Twitter Hashtag Guide for Social Media Rookies


Are you a Rookie trying to use Twitter Hashtags Effectively ?

Not to worry. This article is just for you.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most used social networking sites these days. In the year 2017 the total number of users who use Twitter are around 328 million approximately. These users are all monthly active users. And this is not the end. The number of Twitter users is still increasing day by day.

If you are one of those new users who has just signed up onto Twitter.  Then you will get to know about the unlimited features which Twitter has to provide you. While using Twitter the first and the most important thing which you need to know about are the hash tags.

Hash tags hold an important place on Twitter. Using various hash tags accurately and effectively is an art which you need to know before you start off. First I must tell you about the term that is Hashtag.

 What to know about Hashtag?

Well as a newbie I know you might not be aware of the term that is Hashtag.

The Hashtags are basically made up of number signs. These number signs are assembled with an appropriate keyword. For example, #Twitter, # word or # example etc.

If we look into the history of these hashtags, these tags were basically premeditated for many different purposes. First of all these tags were mainly used by people so that they could use them in order to clarify the main idea or subject of their tweets. Most users used these hashtags for the purpose of discovering as well as attracting new followers. Lastly, many people used these hashtags while tweeting so that they could find a particular tweet without any hassle. Apart from this, hashtags have become a primary and prominent feature these days. It is not just considered as the part of Twitter only. Today many people use different hashtags in their posts while posting on other social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram too.

Philosophy of Hashtag

You need to have a clear viewpoint before using the hashtags in your random posts. This is one of the most important things which you need to remember. First of all you need to write your content and then you should use tags.  Only in this way your tags will become relevant to your content. And in this way you can easily prevent yourself from using the wrong tags while posting any content.

There are several different tags which you can use to attract any type of audience which you want. Let’s say for example, you are a celebrity and want to attract a maximum number of audiences. Then in this case you can use some general as well as some popular hashtags like #love, #personal, #beauty, #happy #cheerful and many others. On the other hand, if you have a business which sells sports products and accessories. Then in this situation you can use the hashtags like #sportslove, #attraction, #world cup, #soccer, #crowd and so on.

Etiquette of using a Hashtag

You need to follow some etiquette in every walk of life. Hashtags has some etiquette too. These specified etiquettes are determined for proper usage of hashtags whenever you post something on Twitter. Whether you are posting about any serious topic or an entertaining one on Twitter. You have to follow some rules. If you are not conscious enough to follow the rules as a result of this you may lose many of your followers in no time.


In many cases many people might not get the basic idea of the hashtags which you are using. Whenever you are using a new and unique hashtag just try to use some easier words. Simple words are very easy to remember. You can easily spell them too.  Most importantly it does not create any problem in reading or understanding for your audiences. I suggest that you should avoid using difficult words as your hashtags. Many people will be unable to understand difficult words and it is likely that they will not understand the basic idea of your post.

Hashtags Duplicate

Avoid using duplicate hashtags in your posts. Otherwise this may result in confusing the audiences. Try to be as unique as possible. Do not copy others hashtags because it can probably result in a severe violation. There are hundreds and thousands of unique hashtags which you can search on the internet and use in your posts.

Following are three hashtags resources which I have mentioned below:

If you need to know about the trending or waning hashtags then is the site for you. You can find out all the related information about the new and most popular hashtags these days. As well as those hashtags which people are not using very often due to which they are fading away. You can also search for a particular hashtag on this site according to different categories.  This is just possible due to a fairly wide-ranging database of Twitter keyword usage.

The official search page of Twitter is

If you want to search for a specific hashtag you just need to enter that hashtag into the search field. All the tweets using the specified hashtag will appear in front of your screens. You can try it for yourself. This method is considered as one of the quickest and also the most consistent ways to stature out about a particular tag that how active a tag is before you start using it.

Trendistic is undoubtedly a perfect tool for you if you are a person who wants to stay updated by the rising trends. I know you cannot keep an eye on every emerging trend so this tool is just designed to fulfill your needs.  You will also get to know how useful different keywords are while you start using Trendistic. The Trendistic tool works best when you provide it with a hash tag.  By entering a hashtag it displays a detailed chart in which the random usage of tag changes is mentioned. Trendistic tool also makes it easier for you to check different tags on an hourly basis as well as on a monthly basis.