View all the Likes on Have on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the most preferred option for almost everyone. Whether you are an individual user, a developer, a business person, a marketer, an entrepreneur or anyone related to any field. You can use Facebook to fulfill almost every purpose. If you are a marketer and marketing various stuff on Facebook. Then I believe that the first thing which comes in your mind is to attract as many users as you can.

Similarly, if you are a business person and running your business page on the social media channel specially using Facebook then you must be thinking of attracting a maximum number of audiences and also to build up their interest in your business or products. Attracting a large number of users to your page is a great thing. It takes quite a lot of effort too.

Well I guess Facebook has a reason behind not displaying the list of total number of followers on your Facebook page. It might be that Facebook thinks that by viewing the total list of your followers you would do something to them. Let’s say for example you may remove some of them from the overall list. Or there is a possibility that you might probably force some random users who are in your followers list to like your posts or enter any of your launched contests forcefully or any other negative thing. I think that is generally a good step taken by Facebook.

Here you must be thinking about the ways by which you can see the total list of your audiences. Well I am not absolutely sure that there is a way to do so but I have mentioned some of the useful ways as follows:

You Can’t View All the Likes

There are many of you out there who want to look out for the full list of their audiences or followers. Many of you might also have tried it out too. I am afraid you cannot succeed in finding out your entire audience list in any case. In my point of view, it is not possible to do so. I guess there is no such button available yet which you can click to check out the list of your audiences.

Many experts believe that the major reason behind this fact is that usually people get abusive. Due to this fact many people remove most of their audiences from the list just because they are not according to their mood or expectations.

Second possible issue related to it can probably because of some privacy settings. This is because if in any case you have locked a particular user on your Facebook page then no other user will be able to view the profile or information of that user. Facebook do not appreciate this kind of gesture. So they do not display the full audience list.

What can you View? 

Focus more on getting all the insight from your audiences. I strongly believe that this will really help you out in getting all the required information about your audiences. Keep a close eye on your audience. Know about their likes and dislikes, their preferences, and most importantly their interests. You must focus on their preferences and observe what they actually want from you. For this purpose, I recommend you to get the feedbacks of your audiences as much as you can.

Feedbacks can be both negative as well as positive. If you get some positive feedbacks, then you surely are doing a great job due to which your audiences or customers are satisfied. Whereas on the other hand if you get some negative feedbacks as most newly establishes businesses do. Then there must be something lacking or there must be some problem at any point. Try not to worry. Just remain focused. I know you are not doing a bad job but I think that you probably need to fix some of your weak areas in this case.


Moreover, the insight is beneficial in many other aspects too. Despite of this fact the insight does not give you the complete data of your audiences as well. The insight is basically a sort of generalized data. It gives you a lot of information which you want to have. Rather you can have a total view of what is happening on your Facebook page including all the activities which are taking place. Despite of all this you still cannot get the required list of your audiences which you want from insight.

Let’s say for example by using the insight you can have a look at the total number or the percentage of males who are present on your Facebook page but you are not able to view the complete list of all the male users who are currently following you on your Facebook page.

Similarly, by using the insights you can get any type of generalized information which you require. This can include the information regarding the age groups, gender classification, geographical localities, languages, percentage comparisons and so on.

How to See New Likes

Watch out for the latest likes which you get on your Facebook page. I believe that this is a major way by which you can view the information. This information is about any user who likes your Facebook page. Whenever a person likes any of your posts on your Facebook page you get a notification in response of that. So if you want to check their details you can click on the available button and check them. I think that in this way you can view the details of a lot of users who likes your page previously.

Advertising Your Page

Advertising is a great way of targeting a large number of audience. You can simply do it by creating different ads by using the ads manager tool or the Power editor. In this way you will get an add targeting information to whom you want to target. I think that you should start targeting your followers first. Those users who are already following you can be easily targeted. You can also target different users by using news feed ads and also by boosting up your posts.