How to Use YouTube Profitably in these 30 steps


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

You Tube is considered as one of its kind among the social media marketing channels. It is considered as a good way to publish your business. Many businesses use You Tube to market their businesses. They also advertise their products on You Tube. First they create a video that is based on promoting their product. Then they upload it on the You Tube channel so that audience can watch it. In this way different businesses market their brands. There is a benefit of marketing on You Tube that it is free of charge and does not require any payment to be made by the customers.

Many different businesses who have market their brands on You Tube are considerably more published than any other. You Tube has become a way of earning too for many people. With the You Tube Partner Program that was launched in the year 2007, many businesses have market their videos for the audiences. When the audience view those videos they like those videos and as result they buy the particular marketed products. All most all the businesses get a positive response from the audience when they market their videos.

It has also become a good way of earning for the people. Nowadays, many different social media channels and businesses have started earning a six figure income through posting their videos on the You Tube. Other small businesses have also come up to create and upload their videos. they market their videos to the audience so that they get to know about the specific brand.

You Tube is amongst one of the popular social media channel. This fact can be considered by having a view on the following statistics.There are more than 1 billion users on You Tube who visit this channel every month.

More than 6 billion unique users visit the You Tube channel every month. On every minute 100 hours of video are uploaded on You Tube. A total of 80% of You Tube traffic comes outside of the United States.The mobile phones make up of almost 40% of You Tube global watch time.

Apart from this there are many ways by which you can effectively market your business or your products which can help to grow up your business. Some of the main points are discussed below.


How to Use YouTube Effectively 

There are a number of tips and ideas which you can use to effectively make use of the You Tube channel.

1)One of a good training spot is On this site many instructors teach a different topics of interest related to some small business owners. This site is based on membership. You can learn different types of procedures to manage your You Tube videos. This site also has different tutorials.

2) You can have a look at the Small Business Guide to You Tube if you do not have the idea from where to start. You can click on the “No” answers that will give you the links to informative content so that you can answer the You Tube questions.

3)You can improve your business promotions and you can publish your ads on You Tube. This can be done by using the You Tube for your business.

4) You can market your products effectively by using the guide of How to use You Tube for Effective Marketing. There are many videos available on the You Tube by which you can market your products.

5)You can find a number of videos from different platforms that you can add up on your content. You can do this by viewing the ways to Incorporate ideas into Your Business.

6) You can review the list of 34 ways to use You Tube for Business. This was published in the year 2009 and it contains good ways of promotions.

7) You can use a number of videos which you can use to engage your customers through your videos. This can be done by reviewing 4 Innovative Ways to Use Web ideas for Small Businesses.

8) YouTube Channel Setup explains how to get started by setting up a customized YouTube channel where you can publish your videos.

9) You can use the Info graphics which you can find on Digital Sherpa points in order to create a very good video.

10) With the help of Video Marketing Slideshow you can create successful videos which can be seen by others. You can do this before starting a video

11) You can search up for 5 Tips to Making Professional Looking Video by which you can create a professional looking video for your users to view.

12)In order to keep your audience engaged and interested in your video you can review Ten Tips for a Great Corporate Video.

13) On the internet, there are also some tools available by which you can create a successful video. For this purpose, you can review the DIY Marketers Guide to Marketing with Video.

14) You can find the stock videos on Video hive. These are low-cost videos. You can also find the images, sounds, illustrations and special effects on pond5.

15) On stock, there are a number of royalty free videos available. These are also of low cost. You can buy these by purchasing the credit packs.

16) Many large companies create professional introductions for a video with the help of online templets. They purchase it by paying a set price. These templets are available for free on the internet.

17) You can search and review the manual of 5 Tools for Creating a Screencast that you can use to make screencast instead of filming a video.

18) If you want to learn about a visual way of blogging for your business, you can review How to Utilize Videoblogging for Business

19) You can polish your content and the You Tube channel by reviewing 10 You Tube Tips for Small Businesses. By this you will get to know about the information related to your business and also how to present it.

