Why you should use Instagram for Business; 5 Major Reasons


Phones were invented to easy the communication between people. Of course a couple of decades ago phones didn’t have cameras and selfies weren’t invented. Since the advent of smartphone which doubled up as camera photos came into being. Then dawned social media and its crazy influence.

Facebook came and Instagram followed its footsteps. The use of Instagram is solely for the purpose of sharing photos. These photos have very little or no text and you must be familiar with the Hashtags. Also when you want to share some information with anyone you prefer sending a screenshot rather than a mere paragraph.

We are visual beings and really appreciate that is beautiful in terms of looks. The more the images and videos are beautiful the more you are inclined towards scrolling through your newsfeed. This is perhaps the reason I have liked so many pages that are related to photography and poetry. Actually this is main reason I have accounts on social media in the first place.

With the dawn of social media came along social media marketing also was introduced. The main reason was the influence of social media on general public. Instagram has been grown like a ginormous tree that is overshadowing other social media platforms. Instagram has been able to attract a huge number of users based on visuals—which is basically a huge achievement in my point of view.


What Attracts the Attention on Instagram?

Not a single day goes by when we don’t laugh a funny meme or a funny gif and enjoy a 30 second vine. They have the highest engagement rates as well. People love sharing then and commenting on them. Everyone’s newsfeed is filled with this type of content. Celebrities use Instagram to promote their products and endorse other brands as well.

The major reason that you cannot get maximum benefit out of Instagram might be your lack of knowledge about Instagram Photos Convert. You have to know about these photos and graphics are so important and how to create these images for Instagram. Take utmost advantage of the strength if Instagram photos and use them for your marketing.

Reasons Behind the Success of Instagram Photos over Generic Brand Photos

Why you Should Use Instagram Photos in Marketing


  1. Ability to Connect with Customers on a Large Scale

You can easily connect with customers from all corners of the world. It doesn’t matter if they are on Facebook or Instagram. You can work towards developing an increased cross-channel engagement.

Once you display your photos on your Instagram account and then post these pictures on your website. Every time a customer visits your site they will go through your photos from Instagram and start following you there. It helps them to connect with you later as well.

There are several brands that have used a dedicated gallery of photos from Instagram on their website that leads people to their Instagram account.

On the other hand, you can start up a shoppable account on Instagram which will allow your users to reach your products and purchase them just using your Instagram account and a phone app.

Using Instagram photos allows you the opportunity to connect with customers where they are, while also taking advantage of the relatively higher Instagram engagement rate.

  1. Re-utilize Marketing Stuff

Time a huge factor that really effects our decision making and capability of working towards a marketing strategy. You can use Instagram photos in your eCommerce marketing plan to work smarter and with less effort.

Use the old photos and probably tweak them a little bit, probably put a filter and fix colors and voila!

You have pictures for your ad campaign. I suggest that you use the photos you created yourself to give your campaign a personal touch. This will save a ton of time and will give you more content to share across your social media.


  1. Draw Traffic that Engages

It is always advisable to create and two-way audience, the audience which replies to your posts and shares them on their pages. One benefit of using Instagram is that the users on this platform are already highly engaged.

There is no other channel that can compete with Instagram in terms of engaged traffic. Instagram has been able to compete with the big boys of social media like Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Moreover, Instagram really helps you to engage with your users. This also helps in increasing the chances of them coming back to you for more business.

If someone purchases a product from you and then follows you on Instagram, they’re likely to be able to see your brand on a regular basis and purchase from you again.

Once they receive best CSR from you they will be able to buy from you again and return customers are pretty valuable accounting for 33.3% of overall money spent in eCommerce. They return customers also spend more than 3 times than regular shoppers.

  1. Feature User Generated Photos A.k.a UGC

If you are not already using this strategy, it’s time you should. This one of the most effective tools to create and grow relevant traffic to increase sales. In the first place Instagram is a platform for user generated content. There are millions of users creating and uploading content every day. You can feature them after asking for their permission of course.

Let me give an example of a fitness clothing brand. You can promote living a healthy life style on your page. This will steer a lot of traffic your way. with attractive photos and content, you can gain interest of tons of gym enthusiasts. It doesn’t need to be mentioned that your age group will be from people from teens to adults– which covers a lot of people.

You can utilise these images off and on Instagram to promote your photos. It is beneficial to use active and healthy lifestyle as the fuel for your marketing campaign.

