Use Email Signup Form to Your Facebook Page


Are you planning to add an email signup or opt-in to your Facebook page?

Then this article is just for you. I have mentioned some of the simple ways by which you can do this very easily yourself too.

Basically there are three possible ways of adding an email signup or opt-in to your Facebook page. You can choose whichever way you like among these three. I have mentioned all the three ways as follows:

The first available option of adding an email signup or opt-in to your Facebook page is through the organic posts. Now if you are selecting this option then first of all you need to create a landing page. This is a major requirement. After you have created your landing page you can now link it to your main Facebook page.  Now you can get different Facebook users or audiences to click through to your site. And this is it.

The second available option which you can choose to add up an email signup or opt-in to your Facebook page is by using the Facebook Page CTA button. By selecting this particular option you can customize in the administration section of your Facebook page.

The third and the final option by which you can add up an email signup or opt-in to your Facebook is by using a tab app.  Now if you do not have a tab app then I recommend you to create one yourself. Otherwise you also have the option to use the tab app which is already created by your email manager. If this does not work out for you then you can also use a third party tab site to create your tab app. Some of the useful third party tab sites are Woobox or TabSite. These are very useful sites by which you can create a tab app of your own.

Now let’s discuss all these three options in detail.

Option 1: Organic Posting 

 Email Facebook Post 

Organic posting is one of the easiest options which you can use to add up an email signup or opt-in to your Facebook page.  I prefer using it myself so I would recommend you to use it too. I am saying this because the organic posts are perhaps the least technical posts. Now this is a positive aspect because I know that most of you are not that technical. Some of you might probably be newbie here as well. So this is something good for you. And due to this particular reason the organic posts are much easier to use as compared to any other options.

Despite of this fact the organic posts are potentially most useful and effective of all the other available options which I have already mentioned. That is why many people use it without any hesitation including myself.

Well this is not it. If you are planning to choose the organic posts then you need to be very careful while using it. I am saying this because it might awfully result as unsuccessful for you. It totally depends on the ways that how you opt to put it into practice. Moreover you also need to watch out for the number of your audience as well as your reach along with the organic posts.

In order to start off using the organic posts first of all you need to create a landing page. This is a must. If you do not have your landing page then I recommend you to create one. Along with the landing page you need to have an email opt-in as your principal objective.

Option 2: Facebook’s CTA Button 

 Facebook CTA 

Did you notice the new feature which Facebook recently added to some of its pages?

It was probably done just about eight months ago when Facebook added a new feature to some of the pages. I think it was done in the month of December to be more precise.

Do you know what this feature really is??

This new feature is the CTA button. Since its addition it has been swayed out on every single business page which exists on Facebook.  You can find the new CTA button located in the bottom right corner of the cover photo of your Facebook page. It is just next to the “like”, “message” and “…” buttons for more options. One of the good things is that this CTA button is customizable. Now you can customize this particular feature as you desire. Let me explain you the way to do it.

In order to customize the CTA button you need to follow some steps. First you need to have a landing page of your own. This is important though. Having landing page is essential because the CTA button is basically just a customized link. You can add this to an off-site landing page just at the top of your business page.

So to create an optimized landing page of your own you can follow the steps which I mentioned above. Along with this you also need to set up the conversion tracking, create your audiences and most importantly optimization of your demographics.

Generally the CTA button text and option has seven additional options. This does not really make a lot of difference because all of these seven options perform the same work. Basically these options are just a link which you can use to an off-side page.  Apart from this one of the major variations among these options is that how users view them or how they use them in any situation. Now let’s take an example over here. Suppose you are trying to make people sign up for your mailing list. Now for this purpose I am sure that you are probably not going to use the “Watch video” CTA button. Right?

Here the seven possible options of the CTA button mainly include “Book Now”, “Contact Us”, “Use App”, “Play Game”, “Shop Now”, “Sign Up”, and “Watch Video”.

Now I think that generally you might probably choose the option of “sign up” if you are thinking of going to use as an email opt-in form for your Facebook business page. It is because the remaining options might be useless for you in any case as may be.

Option 3: Tab Apps 


Another option which you might find useful is to create a tab app on your Facebook page. Believe me it is a very simple and easy process that you can use. Although on the other hand you might also face some complications while using it.

If you are planning to create a custom tab of your own then one of the simplest option which you can use is the TabSite. It is displayed as an iFrame version of your existing landing page. That is why it emerges as the basic version which you can use.

I have some other options to tell you. These are mentioned below:

Be the Manager of MailChimp

To start off using the Tabsite the very first essential thing which you need to do is to be the manager of MailChimp or at a higher level. In addition to this you also need to be the admin of your Facebook page as well. This is because you must have the authority to make any kind of changes in your Facebook page. So are only able to make any changes on your Facebook page if you are the admin of your Facebook page or a manager of the page.


As for the next step you need to make sure about one thing and that is your MailChimp and Facebook accounts are integrated. This is very important for you to do. The reason why I am saying this is because if your Facebook account and MailChimp are not integrated then you will not be able to manage your Facebook page through MailChimp. So your better integrate both of them first.

Now in the MailChimp just click on your name and after that click on the Account section. After clicking on the Account section you will get on to a new dashboard. On this dashboard you need to click on the Integrations button. You can find these buttons just along the top bar. Now click Facebook.

At this point a menu will appear on your screens. You need to click the Page in order to use the drop-down and select your specific page from the available options. Now if you are an individual running a business and you want to run only a single page. Then in this case you will have only option. On the other hand if you are running or managing an agency and require running several pages at a time then I will suggest you to choose the right option among them as possible.

Choose a List

Now as for the next step you need to choose a list to use. I know you might be thinking that what actually the reason of choosing a list to use is. Let me tell you about it. By choosing a list you are able to add up different users to an existing mailing list. And the best part is that you can simply do it via the form.

At this point all you need to do is to select a particular list if you desire to have an opt-in form. You can find an available option for that. In any case you do not find any such option then you might probably require going back and then create a new list if you want.

While using the sign up form tab just click “yes” every time you are asked in the process. When you click yes it will create a new tab app for you on your Facebook page. You can even customize this page later on as per your requirements.

Find Your Apps Section

You can see your new tab app appear in the apps section.  You can find your apps section which is located at the left sidebar of your Facebook page. Here you can also make your app section display at the top of your Facebook page that is just under your cover photo too.

Next you can select any theme which you like best for your opt-in form. This can be done under the Form Theme.

Now you can give a specific name to your newly created Tab App. The Tab Label Box is just the right option where you can go and set a name for your Tab. Try to use an attractive and unique name for your Tab. I strongly recommend you to do it. The main reason behind this is because Facebook uses the particular name which you have set for your Tab and nothing else. So just use a name that should attract any user who reads it. Now save all the changes which you have made.

Now go to your Facebook main page.

You can now view a new tab on your Facebook page. This new tab contains a name, a theme, and a link to an opt-in form.

If you want to use this particular tab app you will require accessing it directly logging onto your Facebook page.

First of all go to your Facebook page and then simply sign in. Now you are on your main Facebook page. On your Facebook page click on the option of “Settings”. Now a menu will appear in front of you. On this menu click on the “Apps” tab. Next you need to search out for your MailChimp app. When you find the MailChimp app you now need to click to edit settings.

At this point you can change your image or picture and name of the tab just by clicking on the window that appears on your screens. One of the important things which you need to make sure is that the image or picture which you are using as your display picture for your newly created tab app is accurately placed.

I am sure that by following the above details you can easily add an Email Signup Form to Your Facebook Page yourself very effectively.