In this age of technology and advancements, everyone has a smartphone and according to a recent research; there are more mobile phones on this planet that people. The social media has protruded in every field of life and use of smartphones has amplified this fact even more. Now you do not know about your neighbor, but you talk to a prince living in Dubai City. Your choices, meals, diets, preferences, and the living have changed just because social media compel everyone to follow the latest trends and people are forced to join the herd. If you are wearing flats in the age of wedges, people will consider you outdated! In addition, you would not want that!

Mobile video sharing is among the latest trends in online social media. It is growing, and nobody knows about the zenith of this new hype? Vine is among the social media websites that allow video sharing to their online users. It is not an old video sharing platform like the legend YouTube, and it just got birth in the January of 2013. However, despite this fact that Vine is a newbie among other fellow social media platforms, it attracted more than 13 million users worldwide in the first six months. This was no doubt a huge success that was followed by a rival, Instagram that launched its video sharing app and got more than 130 million monthly active users worldwide! Well, not to mention, most of these users were Instagram followers who converted into video feature users, but in any of the cases, the competition was fierce!

Vine is owned by Twitter, and the users of Twitter are automatically directed to Vine for sharing and watching videos. Vine offers a 6 second video feature in which you can add multiple clips and featured images to create a loop that plays in the Twitter timeline automatically. It can go on repeating till you stop it or change your web page. While using Vine, you can view all of the other videos as well as create your 6 second videos instantly with just a few clicks.

Why Vine? Why not Instagram?

There are many reasons people prefer Vine as compared to Instagram. Vine has more daily shares of videos than Instagram, which was the best before arrival of Vine. The main reason that is lagging Instagram behind Vine is the factor of humor that is present in the creation of Vine. The 6 second looped video seems hilarious, and people take it as a quick joke of 6 seconds. You might need thousand words to describe your post or your image, but the video has an ability to convey that message in just one view. Actions speak louder than words! Now you can believe this old proverb. So no matter how funny or creative any Instagram video is, it will still not have the hilarious theme of a mini movie. Audience will choose to watch that little movie that is easier to load and funny to watch.

People notice humor and fun on social media quicker than any other type of creativity so this makes sense of that much popularity of Vine. Well, if you are still confused that whether you should Vine or invest in Instagram for your social media marketing, you can check a quick comparison between video features of both of the social media channels; Vine and Instagram.

Characteristics of the video app

In Vine, you can makeup to a 6 second video and add a title, caption, add a location tag and edit it easily. You can share your Vine videos to your Facebook fan page or Twitter profile. In the case of Instagram, the videos can be of 15 second length. Similar to Vine, you can edit the video, add caption and location as well as share it to your other social media platforms or you can mail it to anyone who is using the internet. So what’s the reason for increasing popularity of Vine videos when this channel shares almost similar features with Instagram? Check this out!

Difference # 1

You can embed the Vine videos in your Twitter streams easily. However, in case of Instagram videos, there is no such option that means no embedding for Twitter.

Difference # 2

You can easily make your Vine videos available on the web using the web code, but Instagram videos can be watched only if you are using Instagram. There are no other ways to watch videos that are shared on Instagram other than Instagram account.

Difference # 3

The feature of the auto loop in Vine videos is an amazing and wonderful feature that is the basis of the videos being hilarious as repetition is funny. The Instagram videos do not provide this feature, so the score for being funny is significantly lesser than Vine.

Difference # 4

You can use latest hashtags for your Vine videos and make them more popular by selecting right and trendy tags because Instagram does not allow the users to make videos with hashtags.

No doubt both of the video sharing applications are marvelous and super easy to use, but the few differences in features and working of the apps make them rivals. The purpose of both is same; to share small videos for quick audience targeting. Vine and Instagram are the best mini video sharing platforms that have given YouTube a hard time. YouTube has also changed its features and updated the policies so that it can again come on the top. If you are confused about using Vine or Instagram, the above-given comparison might help you make this difficult choice.

If you have a huge fan following on Twitter, using Vine can help you boost your profile as you can embed your Vine videos in your tweets easily. However, if you have a steady flow of likes and comments of your loyal followers on Instagram, you must consider creating videos using Instagram video app. It is totally up to your choice. However, if you are a newbie and you are setting up your social media channels, then comparing both of the video sharing websites is very crucial as both of these are different if you are a starter here. If your online social media marketing strategy is focused on images, you must choose Instagram and the video app of this site. However, if you are not focused on image sharing and your online business needs general posts and tweets, you can choose Vine for sharing your videos.