Ask your  audience to take a picture with your product or take a photo using your product for example waist trainers, gym shorts, herbal tea etc.

Then you can ask them to hashtag photos with your brand name. you can get tons of free content and feature your customer which makes them feel important and a part of your brand. This will also engage your future users into commenting and sharing that image. You will have so many people posting pictures and sharing content which is basically the main purpose of UGC.

Without any effort you build up your brand’s reputation and presence on Instagram. Your sole purpose is to attract attention by any means.

  1. Foresee the Performance of Your Content

it is never advisable to invest in already tight Instagram resources that you know will not work. The good thing about Instagram is that you already get the insight of how people will react to your photos or respond to your photo if you want to sell some property online. Always measure the results of how your photos will respond.

This helps you to select the photos that customers liked most on Instagram and then share them on your site, rather than guessing which product photos will perform best.

Instagram Converts

Instagram photos convert a lot better than product photos or generic advertising photos because of the combination of very generic principles based on psychology.

Now compare the difference between an ad made by a clothing brand which includes unrealistic models and their high lifestyle with fashionable clothes. Do you really thing people like seeing the same images they see in high end fashion magazine?

There is no connection to the real world. What if the same brand posted pictures of people wearing their clothes on the beach and enjoying the sun or making sand castles on the beach.

People don’t share mundane images on Instagram, although I don’t mind sharing a picture or my sad mac and cheese on the weekend. These pictures don’t get a lot of engagement though. People share the best things in their life, great restaurants, meals, their kids, beautiful sunset and their awesome road trip.

To conclude Instagram convert because they are beautiful. All the photos are special and then term ‘Instagrammed’ is a thing nowadays.

God know how many times I have taken a photo and before uploading it I make sure the colors are appropriate, I don’t have a red eye or a wrinkle. Also I choose the best filter. I am pretty sure most of the people do that.

Same goes for advertisement images. The colors should be correct and the filter should be on spot.

 The Reason behind Instagram Photos Converting Better

 People Trust Instagram Photos

Brands curate images and customers create them. These customers created photos convert because they play a vital role in building customer trust in online shopping.

The reviews from previous customers really influence your future business. Combine the visual effect with these photos and you have a successful marketing campaign.

Although potential buyers love reading reviews, research shows that visual content — like photos and videos — is tremendously influential when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Photo Affects Purchasing Decisions

Customers want to see photos and videos specifically from past customers. They like to see how this product is for real, without the filter and lighting.

When compared with brand photos, shoppers opt to use customer photos to help them make purchasing decisions.

You can save an entire gallery for these images that your previous customers have shared to inspire potential customer to buy your products.

The sole reason to use Instagram tweaked photos on your page is to create a variety. Dynamic content also attracts customers to a great extent. If the only thing on your page is the UGC it is going to be quite boring.

Instagram photos are very vibrant and colorful as compared to generic photos—they help your potential customers to see how the product is in real life rather than static models posing for a photoshoot.

As I mentioned before, Instagram photos are quite powerful because they are pretty.

You can include a button to your website that will take your customers from the website directly to your Instagram profile.

There are many brands that do excellent job by showing off their customer’s photos using their products all over their website. It is also a good thing to ask them to send you a video review.

It’s a super effective way to show a product in real life examples and develop trust in potential customers.

 The Techniques that bring in More Engagement

There are tons of brands who wants to learn to sell their products on Instagram. They also ponder over which techniques are more useful.

I think they are focusing on the wrong aspect. They want to know how to sell more and more products and the ways to promote their products.

You can never achieve success on any platform unless you work hard on learning how to use it in a perfect manner. On Instagram you have to learn how to create and curate photos that will increase your sales.

First you have to learn which types of photos work on Instagram and what your audience wants to see.

Instagram is so effective because Instagram pics aren’t like other photos on any other platform – and in order to market positively on the platform, you need to know how to make the right pictures for Instagram.

 Create the Right Pictures for Instagram

Well, there’s not a single answer.

You can take hints from these visual images that tells a story to learn how to better create photos that convey the message you want to portray, but ultimately, finding the best images for your consumer engagement strategy depends entirely on the likings of your audience.

You may be stunned – sometimes, what you consider will do well on Instagram will have completely conflicting consequences.

It’s important to transfer rapidly and alter photos based on customer response.



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