What are Twitter Favorites, are they any good?



Importance of Twitter Favorites

Well to answer this particular question first you should have an idea of what actually is the feature of Twitter Favorite.

Whenever you tweet using your Twitter account that particular tweet is shown in the newsfeed of all those people who are in your contact list or who are followers. All your followers are able to perform some certain actions with that tweets. This includes responding to your tweet, they can retweet your stuff or they can favorite your tweet whenever they like. In this way the favorite tweet gets added up in the list of favorite items of that user which they can view whenever they like.

Twitter Favorites seem to be just similar to the Facebook likes but they are not. There are heck of differences among both which I have discussed in this article when you read further. I have seen many of the users who use the feature of Twitter Favorite just like they use Facebook likes.

On the other hand, the Facebook likes are generally considered as having no value at all as compared to the Twitter favorites.

Now to find out whether the Twitter Favorite is important for the users or not I have compiled some of the useful information for you in this regard.

 The Function of Favorites in the Past

In the past  Twitter favorites used to be very limited type of engagement that one could think of. It used to work in a way that whenever any Twitter user favorite any tweet that particular tweet automatically made its place in the list of favorite tweets of the user. Whenever the users wanted to see the favorite tweet they needed to go to the list of favorite tweets and then see that tweet over there. Well that was it. There was nothing more the user could do with those favorite tweets and they remained saved in the favorite tweets list. Moreover any other third party user was also not able to view or access those tweets. So in my point of view it was a useless act to move a particular tweet to the list of favorites.

Now, these old trends have changed a lot. There is a great change in the working of those favorites which have taken place from the old one. I have explained these changes in the following:


The Modern age of Favorites

Evolution of Favorites

The first major change that I have noticed is that if you are a third party user you are able to have a view of the total number of favorites that are next to a particular tweet. This was not possible previously.

Secondly, you can click on a favorite tweet to expand it. In this way it becomes easier for you to see the total number of favorites that are next to it. These numbers can extend up to millions.

Another change that I have noticed is that you are able to see all those users who have favorite a specific tweet. In this way you are able to know all those people who favorite a tweet and you can also follow them by clicking the follow button if you want to. You can even tweet them or add or remove them from any list if you desire. Furthermore you are also able to mute, block or report these users and also embed the profile of any user.

Now here if I summarize the whole thing and make a comparison between the Twitter Favorites with the Facebook likes we will have the following conclusion. .

With the Twitter Favorites you are able to control the visibility of all those users who favorite the tweet to a total of 26.

Twitter Favorite permits you to view all the items that are included in the list of favorite posts of different users.Apart from the above both Twitter Favorites and Facebook likes are tend to be the same in all other aspects.

Favorite Problems for Major Brands

In addition to this, there are also some limitations that are set if you are using the Twitter Favorites or the Facebook likes. Both these have their certain limitations that you as a user can face. Some of them are discussed below

The very first limitation that you can face while using the Twitter Favorites is the action in which it is broadcasted. This is a major difference among the Twitter Favorites and the Facebook likes.

If you look at Twitter you will see that whenever any user sets your tweet as favorite you get an instant notification in this case. After that the favorite tweet gets added in the users favorite tweet list and this process goes on. On the hand the major drawback behind this is that any of the user who is your follower do not get a notification when they favorite your tweet. This is a negative aspect which results in zero exposure of yours.

Whereas, on Facebook, the whole process is totally different. Whenever any user likes any of your posts this results in generating some new stories. All those contacts that are in the friends list of that user are able to view the liked post in their news feed. This post is specified containing a bar on top of it which says that user A liked the post. This whole process is really helpful in increasing the number of reach on Facebook.

If I talk about Twitter, retweet is considered as the major reach-enhancing form that maximizes the rate of engagement. If you are a marketer, you can retweet your stuff if you desire to increase the reach on Twitter.

