Use YouTube to ‘Up’ Your Marketing Game

Founded in the year 2005, YouTube has come up a long way marking up the success among many different social media channels. It now stands among the top used social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and so on. According to the recent statistics there are around 1,300,000,000 people who use YouTube. This makes it to a total of over 30 million visitors per day. This is quite a lot. I don’t think that there is any topic which you cannot find on YouTube. YouTube has it all.

 Always Provide Something to Learn From

There is no doubt that the recent advancements in technologies have opened up a broad way for marketers, business personnel and promoters. Sources like the internet, various marketing applications and numerous social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Vine etc. have brought great changes. These networking channels took over the old traditional ways of marketing and introduced some new concepts.

These social networks have now become an essential part of people’s lives. One cannot think of taking a step forward without using these essential networking channels. Even I find it necessary to promote my blogs and articles using different social media sites. Moreover, almost every company whether large or small prefer using different social media sites to promote their stuff effectively. They also encourage their fans and followers to like and promote their pages among others too. These days the internet based marketing strategies have taken over the world just like a bombshell.

How to Include YouTube in Your Marketing Strategy?

Today YouTube holds a strong place among the available social media channels. Almost everyone uses YouTube on a regular basis for different purposes. It can be used for the purpose of entertainment, for enjoyment, for work, for time pass or it can be for the purpose of marketing. You name and you have it.

Well I have not seen many companies or business persons using YouTube for the purpose of marketing. There are some people who you use it but overall the ratio of using YouTube specifically for marketing is very low.

Generally most companies and businesses prefer using the other available social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for marketing their businesses, products or brands. And there is no doubt about that. Despite of the fact you cannot deny the importance of YouTube. One of the reasons behind this particular fact may be due to the flexible nature of YouTube. Due to this sometimes you may find it hard to go with the current trends and might not be able to develop the required strategies.  There is one thing that YouTube is famous for and that is the broad concept of marketing via videos.

New Approaches in Video Marketing

With the passage of time a lot of new concepts are taking place. I recommend that you should try new things and teach your audiences a lot of things which they are not aware of by using the YouTube videos. No one can deny the importance of television in previous time because it was considered as one of the effective means of communication and marketing. YouTube on the other hand ranges much wider. It has everything which you can think of like commercials, tutorials, music videos, movies, reputation, effectiveness and the list goes on.

Educating while Promoting

Thanks to YouTube videos by which many people are getting a lot of benefit these days. It has greatly changed the whole concept of educating the audiences. People are now learning the strategies to overcome their specific needs, issues, indications, or risks which occur in their lives by just logging onto YouTube.

YouTube: Modern Era’s Educational Tool

At the time since YouTube was launched it has made its mark and holds a strong place nowadays. It is undoubtedly a flexible social networking channel. And I guess that this is one main reason behind its success. One cannot deny the fact that since the foundation of YouTube it has remained as one of the favorite channels for a large number of audiences.

Today the total number of YouTube users has exceeded up to 1,300,000,000 and the number is still rising. This includes users of every age group that is from minors, teenagers to adults.

People prefer using YouTube for many different purposes. They use it not only for watching various entertaining video clips, movies, television shows, music videos etc.  Rather it has also become a useful educational tool these days. Anyone who is looking to learn something can go to YouTube and search for the required videos. It is just as easy as that.

Today, with the help of YouTube selecting a new skill has become a lot easier than it was before. You can now find numerous videos related to a specific topic and see how different people have performed the same task, pictured themselves, and also added different narrations in it. From making a paper plane to making a genuine car there is everything you can find on YouTube. So in my point of view YouTube has become essential educational resource these days.

How to Promote Using YouTube Education

There are unlimited ways of promoting education via YouTube. It has become very easy these days. Unlike the traditional ways of teaching or educating people through books, hand notes and lectures etc. YouTube works a bit differently. First you need to look over what exactly you want to promote which depends totally up to you. This can include the type of product or service you want to market, the nature of your customers or audiences, and most importantly your technological competence. It is all up to you that either you decide to create a short video clip that displays your products or services. Or you can also create an extended video like a documentary-style video in which you can show a detailed version of how a particular product or service can be used, its benefits and also its effectiveness.

