Twitter: Social Site, Lead Generator?


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that are being used by internet users in this day and age. According to December 2014 stats, Twitter has crossed more than 500 million users worldwide and more than 284 million of these are the daily active users, which is no doubt a huge success and a proof that this social media website is really doing great as compared to its rivals including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So if anyone is telling you that Twitter is just not a good platform for promoting your online business, show him the stats and open his eyes.

Twitter is popular for its tweets, which are 140 characters posts including hashtags related to your online business or brand. You can use this popular platform to spread your voice to your audience and to communicate with your customers. It is an effective way to generate more and more leads for your online business. So you can expect a better and improved customer conversion rate when you are using Twitter for marketing your brand.

As a successful lead generator, Twitter is no doubt the best social media website. You can follow these simple steps and guidelines if you are interested in generating leads for your social media channels using this website.

Communicate with your followers and ask about their concerns

If you want to generate more leads using your Twitter profile, you must ask your followers about their problems and concerns. A simple and brief tweet about asking your Twitter followers that what issues they are facing is enough to ask them directly. This way you can find the real problems in your network and your followers. Sometimes there are issues that you do not know but your followers face them as they are watching your every move. Asking them directly is a great way to increase your trust among your customers. The problems can be related to anything; for example any of your product quality or your any action that was offending. So this can be about anything.

Well, sometimes asking your customers directly might not work, and you need to encourage them to share their problems related to your online channel indirectly. For example, you can ask about a specific product related to your business and encourage your customers to give their reviews. You can even ask them about their online businesses and the concerns that they have regarding their products.

The main thing that matters here is not the issue, but the ideas that you can gather by asking your customers about anything that is not running good according to them. Without finding out the issues and concerns, you cannot take any steps to solve them. So make a list and step forward to offer your solutions and remedies.

Solve the existing concerns of your customers

Now that you have a whole list of your customer’s problems, you should do something to fix them. It will take much time for solving everything is not easy but to generate effective leads out of your Twitter channel, this is the most important step. Always try to view the problems with a perspective of your followers. Pop up with a new idea or a new product that can help your customers in reducing their issues. Ask your customers about new ideas and engage them in healthy discussion using tweets and blog posts. This is the time when you will be building real loyal fans and potential customers. They will look up to you for any of their future concerns so don’t waste this opportunity and be creative.

Communicate with your customers about the problem and possible solutions

So now you will be having many ideas about any possible solution but you must ask your customers whether they like a solution or not. The best way to engage them in this discussion is to fix a time or a day when you will be talking about the possible solutions and ask your customers to give you feedback and suggestions for your solutions. Tell them that you care about their problems, and you have these solutions. The solution will be a link that will be directing towards your blog or your landing page for any product or a service. Your customers will check that link and this way your leads will increase higher. You can improve the chances of selling your products by effectively communicating with your customers at the same time. You can tell them how this product can help them and solve the problems.

The best way to communicate the benefits of the product is to post a video or infographics that can save the time of your customers, and they can share it anywhere they want to.

Use the contact information of your customers and start a new campaign to sell your products

Now you can use Twitter lead generation cards for collecting the data about your potential customers. People can add their details to your landing page, and you can use their email addresses to send them emails and offers about your products. Now the next step you should take is to get help from any email auto responding tool that can save your time and make sure that your customers are well informed. A simple thank you or a message showing gratitude is enough to keep your customers happy when they click on the buying link on your website.

Don’t forget to share your story with your Twitter followers and on your other social media channels that how you solved the problem of your customers. This way you can measure the leads you are generating using all of your channels. Tweet about the problem from time to time so that your customers can understand and trust you. Using the new lead generation cards is no doubt a huge positive step towards a successful lead generation campaign. You can get many benefits from these cards and enjoy the trust of your followers.