Twitter and Facebook networking: Are you buying yours?

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Can you imagine living without any social media website? Alternatively, do you start your day without a Tweet or a Facebook post? Not! The social media websites have become a necessity now. In addition, no doubt investing in social media marketing is a prerequisite for any successful business; it is not a luxury!

These social media channels from Facebook to Pinterest have been around for less than a decade, but they have influenced everything just like these were present from forever. These social media websites have changed everything, and now businesses, individuals, companies and corporates follow the latest trends and chart their strategies according to new digital innovations. These channels are used worldwide to connect with customers and to advertize products and services.

Social media are a wonderful way to network with your clients, your competitors, and your employees without any costs. The crazy benefits, of using social media for networking, cannot be ignored. It opens up opportunities for new businesses to target the customers after determining their interests and expectations. Social media have created new ways to advertize and market your business that nobody ever thought about. Now, social media networking is the hottest trend, and it is been used effectively not only for commercial purposes; but also for personal purposes.

So are you using social media networking to boost up your business and career?

It was never so easy to keep a track of your competitor’s progress and to know their customers. The professional platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to interact with more than 200 million active professionals all around the world. Now employers hire and post jobs on LinkedIn and people search for real life jobs on that website. Now you can quickly find any person on any social media and connect with anyone you want to. Online business owners can use social media to network via online portals and use social media tools to enhance their profits and increase the sales. Targeting the right audience using the demographic feature of Facebook was just a dream that is now a reality. You can target your customers individually and make them loyal clients using your communication skills. Have a look at the following advantages of using social networking for promoting your business.

Better communication with your employees and customers

Social media allow you to inform your customers or employees about any update that needs to be quickly spread. It is been said that social media is faster than gossiping women so now you can imagine the promptness of these networking sites. If your customers have issues related to your products or services, you can ask them to post on your social media networks regarding any complaints. You can address the issue and solve it as soon as possible. This will not only build trust with your audience but will also convert them into potential customers. They will trust you that you will be there to help them in case of any problem.

In the case of communicating with your employees and within your company, creating a social media networking platform can benefit you a lot. You can just ask your employees to join your Facebook or Twitter profile, and you can share any ongoing updates or news with them. As nowadays everyone uses social media so you can expect your employees to be active and participative in your social media networks. This will also build a social network inside your organization, and you can gather your employees at one place anytime. So there will be no need to ask everyone to join you in the meeting room. Now Google + allows you to add up to 10 people in your video chat. What else can you imagine for a better communication?

Improves customer services experience

Every businessman wants to satisfy his clients and to make them happy with their every purchase.Customer Feedback is crucial for any business  as customers are the people who make your business. You can network with your customers using the social media that they like to use. If your target audience used Facebook like teenagers and girls, you could create a fan page on Facebook, which can be related to your official website or blog. If your customers are image loving people, grab them via Pinterest and Instagram. If your clients love using Twitter and tweet every other minute, don’t forget to use Twitter for sharing updates with them.

An active user engagement is an essential part of any social media marketing strategy. You can make your customers happy by discussing with them about any new products or in trend hype. Just be there for them and see the magic happens!

Reduced costs of marketing and organization

For small businesses, budget is always a problem and small business owners always try to find ways to cut costs in one way or another. However, this is not an issue anymore in the age of social media networking! If you used to spend thousands of dollars just for advertising your business and products, you can now save that money and use social media to market your services. Fortunately, there are no costs for using social media networking sites, and you can use them to target your potential customers directly without spending any money. Just an active blog, an active social media profile and an excellent website are enough to sell your products and to grab attention of new customers. You can create quality content, quality graphics, offer best services and satisfy your clients online. It was never so easy but not it is!

Although there are many benefits of paid ads on Facebook and other social networking websites, it does not mean that you can just make use of these options to get customers. These ads are just ways of these sites to make more money. You can use your own potential and passion for engaging more clients and convert them into buyers without any costs.

With all those above benefits of social media networking websites for your business and online organization, you cannot go wrong with social networking. Just stick to your goals and make sure you’re every tweet and every post represents your goal to your customers. Once you develop your brand name and trust among people, your business will get skyrocket success within no time. Social media are a magical wand that can work wonders for you if done in right ways.

Hannah Jane Parkinson
Hannah Jane Parkinson