How to Use Images on Facebook to Engage Your Fans

Nobody can deny the importance of videos on Facebook but what steers more traffic their way are Images. Most of the engagement circles around images especially on pages that have a million or more fans. Video is competing equally but still there is a long way to go.

The most important factor in the popularity of images is the fact that they require less time and effort in production whereas videos require days of editing, filming and audio work to be completed. A talented photographer or graphic designer can take and process a photo in mere hours, on the other had a short video requires a script unless you’re planning to make a vine, which is not programmed for Facebook.

There are numerous types of images and it’s almost impossible to know which images will work best on Facebook. Always keep your brand and its spirit in mind. Pick the images that are according to the ambiance you want to create on your page.


Use Quotes on Images

An image with a quote or your brand’s mission statement laid over it makes a really good impression. It is a hub for engagement and a lot of response and shares. Usually motivational pages use this technique to get their audience to Like and Share their images. They use bright landscapes as a background for their powerful motivational quotes. I always find Rumi’s page extremely coordinated in this manner. They use really gorgeous images with poetry, always a treat for sore eyes.


Use Panoramas

Usually panoramas are used by the brands having a global reach; they engage their audience by posting people in action or extreme landscape.

You see this style fairly often on brands that have a global reach; they post pictures of people in action, or extreme landscapes. The idea here is to appeal to the side of people who wants adventure.

They target the audience’s fantasy of visiting an exotic location or something adventurous like skydiving or rock climbing. I mean if Bear Grylls is advertising his survival gear he will not do that sitting in his lounge, he will use a mountainous location, rock climbing or skydiving.


Use Images of Animals

Who doesn’t spend hours looking at pictures of kittens, baby pandas, puppies and lion cubs. Using these images are an effective technique of promoting your posts and brands. I can’t scroll down when I see a picture of a duckling swimming in clear water. So if this is what you’re aiming at, use these images to your best advantage. If you have more diverse audience, you can use pictures of birds and reptiles as well.


Use Current Events References

Use current events to your advantage for example Christmas themed photos near Christmas, New year themed photos and so on. All the major celebrities update their fans of their Christmas decorations and if they’re launching a fragrance around that time they’ll use Christmas to boost their product. Of course it’s that time of year where people buy presents and perfect time to advertise. Same case is with sports when an event is going on you can sell your T shirts accordingly.


Use of Infographics

Pie charts and Graphs are a great way of informing your audience of your progress. It has more of an analytical purpose. For example, they are used to indicate your quarterly sales and growth in your product line.

It’s always wise to make them a little less statistical and more artistic by using cartoons references and board game layout also you can use graphics to narrate your statistics.


Use of Seasonal Images

Use holidays as a way of engaging your audience, don’t forget to cater to the likes of everyone. Use romantic images for people in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and single-sympathetic images for the part of your audience which is single. Same way you have St. Patrick’s day, Halloween, Chinese New Year etc.


Use Political Issues as a Bait for Engagement

Politics has a huge influence on any social media, to put it to good use is a trick. You have to stay unbiased and never choose a side to cater to all facets of your audience. You can start a poll about a policy, you can ask your audience to post caption on your images, you can ask for their opinion instead of giving your own.


Use HD Shots of You Products

You have to come up with High definition shots of your product clothes, food, accessories are an easy project whereas a software is a hard one. Just make sure your pictures are of good quality, taken by a good photographer and edited in an appropriate manner. Too much touch ups and the spirit is gone.


Use of Action Shots

I’d like to give an example of Nike or Adidas; their products are more sports/ gym related. They can’t post pictures of someone wearing their sneakers to a formal gathering, while jogging Yes.

You have to connect to your target audience and see what you’re selling. Using glamorous shots for high-end make up products and feminine charm to sell floral perfumes, Art supplies to college students and so on. You have to know what are you selling to whom.


Use HQ Art

Sometimes Art is the way to go, everyone loves to look at a gorgeous piece of art. If it’s blurred and pixels are distorted, I wouldn’t take a second glance. I always go for images that are high quality. You have to look for copyright issues though. I saw a modified painting of Vincent Gogh’s Starry Night someone uploaded in High quality and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.


Something Out of the Usual

You can experiment and share unusual images or videos. I am talking about Old Spice advertisements and Images. They are utterly something I don’t see every day. If your images are unusual people will remember it and if they are same old boring images that you keep on posting over and over again, your audience won’t bother looking at it. So keep them hooked by posting out of the blue images.