Let’s say for example you are marketing about a newly launched product like a three in one wireless hair dryer. While marketing and selling your product you discover that many people are confused by its features and also the right way of using it. In response to this, you can create a short video of about a minute or so in which you can describe the features of that particular product and also the right way of using it. Believe me this little step can be very useful for almost all your customers because by watching your video it is very likely that most of your customers will probably be able to avoid the frustration linked to the usage of the product.  I am confident that this will surely boost up your sales too.

How Much Do You know About your customers?

Well before you start off I suggest that it is better that you must figure out that to whom you are promoting your stuff. You must know that who are your customers? The reason why I am saying this is because one of the facts that would lead you to success is to target the right audiences. This is exactly what YouTube education marketing is. You must be aware of the fact that the users whom you want to reach are familiar and aware of using YouTube. Otherwise all your effort will go lame.

So I recommend that you must first do some research on the demographics. This includes the important aspects like age groups, income level, career field, gender factor, and most importantly the geographic location of your audiences. All these factors play a vital role. Once you are familiar with all these only then you will become successful and get the desired results.

 Boost Your Visibility and Your Customer Base

You need to promote your stuff as much as possible. While you decide to create different YouTube videos for the educational purpose for your audiences. The final and the most crucial step are to decide how effectively you can spread the information among others out there. You might be aware of the fact that there are already hundreds of educational videos available on YouTube which remain unnoticed. Despite the fact that these available videos contain a lot of useful information as well as great production qualities.

They usually do not have a large viewership and lack in generating a lot of traffic. This is just because these videos are not promoted properly and thus remain unnoticed. This is one main reason behind this fact. So you must try to focus on promoting all the videos that you create. This will surely help you in increasing the visibility of your video and also it will help to build up a strong customer base.

I have compiled a few useful ideas for you which you can consider as follows

1. Use Viral Content to Your Benefit

Try to come up with some popular stuff. Nowadays you can find unlimited popular concepts on the internet. You can pick out one of those popular concepts whichever you like and create a video on that. Just try to be as creative as possible. I am not saying that you totally copy any of those concepts. Rather you can mould that particular concept which got a lot of user’s attention and then create your own YouTube video which center around that.

In addition to this, featuring different famous celebrities in your videos can also make a huge difference. I have seen many companies whether large or small involve different celebrities including actors, players, and musicians etc. in their videos to promote them. This can greatly give a boost to the traffic and viewership of your videos. And you will see an increased marketability of your video among others in a very short time. I recommend you to feature any celebrity in your YouTube videos if you have some resources to do so. Trust me this can result in making a great difference for you as well as your business instantly. Let me give you an example over here.

If you are selling soft drinks and want to create a video to promote your product. You can choose to feature the famous sportsman “David Beckham”. Although there is no connection among the product and the celebrity but you can still feature him. Many people will start watching your video just in the love and admiration of the celebrity sportsman.

2.Always Provide Necessary Information

The second and the most important step that you need to remember while creating your YouTube video is to enter all your relevant contact information in the video description. You must include your contact numbers including landline and mobile numbers, your website address, your official address and so on. After watching your YouTube videos probably your customers would like to reach you if they find those videos interesting and informative. On the other hand, even if your audiences do not like your videos then your contact information should be available for giving feedbacks or suggestions. You must always remember this because it is considered as an essential part of marketing.

3.Use Technology Both ways: One Way Advertising Isn’t Effective

Many of you might be aware of this fact that technology is a two-way tool. Well there is no doubt in this. Thanks to the availability of numerous social media channels these days which includes famous channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. the two way communication has become possible. Previously the case was not quite same while using the old marketing techniques. Now you can get connected with your customers or manufacturers directly with just a single click. You can talk to them in real time, market your products to them and also get their feedbacks instantly. The social media channels have some unlimited unique features which you need to explore. Otherwise you might lose a great available opportunity.

You can simply use your YouTube videos in order to build up the interaction between you and your customers. Try to get your customers involved. You can do it by interacting with them, getting their feedbacks or by resolving their queries. Whatever you do, just try to build up a smooth connection among yourself and your customers. Try to accept their feedbacks and their issues if any wholeheartedly. In addition to this you can also create a video in which you can show the experiences of your customers using any of your product or service. I am sure that this will greatly help in increasing your credibility.