TwitterAudit does not detect fake followers at all, Here’s proof.

Twitteraudits reporting proves to be completely useless for detecting fake followers.

Here at rantic we decided to test this site that a lot of reporters use as a tool to uncover people who buy followers.

Here is the ultimate proof that this site indeed sees fake followers as real.

Rantic randomly stumbled upon an account with few followers, Rantic sent 234 followers on the account (

Later Rantic started auditing the account on TwitterAudit which has been used by various journalists to report on people that have bought followers.

fake followers


As you can see the score is 100%, the followers were definitely boosted by Rantic, and Rantic delivered them within 10 minutes.

We have tested this again and again, we kept receiving similar results.


The followers are available on our service list and we use the following service “INSTANT Twitter USA followers FAST”.