Use tools to Manage Your Facebook Page

Administering one or two Facebook pages can be considered as an easier task rather than managing multiple accounts at a time. Nowadays there are numerous applications and tools available for use that help in completing the job in a speedy and effective manner. Most of them are expensive and time wasting.

Fortunately, on the other hand, you can find some affordable and effective applications that allow you to maintain your Facebook pages easily. Following is the list of five Facebook management tools by which you can manage your page activities like schedule posts, measure results, searching influencers etc. and also connecting to a vast arena of marketing possibilities.


  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great and popular management tool for Facebook.  This essential tool can help you to manage Facebook page by checking page activities and also to connect with others. With the use of Hootsuite you can manage all your activities such as Facebook accounts, profiles and pages etc. individually. The stream feature helps you to manage different parts of a page at the same place. Hootsuite further helps in creating four different streams such as: Wall posts, schedule posts, private messages and events.

You can effectively manage your Facebook page because all the above streams can be placed at one place which results in your convenience by saving your time and effort. it is very good for you if you have more than one accounts on any social media network.

For example, if you needed to check your private messages in your inbox and respond them, you would first need to open your inbox and then reply to those messages. On the other hand, with the help of Hootsuite to view your required page your private messages stream will appear on the side of your wall post stream which will makes it easier to correspond with other users or followers easily. Thus, this could be rated as an essential tool in saving your time effectively and efficiently.


  1. Post Rocket


Post Rocket is considered as the most powerful buffering Facebook management tool. It can be used to automatic status updates at the best suitable time confirming maximum user interaction. In addition to this, it also has the strength to suggest posting recommendations by using Facebook insight API for collection of performance data and suggests the best working posts.

You can save your precious time by setting numerous number of posts in line and leave on the program to decide the best time to post each on your page. This can be essential for marketers and also business owners who operate many pages. Another important tool’Smartlink Converter” is a time saving feature by which you can convert a link into powerful image. Luckily, you can edit your pictures with the help of Post Rocket image editor easily.

The first three pages of Post Rocket account are free to use but somehow the free option does not support advance features for example, optimization analysis, collaboration, performance reports etc. The Pro-license can be purchased for just $9 per month for each page and you will have access to all the advance features. The Post rocket also offers a 30 days’ risk free accessibility in order to have an idea of the services before investing.


  1. Sprout Social


SproutSocial can be rated amongst a great Facebook management tools. Sproutsocial has numerous features that can be used in connection with its appealing and instinctive interface.

This strong social media management tool can be rated as highest for small ventures and enthusiast social media marketers because it provides numerous benefits and price effective features.

SproutSocial include a variety of strong features which includes the following:

Post scheduling, helpdesk, a single stream inbox and brand monitoring. Along with this, it also offers competitive insight, contact management, analytics, reporting, lead generation etc. which are essential if you are a social media marketer or run a business


  1. Buffer


The Auto Schedule feature of Hootsuite might help you in saving your time but posts are mostly published without enough pause between them which does not have great results. The circle of Facebook post usually takes three hours and seven minutes. Whereas, to post something there must be a break of three to four hours approximately. Due to this reason, Buffer is considered far better for post scheduling apart from other available applications in the market for users.

Buffer helps in pre-setting of Facebook post publishing time every day. The required post will automatically be set to publish at assigned time. This would help in the management of pages easy because with the help of Buffer your time and energy will be saved and you will be able to publish posts automatically with ease.

To search for informative and fascinating content, generate engagements, responses, shares and likes is a difficult and time taking work for social media marketers and content marketers. With the help of post planner which brings out engaging information to share, these issues can be resolved.

The useful information can be easily and quickly found by using the content engine tool simply by displaying a number of different topics. These contents can further be shared by pre-setting the timings to Buffer. Another unique aspect of Post planner is that your posts will be published in different regions in same local time. Buffer can also be an essential tool in your time management and with the help of this, less of your efforts will be consumed.



Facebook has turned out to be one of its kind and profitable business, but it is difficult to manage Facebook pages because it takes too much time. You will require strong Facebook management tools to manage its pages effectively because your Time is precious. These tools would be essential for you whether you have a business which you want to grow through Facebook marketing or you are a social media marketer who manages a number of pages. In any situation, this can be considered as an essential and effective tool by which you can make your work effective and admirable.