Use Facebook Ads to Generate New Leads: The Ultimate Guide


In recent years Facebook has emerged as one of the greatest and leading social media channels. Whether it is related to getting connected with other people, advertising your stuff, marketing or any other aspect. Facebook is the leading platform on which you can do whatever you want. Unlike other social channels like the Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ etc. You can use Facebook for all your needs.

In this article I will talk about one of the important topics that is the Facebook ads. For this purpose, I have gathered some important information, relevant techniques and different aspects which you will find useful when you plan to run the Facebook ads.


All you Need to Know About Lead Generation

Here first of all you must know something about the Lead generation. The Lead generation basically consists of the idea of building up customer interest in your products. There is a major reason behind doing all this. This is done in order to make the users to search about your product which you are offering to them. You can simply relate it to a sales funnel. Which is specifically designed in a way that it attracts a large number of audiences very easily. These audiences tend to get attracted in order to build up the lead. This is very important as a marketing perspective.


Aspects of Lead Generation

Now here I will discuss some aspects about a good Lead generation. First of all, a good lead generation is cost effective. You can find out different ways in which you can build up the interest of your audiences. These leads can be easily optimised and use them for building up your audiences. You can also get some less costly leads which you can also use.

So basically a lead generation that is a good one is useful in many aspects. It consists of much more features than just helping out in generating the leads. You can find it useful if you want to build up the brand awareness as well as the loyalty of the customers. You can present your brand or products by providing some informative and interesting contents to your customers and audiences. In this way as more and more people get attracted towards your brand or products they build up their trust on you. This is a great sign in generating the future leads.

Producing a Lead Magnet

As you all may have heard that the basic purpose of a magnet is to attract all the ferric materials or substances. Similarly, a lead magnet is used to attract the leads. As the lead magnet plays an important part in attracting and building up the lead. So it is very important that you should create a lead magnet that is very interesting, attractive and most importantly a valuable one. It is important in order to attract your audiences and building up your customers. Now lead magnet is a vital feature because it is considered as a great way to increase your lead which you must offer in exchange. It consists of a short opt-in, includes a name and also an email address.


Here I will try to explain all this to you with an example. Let’s take an example of an eBook as many of might already have think of just like many other users as well as the marketers. Many people including different users and the marketers think that these eBooks are something much easier and simple to create. Creating eBooks require some less efforts as compared to other options. This is a general view of many people. On the other hand, many people do not realize the fact that creating a good eBook requires a lot of time. As compared to implies the eBooks are more time consuming and are hard to create if you want to create a good and different one.

Now if you are planning to write a good eBook then you should be aware of the fact that a good eBook consists up to 20-50 pages. An eBook basically consists of an in depth content in which you can include as much details as you like related to a specific topic. For this purpose, first of all you will need to do some research on the topic which you have selected. This is really important. As a next step you will need to create an outline for the topics which you have researched. Now start writing on your selected topic. You can also include the relevant links as well as credits in order to support your context. Well it is not that easy as it sounds. While writing you will have to write again and again.

Changes You Can Make

You can make further changes in it by editing it, rewriting it, re-editing it, proofreading it. You can even enhance it by including some graphical contents in it. After you have done all the above at the time when you find your written context good enough then you can publish it. It is the final step which you need to do. Only after you have published your eBook to the audiences only then you can find out whether your eBook is up to the mark or not. Or whether you have chosen a good topic or not.

This can be easily done by looking at the increase or decrease that takes place after you have published your eBook. If you find out that your eBook has helped out in increasing the total lead, then you this means that you have done a great job. Whereas, if your eBook is unable to generate an increase in the lead then you will need to work harder to make it more attractive.

