How Using Free Templates can Help your Facebook Page?

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Facebook allows its users to use cover photos and profile pictures in order to create your brand presence online. The basic purpose of the cover photo is to serve as a banner for your brand where you can publish updates, new promotions and news about new upcoming contests. You can utilize these features to improve your marketing campaign on Facebook and to attract more likes for your page. You must change your cover photo, your profile photo  from time to time as Facebook users love changes and new trends. The use of templates for Facebook pages is not a new idea, but Facebook policies have brought many variations in the way these templates and related apps work.

If you own a Facebook brand page for online advertising of your business, you must be using templates to make your page more creative and colorful. Using Photoshop will be a huge plus in this matter. For an effective Facebook page, there are some very important things that you should keep in your mind.

  1. Don’t forget to update your cover photo and display photo

The cover photos and display photos are meant to be changed consistently. If you think that you have the best photo cover, and you do not need to change it, this mentality will not work on Facebook. You need to change your photos regularly. Publish every new update on your cover photo and use it as a poster for your online brand.

  1. Make sure your cover picture goes well with your profile picture

If your cover photos and profiles photos do not match the same theme, your Facebook audience will not like it. So keep them linked together.

  1. Make use of latest apps

Using arrows and featured content for your Facebook page is necessary as this will make your page look more creative and professional.

  1. Don’t skip the description

Adding a readable and easy to understand description of every photo that you add on your Facebook fan page is very important. You can also add links, call to action button and detailed descriptions of your photos whether it is your profile picture or a cover photo.

So, giving importance to your Facebook templates should be your first step towards your Facebook marketing campaign. Your online audience will know you from your logos and brand icons. Have a look at how free templates can help you improve online marketing;

Templates for Facebook ads

Facebook has changed its settings recently and now you cannot expect to advertize without investing your money. Facebook ads are a great way to market your brand in front of the right audience. So if you are running a page, you might be noticing many ads on your sidebar, in your news feed and on the left side of your page too. These ads might include mobile phone ads, online brands ads, video or image related ads, and hence anything that is possible to advertize your business on Facebook would be there!

So you could use Facebook templates to alter the dimensions of your Facebook page and those ads too. A lot of online websites offer free templates that you can download for free and use for customizing your Facebook page. You can change your layout, your theme, dimensions of the page, the way your page appears in search results and a lot more which is offered by any template.

These templates are a great way to improve your marketing on Facebook as you can customize your page according to interests of your Facebook followers and fans.

Templates for Facebook pages

By using right templates for your Facebook page, you can customize your page to a great limit. For example, by using the templates produced by ShortStack, you can easily change the dimensions of your Facebook page cover photo. The height and width of your cover photo can be changed to your desired dimensions. You can also use these templates for changing the size of your written description of your website, brand and your motto below your cover picture.

If you want to customize your profile photo, this is also possible using a lot of free online templates. Other than that, if you share videos on your page and you believe in video marketing, then these templates can help you in customizing the size of your video dialog box on your page.

Free templates are an incredible way to change anything that you want on your Facebook page. You can even add creative text to your profile picture as well as publish updates using your cover photo.

Templates for Facebook apps

Using latest Facebook apps is a best way to create your online brand in more creative effective ways. If you are a page owner, you will agree that customized pages attract more likes than simple and dull Facebook pages. So why lose this opportunity when you have an option to use latest templates and apps for your page.

Using your Facebook templates, you can customize the way your apps show on your Facebook page. On your top bar, sidebar and in your news feed; hence where ever your apps are showing up, you can customize them easily. You can also create crazy contests using these free apps and then customize them with the help of templates. So that would be a great way to add uniqueness and your personal touch to contests and anything else that is going on at your page.

Few years ago, templates were only created by expert web designers and online marketers used to pay much money to them for making page a successful platform for effective marketing. Right now, you can simply download the apps and the templates and then customize your page like a professional web designer.

Many websites like PageModo, Heyo, Shortstack and many others are offering free of cost templates to Facebook marketers so that they can make their strategy a success. Some of the premium services offered by these websites require you to invest money, but the affordable costs are worth investing for having best features.