20) You can review the Simple You Tube Tips for New Traffic in order to engage people to watch your videos on You Tube.

21) In order to get an insight for what makes the audience share your videos with friends can be reviewed by searching the Ways to Make Your Videos Viral.

22)There are a number of mistakes that you must avoid when you are creating or posting your videos on the You Tube. In order to avoid any hassle in future you can review the 5 YouTube Marketing Mistakes.

23) An important part of using YouTube or any social marketing is to look at it from a long-term perspective. 4 Tips for Marketing Your Business on YouTube will give you things to think about when developing your YouTube marketing strategy.

24) In order to find more about effectively creating and uploading a video for marketing on You Tube you can review the 3 You Tube Success Stories. By reviewing this you will get to know about how other small businesses got to a higher level just by marketing their videos effectively on You Tube.

25)On You Tube you can find a number of keywords by which you can search for your required content or videos. In this way it becomes easy for you to search the relevant content that you want. You must also enter different keywords in your videos so that it becomes easy for you as well as your viewers to find the required content.

26) There are number of effective marketing tips that are available on the Internet. In this way it becomes easier for you to increase your marketing potentials. You can review the tips on You Tube Marketing Tips and Maximize You Tube Marketing Potential.

27) If you want to promote your videos on the social media channels like the You Tube, you can get the tips from 5 Ways to Promote Your You Tube Videos. In this way you can develop a large number of audience who will view your videos.

28) In order to find out the views of the analytics that how effective your video is; you can watch the You Tube Analytics Tutorial. Through this you will get to know if your videos are creating an effective result or not. This would also lead to edit or make the required changes as you want in your video. For example, you can add some humor effect in your videos or provide some information in the videos that you upload on the You Tube channel.

29) You can find a great marketing software on the internet that is Pixibility Inc. This software totally provides you with the marketing strategies which you can effectively apply on You Tube. Most of the useful tips are available on Small Business Trends. By reviewing these tips, you will get to know about the useful marketing strategies that you can apply in your business use and also when you want to market your videos among the users.

30)If you create a video and want to market it among the audience, you will have to choose for a right time to do this. If in any case, you do not think of marketing your video in a particular time then in this case you can look for other available options. You can review and follow many different channels or websites that contains useful tips in order to get the information regarding helping the small businesses. You have the option to wait for the right time to market your video to the audience. For example, if the situation of businesses in a country is going to a downfall, no one will give importance to what you offer to them. They will consider it all the same. So it is important that you manage to market your video at the right time.

31) You can get tips from a large number of educational channels like the Harvard business Review. With the help of these channels you can get different ideas to promote your businesses through video marketing. These tips are published after having a research done on specific topics. In this way you can manage to promote and market your business effectively.

32) You can increase your business activities by using the Google Business channel focus. The Google Business Channel uses various Google products in order to promote your business. Some of the Google Tools are available free of cost or just a small cost.

33)You can also manage to create the video transcripts. You can easily do this if you follow the steps and tips available on Jane Bears post. This contains the blog of Market Your Book. This explanation can also be found in the support section of You Tube. In addition to this you can also add any additional information that you like. For example, any content, information or any other thing.

34)One of the most important aspect is that it is important that you upload your videos on your Facebook page. Facebook is considered as an effective way of marketing. In this way many of the users who are available on Facebook will be able to view your video. This would help in attracting more audience. You can upload a video easily on Facebook as you do it on You Tube. It is recommended that you click on the share button that is below the You Tube video that you are watching. After that click on the Facebook icon. It will open your Facebook page status. Here you can also add up your comments or posts.

35)It is recommended that you must always include a call to action. You can include it when the video ends. You can add up your website information in it for the audience to get connected. In order to do so you can review the blog of Jay Baer. He has written the blog on Convince and Convert, 4 Ways to Include Calls to Action on Video.


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