In my point of view, the favorites are not as useful as you might think if you are running a business. Whereas, if you are an individual user then it can be useful for you just similar to getting more and more likes on your Facebook post. This shows you that to what extent a particular post is famous among different users. Most people like interesting and humorous posts rather than the serious ones. So if you are posting some unique, light and entertaining stuff then believe me you can get more favorites or likes as you may have desired.

Should You Try to Get Favorites?

What is Twitter SEO and Indexing?

In coming days you may have heard the news regarding the indexing of Twitter by Google that will be done on a limited basis. In this way it will become easier for you to search for the most famous and verified lists of Twitter accounts. For example, if you desire to search for the twitter account of “David Beckham” then at the time you enter the name and click go to search for it the verified Twitter account of David Beckham will appear on the top of the Google search list. This will also contain some of the most recent tweets that are made by him. Similarly, you can search for any Twitter account that you want by just entering the name of the required person. A list of all those users who are running their account with the entered name will appear in the search list.

Here you can notice that when you search for a specific twitter account on Google, those accounts only consist of all those contents that are tweeted by the user. You are not able to see any of the other items in it like favorites, retweets or replies that a particular post gets from other users.

On the other hand, Google management has decided to index some of the selected tweets. Well here if you ask my point of view then I would say that it is a great initiative that is set by Google.

It is because you can witness that due to a constant increase in the number of Twitter users. There is an average of approximately 6,000 tweets per second that are tweeted on Twitter. This further takes it to around 350,000 tweets that are sent per minute by different users.

In this way it becomes very hard for Google to index this large number of tweets.

So to make things easier, Google has set its figures and prefers to index only around 7% tweets on Twitter. Google prefers and selects the tweets of all those users who have a large number of followers for indexing. So, if you are a user having a maximum number of followers then not to worry your account will also be indexed by Google.

The Twitter users who have fewer than 10,000 followers were indexed at the rate of 4%. Whereas, all those users who have around 10K to 1 million followers were indexed at the rate of 10 %. Furthermore, all those users who have more than 1million followers in their Twitter account had the index rate of 21% altogether.

Apart from this, the SEO is somewhat beneficial for the Twitter in increasing the index rate. The first major aspects are the links. The second important useful aspects are the images that you are using while tweeting and then comes the retweets. All of these are considered beneficial to increase the index rate of your tweets.

Know How to Grow Twitter Audience

I have compiled some of the most effective ways for you in which you can maximize the number of audiences in your Twitter account. Some of those ways are discussed below which you can find beneficial.

First and the most important aspect while using Twitter is that you must make sure that you have entered all the required information while creating your Twitter profile. If you have not entered it yet you can enter the required information now. This includes the profile picture, the cover photo, an authentic website link and the relevant description. For example, if you are running a business then you must include the relevant business information whereas if you are an individual user then you can include any information you like. This step is considered as a vital one and helps in making your Twitter account look more appealing and authentic.

The second most important aspect that you must remember is to make sure that you are tweeting on a regular basis. All the stuff that you are tweeting should be unique, interesting and informative. Apart from this if you desire to post any images just try to make sure that the images are sharp and of best quality. Try posting something light and humorous for your audiences. Believe me this can give you some great results. You can also use some good links, retweeting of posts, quality images, and good jokes. All of these are useful in making your Twitter account look more significant.

To become successful I simply suggest that you should fix a particular schedule for tweeting your stuff and tweet accordingly. This is one of the most important things when it comes to building up the audiences. You can set up any schedule that suits you. It can be two times a day or it can exceed to five times a day. Just try to tweet according to the set schedule. For your business promotions you can also think of some unique ideas. I recommend that you should keep your important business tweets and the promotional tweets for the peak hours when the users are mostly available on Twitter. Become an active user. Try tweeting as much as possible and most importantly reply to your users queried and feedbacks even if it is just a simple reply of “Thank you”. Trust me this will surely make some difference.

Lastly, avoid being too self promotional while tweeting otherwise you will lose many of your followers. Just try to engage as much as possible with your followers and tweet organic stuff more often in order to make your place.

Finally we can conclude that Twitter favorites are useful. So try getting as much favorites as possible so that you are considered among the best Twitter user.


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