Use these 5 Awesome Like Plugins for a WordPress Site

 Facebook and WordPress are two most prominent sites of the social network. These are used my billions of users for many different purposes. In this article I am going to focus on these two famous social networking sites. Moreover I am also going to tell you about different Facebook plugins which are available these days. You can use these plugins to integrate your Facebook business page with your WordPress site very effectively.


1: The Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Facebook Pop Ups

Nowadays you can find out numerous social sharing plug-ins which are available for use. These social sharing plug-ins comprises of different set of functions. And you can use them for many different purposes. This can comprise from a small to a large purpose. Whatever your purpose may be you can use the plug-ins. There are some plug-ins which are workable on four to five large social networks. While on the other hand some plug-ins are workable on hundreds of networks at a time.

These types of plug-ins are so many in numbers that they are almost uncountable. I have been working in the marketing field from a long time. Even then I am unaware of most of them and never came across them or used them.

One of the most famous plugin among all is the Monarch plugin. It consists of a wide range of different features. And most significantly the Monarch Plugin allows a lot of customization for everyone uses it.

Now let us start discussing the features of the Monarch plugin. This particular plug-in basically works just like a floating social bar. This social bar drapes down at the left side of your Facebook page. On this bar you can select any of the networks which you want to use. This includes the network option of Facebook for sure. It also displays the options of other social channels as well.

These include Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Buffer, Tumblr, and many other channels as well. With so many networks available on the list you can choose any network which you prefer the most. Here I suggest you to choose the most preferred options. Do not go after selecting too many options. I am saying this because there is not a lot of space where you can display all these network options. All these options will not appear at the same time. So it is better that you must chose 1 or 2 options from the total list so that they can be displayed properly.

You will be surprised to know that there are tons of plug-ins that have copied the flaw Windows 8 looking squares. Regardless of all the features of Monarch plug-in which contains small animations and also the details of different add up combine together to make this particular plug-in interesting and easier to use.


2: Facebook for WordPress

Facebook WordPress Plugin

The Facebook Word Press Plug-in is fairly a good option which you can use. I prefer using it myself too. I believe that it is one of the most essential as well as a useful plugin. If you are planning to integrate your Facebook page with WordPress then I suggest you to use it and leave out the rest. It is because this particular plugin is basically a Facebook-developed and also one of Facebook-maintained plugin. You might probably get surprised to hear that it is exclusively designed for WordPress.


3: Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Facebook Page Promoter

The Facebook Page promoter plugin is primarily one of the small as well as a simple plugin. It is simpler and easier to use as compared to the plugins which I have mentioned above. This is mainly because every function which is performed by this plugin. It performs it very well. I believe that it is one of the major reasons by which this plugin always gets around a 4.1 or 4.2 star rating with a total of 5 stars rating. Another prominent feature of this plugin is that it stays up to date. Moreover it contains about 20,000 active installs as well.


4: Recent Facebook Posts

Recent Facebook Posts


Another type of plugin is the Recent Facebook posts plugin. This is basically a substitute plugin which you can use instead of a like box. It is one of the most essential and useful plugin available these days. This particular plugin is useful for all those businesses or brands which do not have very large number of followers. It is quite different from others in some aspects.

If you are new to the Facebook marketing and you do not have a large number of followers on your page. Then in this case you can use this plugin. This particular plugin displays the feed of your most recent post. This is displayed as an alternate of likes. Moreover this particular plugin also contains some of the essential page information. And with that it includes a like button as well. This is obviously in the form of making a call to action. This plugin is also available in many languages as well. You can use it to integrate you Facebook page with your WordPress site very easily.

5: SEO Facebook Comment

SEO Facebook Comment

The SEO plugin is the official Facebook plugin. You can use it to amalgamate the comments which you get on your Facebook posts. I usually prefer this SEO plugin myself too.

One of the major reasons behind my preference is that this particular plugin is designed while keeping SEO in mind. It delivers all the comments which you receive in a form of standard HTML. Rather displaying it like a frame or in a form of traditional Facebook comments plugin.

Now this is great thing because it keeps all your comments linked with your Facebook page.

The second reason due to which I prefer using this plugin is because it heaves all the comments which are posted on a related Facebook post. After this it helps in adding them up into the WordPress comments database.