Use Facebook Business Page Applications and Boost Your Marketing

Are you a marketer?

Do you run your own business?  

A Person running your Facebook page?

Whoever you are if you are running your Facebook page then this article is just meant for you.

If you have read some of my previous articles I have mentioned quite a lot of business page Apps which you can use for marketing on Facebook.

Due to the great advancements in technology we get to see some new advancement on a daily basis. These also include the development of numerous apps too. These new app which re launched are somewhat better than the previous ones.

The best part is that these apps are very useful. You can get some great benefits by using different type of apps for various purposes. Now this is surely a positive aspect of technology and also the launched software.

In this article I have gathered the information about various types of business apps which you can easily use for the purpose of marketing on Facebook.

App suite

There are a number of different app suites which are available for your use. If in any case you are willing to use these app suites but prefer to use or install only a single piece of software. Then this is the right thing for you. It is just according to your requirements. Moreover if you want to access more than one options by using only one main location. For example, if you desire to manage your local business by using your primary account. Then even in this case it is the best possible option which you can use without any hesitation.

There are various app for this purpose. Which I have mentioned below

Agora Pulse

This particular business app contains all those features which you may require. The Agora Pulse app also performs all the tasks too. These tasks may include the management of your Facebook page either you are running an individual page or your business page. Other than Facebook this particular app also manages other social media sites as well. One of the major features of Agora Pulse business app is that it is excellent when it comes to analytics and reports. In addition to this, this app works best for competitive analysis as well.


It is a strong suite of apps. Heyo is one of the ideal app suites which you can use for creating any type of templates. For example templates for contests and tab pages etc. It is also available in a mobile version too. So if you are a mobile user you can download the app on your mobile phones very easily and use it whenever you want.


It is another useful app which has some great features. Previously Cision got merged with Vocus. And it has now become one of the most diverse as well as a strong PR and social management platform.

Ripe Social

As like other apps, Ripe Social is an app with numerous useful features. You can make different tabs, create portfolios, offer coupons, produce any type of videos, manage your social media synchronization like on Facebook or Twitter, and create an RSS feed and many other things.  Moreover I am sure that you can perform anything by using this particular app because it has almost all the features.

Tab Fusion

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous and used Facebook tab these days. Many large companies as well as the small companies use it too. You can easily purchase it by just paying a small amount of standard fee annually. Believe me if you start using this app only then you will know about its importance because this app contains everything which you might think of.


If you are looking for an app which creates different type of apps then Tabsite is just the right thing which you need. You can create different contest apps, coupon apps, video apps, social apps, and many other numerous apps. Many large companies like Buick and Coldstone use Tabsite too. If you are still not sure about it then you can avail a free trial of 14 days as well to know about its various features.


You can create custom apps within Facebook by using the Shortstack app. You can create different type of custom apps according to your requirements. Just like drawing the attention of your audiences towards an upcoming event or a contest etc. Shortstack supports other social networks like Twitter and Instagram as well.

Contact Tab

Unlike the other apps it is not as robust as you might think. If you just want to design a contest app then you can use it. Otherwise there are no other features like the other apps which I have mentioned above. There is one great thing about Contact Tab that you can avail it for free.


How to Schedule Apps?


If you are running multiple businesses or are a busy then this is just the right app for you. I know that due to your busy schedules you might not have time to manage or update your social media pages like Facebook. So instead of getting into the hassle you can just use this particular app for scheduling your posts. You can line up your posts in advance too. Moreover you can use this app for managing your engagement, alleviate spammy contents and also to get over with your busy schedule.

Mass Planner

If you want to control different activities taking place on your social accounts from your primary account. Then Mass Planner is just the ideal app which you can use for this purpose. I have seen many large companies who are using this particular app for managing their businesses on different social media networks.


It is undoubtedly one of the best post scheduler app these days with countless useful features for managing your social business pages.


It contains quite a lot of different features for managing your social media accounts. You can avail it for free but you may have to pay some amount for getting some of the advanced versions of Post Planner app that contains numerous features like idea prompts to real-time insights and live support.

Social Oomph

This is undoubtedly a simple but quick platform from which you can manage your social accounts. It consists of some of the useful features which you can use for managing your Facebook and Twitter accounts in particular.