Twitter Vs Facebook

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Social media websites have changed the way of thinking of people, and now people don’t have concerns like they had few decades ago. The internet is constantly changing and so are social media channels. Now you have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, YouTube, and a lot more options to connect with online people and share your heart. But social media is not just about involvement and caring nowadays as a lot more is happening out there. Now businesses are using social media to improve their sales and to target their online customers in best possible ways. Facebook is not just a photo sharing and post sharing website anymore as it has developed into a social media giant that is an effective tool for companies to sell their products and services.

Just like that, other social media websites have also changed and developed a lot in past few years. Facebook was initially created by a group of college students, and now it is among the most usually used websites in the world where businesses advertize their products, and people connect with each other. Same is the case with Twitter, a neat and clean social media website that is created for using on phones. It is simple to use and cool to deal with. You can use HashTags to your 140 characters posts on Twitter and share anything related to your tags on the internet.

A lot of internet experts have been comparing Twitter and Facebook recently and determining whether any of these websites is best or not. Well, there is no such basis for comparison as both social media websites have their features and qualities, and they are not competing against each other! But according to an expert’s opinion, in some matters, twitter is better whereas, in some areas, Facebook wins the race. So let’s find out how you can compare Facebook and Twitter regarding their features.

In terms of content marketing, twitter was ahead of Facebook as it is a content sharing website that allows its users to post 140 characters per post. You can add popular and trending HashTags, which are a great way to advertize your posts all around the internet. This website encourages use of mobile phone and most of the users who have twitter accounts use this website on their cell phones. When it comes to Facebook, it was not a mobile website at the start, and people used to make accounts and connect with their friends on Facebook using their computers. Even now, computer Facebook or PC Facebook is more interactive and offers more features than mobile Facebook. You can share a lot more than content; like photos, videos, links and anything that you want to showcase in front of the Facebook audience. So if you are considering about marketing your products online, then Facebook might help you in better ways.

Another difference between Facebook and Twitter is of advertising or marketing of online businesses. If you are a website owner, you can market your products on Facebook as it offers a lot of online retailers and companies to target the right audience using Facebook targeted ads. There is no such facility provided by twitter, unfortunately. However, Facebook has started offering Facebook ads recently, and they are a huge hit among online marketers. Facebook uses demographics, interests, and relevant factors to post your ads in front of people who are your real audience and who could be your potential buyers. This means that after you invest in Facebook advertising, this amazing web sites stars advertising your products and services to the target audience. It could depend on location, interests, gender and age of Facebook users. So you can get maximum benefits out of your advertising campaign. Unfortunately, you cannot do that on twitter as there are no targeted ads on Twitter.

Another important factor that makes Twitter and Facebook different is the layout. The clean and free of glamor layout of Twitter is best for corporate organizations who don’t want much clutter and a lot of ads on their profiles. That is the reason a lot of online companies use Twitter for their customer support services as it is quick, easy and clean. Facebook, on the other hand, is occupied by clutter, glamor and colors that could be a great attraction for girls, teenagers, youngsters and for businesses to showcase their products just like in their stores and showrooms. But it cannot be used in an office where you need clean, sleek and relaxed environment with fewer color combinations and no noise. Twitter is the first choice of businesses for dealing with their clients and to offer a prompt customer support whereas Facebook is used mostly for showcasing the products and to market your business in better ways.

Video marketing is a factor that makes Facebook and Twitter differently. Not to mention, Twitter is ahead in its video marketing as compared to Facebook. Although Facebook has started video marketing and it is giving a tough competition to video networking giants like YouTube, but still, the presence of Vine; a twitter owned video sharing network is not east to beat. People are using Vine for its featured 6 seconds videos. Viral videos are posted by Vine users on the internet nowadays, and a lot of people follow these. Twitter allows its users to have a Vine account automatically as Vine is a side product of Twitter. Well, in front of viral videos of Vine, Facebook videos are not viral but they are also gaining a lot of importance and as the trends are changing, the day is not far when Facebook video marketing will take over Vine video marketing.


Well, Twitter and Facebook are among the best social media websites that are used by millions of people daily. Online businesses use both of them to maximize their marketing results and to improve their online sales. If you want to sponsor your brand or any of your services, using both of these mediums is suggested as in few features, you will need Facebook to work wonders for you whereas in some matter, Twitter will prove best! Before you choose any of these social media websites, make sure to determine your preferences and your expectations so that you could make use of the medium you choose in best possible ways.