overlook the importance of quick responding to your customers’ needs and comments. Fortunately, Twitter can make it possible by its quick Tweets and ReTweets!

Twitter has lower costs that other social media websites

Every online brand and marketer wants to save money from one way or another. In fact, that is true for every person living in the world that saving money is important. So why not invest in Twitter to save your company much money by taking it to a next level? You can use Twitter to deal with your online customers in a great way and keep the costs at zero. You do not need to run ads and paid marketing campaigns when you have a strong and active Twitter profile.

A great Twitter profile can save your money as you will not need any customer services office to deal with your customers physically. Just a simple profile can do wonders for you if you use right techniques and customer service strategies. You can avoid the employee hiring costs, office costs and every other spending that was required for setting up a new customer representative’s office.

You do not need to hire anyone as you can deal with your online customers using your skills. As they will be your customers, you can understand their concerns better and can offer better alternatives to their issues. You can take quick and right decisions at right times as you will not need to verify and consult with anyone else; you are the owner no doubt!

Easy maintenance of Twitter profile

Another benefit of using Twitter for dealing with your customers is that it is very easy to maintain. You can use it any time of the day for anything that is related to your online customers. The Twitter app does not require you to log in every time you use it. It will keep your details saved and can be logged in automatically when you need it. This way, your online customers will find you online every time they need to discuss their concerns and problems. This will build a trust between them that you are always there for you as you can reply to their tweets instantly just by using your smartphone. There is no need of forming a complex and difficult marketing and customer dealing strategy like you need to have for Facebook or YouTube when you are using Twitter.

The companies, where customer’s questions are answered promptly, have higher trust in the people as compared to the companies where responding to comments take too long. A delayed response is often equal to no response as if you u are not available for your online customers at the moment of need, who will need you after the moment will pass? For example, if you offer online delivery of your products and any of your customers ordered a product that was required to reach your customer on Monday but the delivery was delayed. He will complain about that on Monday about no delivery. If you respond to his request on Wednesday, there will be no benefit of responding back as, until that time, the delivery boy might have delivered the products. Your customer will swallow it this time but for the next time, he will not consider your company for any online purchase. So it is in your hands!

By using Twitter, you can be sure that if your customer has tweeted about any such delivery problem, you can check it quickly and talk to the delivery services about the problem. You can also communicate with your customers regarding the delay and satisfy him by responding back on time. That is the reason Twitter is becoming an important platform for customer support. You can also use it for improving trust in your audience.