How to Use Instagram to Increase Sales


If you want to become a productive marketer and brand developer, you need to get maximum customer engagement.

It can be achieved in many ways and by utilizing numerous means. You have to provide relevant content to your audience that they will find interesting. Your sales copy and promotional content doesn’t include in it. You have to develop a personal relationship with your customers. Social media has been providing resources on with businesses can rely to increase their customer reach. Instagram has been owned by Facebook for quite a while now and there’s no doubt that people don’t think of it as a portal for boosting their businesses.

We will discuss the ways that you can use to increase your sales and customer base.


  1. Measured Engagement


You have to understand the nature of your audience and come up with content they require or expect you to present. How have to maintain the quality of your content. Measure from time to time the amount of engagement it generates.


  1. Consistent Posting


You have to consistently post about your products or services that you are rendering to your audience.

It’s not like in one day you are posting 6 times and the other you are posting just once a day. Come up with a system and strategy that should be persistent.


  1. Call to Action Not to be Used


Don’t sound like a salesperson trying to make a sale. You have to develop a relationship with your viewers. Whenever you’re making a post don’t add call to action at the end. Take time to develop pleasant relationship with your audience and then start making sales.


  1. Give Information


Don’t post content that you’re posting just for the sake of posting, go through the content and see whether it’s useful for your audience. Give out information that will help your users. You can use photos and videos to spread your message.


  1. Think Outside of the Box


You don’t have to stick to the old ways you have to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas to engage your audience. You can come up with interesting vines and infographics.


  1. Customer Profile is a Must


Develop a separate profile for your regular customers. This will help you to develop promotions that are solely for your customers and not for your followers.


  1. Link Your Instagram to Other Social Media Platforms


Instagram works best if it’s linked with all social media platforms. You can easily link it with Facebook as they both are mainly the same entities. Most of the platforms connect and work with each other.


  1. Strategic Posts are a Must


You have to post content in a manner where they are programmed to raise the engagement rates. Never waste a chance of posting about your business. This will allow you to achieve what sounds difficult.


  1. Preview of Your Products


Use Instagram to post preview of your product before their launch like celebrities’ launch pictures of their products being manufactured. It will help build hype of your products and people will actually look forward for the launch.


  1. Post Viral Content


You need to keep up with the viral trend. Post most recent viral videos and memes. If you post memes from a year back people will think you are not updated with the current trend.


  1. Your Ideas Are Your Reflection


it is ok if you are sharing content from other people but it’s even better if you post genuine pictures and develop your own ideas and philosophy.


  1. Promote Your Culture


Instagram is very effective to promote your brand and new hires. You can also promote your policies of how you care for your employees. Yu need to give your audience a sneak peek of your brand and its human side. It will also help you get more likes and customers.


  1. Share Customers Stories


Give your followers a taste of your company and how well it treats its customers. Share customer reviews and stories with your followers. Again, this builds trust and gives a view to your customers.


  1. Choose Appropriate Filter


This may not seem like something that would influence the alteration or buzz that you are attempting to create, but it does. Using the right filter has the capacity to create a 60 percent increase in engagement.


  1. Location, Location, Location


If you are a local business, you will want to consider your location. Instagram is the perfect platform for making a standard scenery shot look quite a bit more appealing. You have the option to intensify the color with filters which has the ability to turn the average shot of a sunrise into something truly marvelous. Don’t post average shots.


  1. Have Unique Style


Keep in mind that you are in rivalry for the attention of your followers. Every way that you are able catch and keep their responsiveness is a plus for you. Style plays a major role in engagement. This goes back to an idea that avoids the ordinary.


  1. Collaborate


Connect with other businesses that you are not in competition with. Make sure that they have already built a buzz and have a strong following. This has the potential to create a synergistic impact that can flow across social media platforms.


  1. Follow Themes


There is no limit to the things that companies can take photos of. When taking photos, you will want to consider the fact that stand alone photos don’t do as well as photos that follow a particular theme or ones that are part of a collection.


  1. Show Individuality


A part of branding is introducing the personality of your brand. You want to keep a balance of providing information about the brand and showing the personality of the brand. This will go a long way in building a trusting relationship that will at some point result not only in a sale but customer loyalty.




Hashtags are highly effective in developing and maintaining your brand. There are also good for building a buzz.You may not be able to use all of this, but a combination of any three or four is a good place to start. Work your way up slowly, mastering each practice, and you will begin to experience positive results.