How to Use a Viral YouTube Video to Your Benefit



You must have seen videos going viral overnight, one month there were videos of that Turkish chef aka Saltbae splattered all over the social media and YouTube and the other month Danielle Bregoli was fighting with her mother in Dr. Phil’s show.  One might wonder what does it take to become viral on YouTube, it can be anything interesting or utterly outrageous. I would vote for outrageous because there is nothing interesting in threatening your mother. People always go for the unusual and situations they have never seen. Nobody sprinkles salt like that, we are barely keeping ourselves sane during cooking.

Well, enough about viral videos, let’s discuss how can you use these viral videos to boost your business, I mean use these videos as a source of advertisement for your business.


How to choose the right viral video?


The viral that you choose to help advertise your brand should be related to the type of company you are running.

You have to become a bit creative about attaching your videos to your products. This is where you need to come with an idea of how to link the video with your brand.

You can link your products with the videos concept, for example if you make T shirts you can find a viral video and link your ad with it. There are tons of videos that go viral, so you have many chances to form links with them and boost your sales. You have to stay connected with YouTube and see what is trending on it. It is important to always be on the font-end of a video rather than being on the tail-end. If you see a video already trending on YouTube for more than a week now, I think you shouldn’t bother wasting your time on that as you will not be able to take 100% benefit of it. You have to establish a link as soon as a video goes viral so that more and more have the chance to see your comments and check how your products are connecting to it in some way. If you think you have the ability and proper equipment to create a YouTube video, then there’s nothing that can stop you from doing so. You can also plug your product with your own video. This will help promoting your video as well as your product and your audience will be to subscribe to your channel.


Link the Video into a Blog


First create a blog on your website, the moment you find a relevant viral video. Talk about the video and explain how it is related to your brand. Whenever I see a plugged video I think that it is there solely for the purpose of advertising. You have to prove that you are not blindly related to a video but it actually is what your brand represents as well. Then include the link in your blog so when people are looking for that viral video to watch, they will be directed to your blog as well.

You also have to add the proper tag to the video as well while adding it to your website so it could be easily found in search engines.After adding video and tags you should resubmit your blog page to search engines to enhance your visibility.

Social media is the major reason why videos become viral, so you have to make sure you are connected on all social media platforms. Initially stick with Facebook and Twitter. First build your audience over there and then move to Instagram and Pinterest.

In your post add link to the video and figure out what you want to say that’s convincing about the relation between the video and your brand. Post it on your profile and promote it on different pages and groups and watch it grow as different people share it and comment on it.


Keep Comments Short & Sweet


Now visit the original YouTube video that went viral and you will find a lot of versions up as people try to rebrand this video for their own purposes. Always make a comment that is insightful. It should be of only 2-3 sentences. Always keep them short and sweet. Add a link to your website on it so people can click and contact you. Avoid typos and grammatical mistakes but don’t sound too professional and dry. Be funny and witty, when people see a witty comment, they will surely check it out. Make sure you are signed in to your YouTube account while making a comment.

Your profile should be completed before you start advertising. It will help people know a lot about you personally and about your brand and products.


Preparation for the Sales


You will see an increase in traffic when you link your business to a viral video. The click through rate is going be a lot higher, this means your website has to batten down its hatches and be prepared. If your brand offers online ordering, make sure that you are prepared for the huge storm of people trying to buy your products. If you don’t have them handy check upon the orders that are coming through. You have to respond fast and to each inquiry.

Beware that the traffic you get on your website is quite temporary, once the YouTube has faded nobody will attention to your blog post or read your comments. This is the reason you should be completely prepared to latch yourself to the next viral video.

YouTube marketing is a very effective way to increase your audience on the other hand never rely solely on YouTube to market your brand for you.

If you require a blog post, you should check what’s trending on YouTube and use it often, like thrice a month.

You shouldn’t depend on one platform to do all the marketing for your, you have to take a step further and connect all the social media networks and get the best effect from each and every platform. You will be able to use their best parts to your benefit and your brand can grow further.