Twitter and Instagram – Yin Yan

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Though both are completely different from each other but still have a major similarity –Active users! And the number is quite similar with Instagram crossing over 300 million and Twitter standing at 284 million

While this can be a reason to debate for some people, it is a big deal for others. There are many different users who use each platform, some use both and some are just loyal to one.

Twitter has 16 million monthly actives which is relatively small compared with the 1,350 million on Facebook. Twitter is not that user friendly for someone who is a casual user, its takes time and some gimmick to make it work on Twitter. If you don’t like posting a few times a day than be ready to be overlooked.

But there is a trick to Twitter, everyone now knows that the 140 character limit on the posts is the trick. When you sum up everything in a few words, it becomes easier to read and understand but some people have more to say, so they cut off words in sentences.

This is nothing, you want weird, enter Instagram, their slogan should be “the different kind”  (nah) the basis of this platform is mobile app, Instagram is based around a different concept where it doesn’t limit your posts. Take pictures from your phone and edit them by running them through filters, write up a cool description and post them, awesome right? But wait, even Instagram has weaknesses too. It’s mainly a platform for mobile phone users, if you are someone traditional like me who likes to sit on a desktop than this platform will make it difficult for you to use. Businesses also use desktops using third party platforms.

Catering to the younger generation, the audience that Instagram has chosen has embraced their concept of easy access and usage. Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates on any social network, and by a very long shot. Comparing it with twitter, Instagram has a young audience while twitter has an older audience. Professionals from different industries prefer twitter because of several reasons, from top notch Executives, CEO’s to movie stars and sportsmen, twitter is their number one choice. That is how Twitter has positioned themselves in the industry, as a professional communication platform for professionals. A lot of movements have also been operated through Twitter, an example of that would be the social justice movement which started in the last few years.

Which One is better?

The main question here is that which one is better for marketing? This is a tough question but not relevant because you can pick both of them but just for the sake of argument, if you had to pick one than which one would you pick? Obviously you will choose the one which would suit you and your business.

If your goal is marketing, than Twitter can be tough and rough on you. There is a Kiju class 4 standard of competition waiting for you, the content is overflowing like ale at a medieval feast and it’s not like Facebook because Twitter does not curate user experience, messages are shown in chronological order and it’s very easy to miss your audience if you do not post at the right time, so it’s not that easy.

You will need a light touch if you are planning to do marketing through Twitter, no one Is going to follow you if you are mindlessly posting messages so that makes it even worse than Facebook. On Facebook can at least add a marketing CTA into a longer post about a completely different topic. It’s not the same on Twitter, you cannot hide your marketing messages and you have single sentences to make your point.

But there is one benefit that makes Twitter very potent – they have the audience. The celebrities, the professional sportsmen and the executives, let’s say that you are able to get the attention of a celebrity, than you can expect that you post will be put in the middle of millions of people. There aren’t any power users quite as powerful on Instagram, at least not yet.Twitter also has the advantage of hashtags, which are a exclusively Twitter-ian feature. Other sites have applied them, for better or for worse, but they work best on their original home. You can create a hashtag or take part in the discussions going on in one. But there is a darkside to Twitter, if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time than that may take you downhill. The reason is that Twitter tweets are aired forever, deleting your Tweet will not help you, and the “forever airing” feature will take your business down the tubes.

Let’s get back to Instagram, its different; being a great place for marketers to flourish, Instagram has some neat options that allow the user to include details that turn it into a storefront. So you can convert users directly by using pictures of your products as sales pages. You don’t need to refer them through to your storefront and your own conversion process.

But if you’re a sprocket manufacturer than Instagram might not be that responsive because Instagrams user is young and would mostly be interested in young stuff, not sprockets. There is another barrier that is a bit annoying, you cannot use it properly without a smartphone, and no third party services like you can get on Buffer, to post on the site for you.

But apart from these barriers, the engagement that Instagram offers is just amazing, you can build a deep connection with your fans and you can understand it very quickly. That is why Instagram is the hub of marketers, young people love to buy and marketers love to sell, it’s the perfect balance.

You can choose from any of these platforms. The network of professionals or Instagram, the hub of teenagers and high engagement, it all depends on your audience, who do you want to target?