Utilize Facebook’s Business Manager and Save Time



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed

In this age of technology where every day you get to see something new there are still many people who are running their successful businesses but they are still not aware of the new innovations. Most business owners run their businesses through the different social media networks. Some of them have also hired their social managers in order to promote their business effectively. On the other hand, I get surprised when they tell me that they do not have any idea regarding the Facebook Business Manager and even if there exists one on Facebook.

Now what is the Facebook Business Manager? If you are not aware of it then let me tell you.

Facebook Business Manager is just like a page manager that is on steroid. It is specifically set up for the effective business page management, its administration and for the security management of a particular business page.     

Most people have a misconception that the Facebook Business Manager is particularly designed for managing the businesses of large companies only like Microsoft, Dell, and Coca Cola etc. This fact is not true.

You must be aware that anyone can use the Facebook Business Manager and get benefit from it. It can be the large companies or it can be an individual user who is running a business everyone can get benefit out of it.

Why would anyone want to use Business Manager?

Are you having a hard time managing your businesses and your social accounts at the same time?  Not to worry the Business Manager can manage everything for you very easily. There are many reasons which make the Business Manager one of the most essential tools for the users as well as the business owners.

To remain focused while using this specific tool will help you out to get some of the great results. I recommend that you should try using the Business manager so that you are able to manage your accounts effectively. The business manager tool is a great thing. It is a complete impound interface which is helpful in managing the messages you get on your account, the notifications, the feedbacks and many other things easily.

By using the Facebook Business Manager, you are able to manage multiple pages very easily. Either you have created these pages on any of the social media network or just on the Facebook. You have the authority to manage it from one particular platform.

In this way you can easily save your precious time as well as your resources that you use to build up the campaigns for the promotion and management of your businesses. In addition to this you can also keep an eye on your business assets and its proper working. You can view every activity at a glance that includes you page activities, your ads, your team members, which employee is assigned to what task and on which pages, and every other thing that you might think of.

Believe me once you use the Business manager as your work tool then you will come to know its unlimited benefits

Step 1 is Setting Up a Business Manager Account

Whenever you plan to use the Business Manager the very first thing that you need to do is to create your own account by going onto the business manager page. Here for the initial process you will be required to enter your business name that you want to use. Next you will be asked to type your first and last name in the information boxes. And then you will be required to type your business email address. Now click to enter it and you are done. This is the first simple step that is very quick and easy. It will hardly take around 30 seconds of your time to create your account.

Step 2 is to Claiming Current Business Assets

If you want to claim your existing assets of yours while using the Business Manager, then you can easily do it. You can choose the option to claim assets that you require by click on “claim assets”. This option is located along the left column of your business manager page. Now when you click this option you will get a sub-menu that includes the asset types. For example, it includes the pages, ad accounts, and app.

You can choose any of the available option that goes best with the nature of your business. Click to select the required option one by one to apply on your account. Next you will have to go on the claim wizard so that you are able to perform certain tasks. These can include adding up your business pages, ad accounts, apps, product catalogs, and many other options of brand assets to your business manager page.

You also have the option to include your active Instagram accounts to business manager page too. In order to claim an Instagram account, you can do it by going on the business settings menu. It can be easily added like any other Facebook account by selecting this option. It further allows you to manage your business account just like you manage your social page.

Step 3 is to Creating Latest Business Assets

If you want to create the new business assets page while you are using the Facebook Business Manager, you can do it easily in some simple steps. On your Business Manager page, there is an option of “add new” which you can easily find above the option of “claim assets”. Click it. After you click it you can see a list of different assets. These assets include the option of people, pages, ad accounts, product catalogs and payment methods. Now from this point the Business manager will do a quick setup of the asset that you want. Now you will be taken to the standard wizard of the business manager options like the page creation. On your screen you will see some options where you will have to enter the required details. Believe me it is one of the simple as well as a very fast way by which you can create another page of yours or creating any other asset that is required by just going through a simple process.

On the other hand, if you do not require creating another page or another asset then you can skip these steps.


Step 4 is to Requesting Approach to Existing Assets

One of the great benefits that you can get by using the business manager is that you can request the management to give you the access to those existing accounts of yours. You have to make request for their access because you cannot add them up to the Business manager directly.

Now if you want to request for accessing the existing accounts then you can do this by following a simple process. In the first step, you will be to set up the business manager for your users. You will see that many of the users will get it set up for their use. Now you will have to include it as an upgrade to the system that you are using. In the next step, you will have to make sure that the users of the existing accounts have an admin level access so that they are able to own their assets.

After those users have set up their Business Manager then as for the next step you will have to use your own account to find the required pages, add up the accounts or the assets that you want to manage by using the Business Manager. Finally, the Business manager account will automatically send a request to the users on their existing accounts. You can inform them to approve that request or you can approve it by yourself while using their Business Manager. I recommend that you choose any option that suits you.

Managing Assets with Business Manager

When you are using your Business Manager you will see the options of “ads manager”, “power editor” and “business settings” which is displayed on the left-hand sidebar of your page. If you desire to get access to the ads system you can easily do it with the help of the ads manager or by using the power editor. Here the choice is yours to choose any one among them.

If you want to manage your individual pages with the help of Business manager, then you can do it with the page option. When you are using this particular option a list of individual pages will appear in front of you which are active. It is up to you to either select all of your existing pages from the list or leave some of them.

With the help of Business Manager, you can easily manage all of your pages. From here onwards, you are allowed to perform any task you like. For example, you can view the history items of these pages, add up different users to the page, assign any partner to the page, remove your access to the page, set roles to people assigned to the page, or you can also click the link to the page.

 Assign people and Add Various Partners

In order to keep your business manager account active, it is very important that you “add people” and “assign partner” for every asset individually.

Many people are not able to differentiate among these two terms. So I have explained these two terms as follows for those who don’t know

“Adding people” is a specific way by which you can allow any person to have the right to use the specific business assets.

You can understand this by an example that if you are the manager of your active Facebook account and you have the authority to manage your accounts page. On the other hand, one of your team mates manages the ads on the same account. In this case you have the option to add that team mate to “add people” on the ad account asset. In this way you can limit their access to only the accounts that you want them to see without having their full access to your existing account.

Facebook Business Managers

When you are the administrator of an account, you have the full authority to add any person you like. You can add the users as an employee or as an admin to your account. I recommend that you should make these selections carefully while adding people in your account. If you are thinking of making any one user as your page admin then you must be aware that the page administrators have the full authority to access a page.

By having the full access of a particular page the administrators are able to view or change the settings of a business manager, manage the work of employees, make any desired changes as they like and many other similar things. On the other hand, if you want to add up any user as an employee, then this means that these users will have some limited access to your business manager account.

The employees are able to view the activities of your Business Manager account but they do not have the authority to make changes in them. Similarly, they are also not able to manage other employees as well as the assets.  They can be assigned to specific assets, and from there are assigned a page role. Whenever you decide to add up a user to your account your Business Manager provides you with a list that includes your total assets. You can check those assets from the list which you want to include. In this way you do not have to face the hassle for checking every asset one by one.

You can also add up partners while using the Business Manager. You can add them up in the same way as I have mentioned above. Talking about a partner here means having another business page of yours.

For adding up a partner to your Business Manager account you must have their business manager ID. After having the business manager ID, you can add them up to any assets you like.

How to Managing Projects

In addition to this, you can also create variouas projects on the Business Manager. In this way you can easily organize as well as manage your projects from this particular platform.

After you are done with all the aspects that I have mentioned above now it is time for you to explore the unlimited features of the Business Manager.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.