Now this is a fact due to which many users and marketers go for the brief and more attractive lead magnets.

eBook Example

This is useful because you will be required to spend less time on it. Nowadays I have seen many people who prefer to read something that is shorter. They do not prefer to read longer details. It is possible that you spend your time writing an eBook that consists of 40-50 pages but the readers do not have time to read all of it. Most people will probably ignore such a long and descriptive information. Now as a result this will not be helpful in creating lead for you. So I recommend that it is better to go for writing some short and to the point descriptions. Rather than wasting your time and resources on writing lengthy and detailed contexts. It is because the audiences prefer them more.

Making a Landing Page

It is very important for you to create a landing page in order to generate leads. A landing page is considered as the destination of your Facebook ads. It is platform where you can host your lead magnet. Now for this purpose you will need to adopt some elements which play a vital role in creating a successful landing page.

Your offer

You are required to have a central offer. It plays an important part. If you do not have your central offer that is basically your lead magnet you will not be able to create more leads. So I recommend that you should have a central offer at first place in order to increase your lead generation.

Your opt-in form. You can use the opt-form in order to collect the various information. It is useful in distributing your lead magnet effectively.


The copy is important. It is useful because it surrounds what you are offering to your users. It also helps out in convincing the users regarding the value of what you are offering to them in your ads. In this way the users will be able to fill in the form that you provide to them.


 In order to gather the related data of your audiences you can make use of the analytics. You can easily do it with the help of the Google Analytics. In this way you can get the data you require. You can further use this data to improve or make relevant changes in your contexts.

You can create a landing page by using many different available options. These are also very simple to use. For example, one way of creating a landing page is by coding a particular page by yourself. This is one of the simplest and cost effective way of doing it. On the other hand, if you are unable to do it or do not have the time to create a landing page for yourself. Then in this case I will definitely recommend you to get a developer hired as soon as possible. Pay them the money and ask them to build a landing page for you. Many people choose to hire a developer for various purposes. Similarly, you can also ask your developer to create different features like the Lead Pages, Unbounce, Instapage, Optimize Press, or Hubspot. You can pay your developer according to their work.

One of the major example of a good landing page is that it helps in minimizing the distractions which can draw away your audiences. You should also try to include only the relevant information in your Facebook pages as well as your websites too. Just remain focused. Believe me it is the best option. Which can result in giving a boost in no time.

Send Traffic to Your Landing Page

Now in this step I have discussed the features of how you can attract people to your landing page. Well a landing page itself is not as useful as you may think. It is unable to attract the audiences itself. You will need to adopt some steps for this purpose.

As a first step to attract people to your landing page you will need to make sure that the feature of your Facebook conversion tracking pixel is working. You need to put the Facebook conversion tracking pixel at the particular place from where you are able to know whenever a user converts. Otherwise, your will not have some good results. You can include the options which says “thanks for subscribing” or “claim your free offer”. So whenever any user converts they will automatically see these options.

Facebook Ads

There are several forms of Facebook ads. These have different objectives too. You can use any form of ads and create them as you like.

These form includes the ad campaigns, ad sets, and the individual ads. This are specific ads setup designed which are found in hierarchical form which are used for testing of the variations of the ads. You will also be needing an ad campaign which should center around your lead magnet. Now in this particular campaign the different ads may consist of a sidebar ad, an ad set for news feed ads, and an ad set for mobile ads. Each and every ad you set here will have different variations. These can consist of having same copy but with different images, same images but with different headlines, and so on.

I recommend that you should avoid having more variations while creating your ads. This is important because it will cost you more. You will be required to invest more money in order to run these ads as well testing them. Now if you are having four ad campaigns and among them each ad contains further four ad sets and with four ads then you will have 40 ads to pay for. Now this a lot of money. So I will not recommend that you spend this much amount just on ads.

 Split Testing of Facebook Ads

Always try the option of split testing your ads which you have creates. A great Facebook ad surely requires to be compelling than any of the others. A good and attractive ad will be helpful in giving a boost to have an increase in building up the lead. Otherwise a boring and unattractive ad can simply draw away your audiences. Decreasing your lead. Just try to remain focus and give your best to create some good stuff. This will help you out in attracting a maximum number of audiences.