Want to Learn About Facebook Marketing Captains? Follow their Advice


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 


When it comes to Facebook marketing, there are a number of great marketers who have made their names in this particular field. They also have some of the useful advices, tips and tactics for different users as well as the upcoming marketers. Marketers like Jeff Bullas, John Loomer and Amy Porterfield are very famous for their work and contributions and are known as the leaders of Facebook marketing. There are a number of blogs and resources available on the internet from where you can find their useful tips.

Following are a brief compilation of the tips and tricks by some of the famous marketers which you can use for effective Facebook marketing:


Ann Handley Suggests Using Holidays as a Chance to Give Your Brand a Human Touch

Working as a chief content officer of Marketing Profs, Ann Handley has a simple piece of advice for you which suggest that your holidays can turn out to be a way of great marketing strategy for you. In this way you can easily tell the other person about the fun and excitement that you have got from your recent trip or program. Apart from telling just the usual information that related to the destination, the occasion etc. you can focus on showing different activities or celebrations that you actually did on the particular event. For example, you can show the celebrations of a New year by marketing different activities related to it that includes the fireworks, musical night events etc. which your company has set up for the people. Here you can also include any other ongoing activities that are set up or supported by your company or brand and also how the members or employees of the company get engaged with their different clients. This will make your event sound more interesting and will show the actual picture which is an effective way to humanize your brand.


Melanie Duncan Suggests Being Generous

Being someone who is generously charitable is a simple tip that is given by Melanie Duncan. There is simple logic behind this tip that relates to the fact that the more you give you will be receiving more as a result. As a marketing point of view you can intend to give anything that may include the money, products, sales, charitable activities or any type of free content. Today there are a number of different brands and companies which are setting up the concept of giving. In this way people will be attracted more towards you and will support you.


 Shama Hyder Suggests Looking for Basics

In view of Shama Hyder who is famously known as the CEO of Marketing Zen, you must try to study your clients or customers so that you are able to know about their needs. This is an important aspect when you are marketing your business or brands. To completely explain this tip Shama Hyder gives an example of the businesses which struggle to meet their final set goals at the end of the year. You can become a Business to Business company by which you can help them out in their issues that are related to targeting of marketing and sales that may include the customers likes and dislikes about the products or brands, their requirements any many other related issues. You can simply think about all the facts which your clients or customers think of. In this way you can effectively manage to find the solution and ways to resolve the related issues that are a hurdle in achieving your targets.


 Kim Garst Suggests to Humanize Your Brand

Kim Garst, the CEO of Boom social relates to the advice of making yourself humanize that is just similar to the tip given by Melanie Duncan. You can use different social media channels like the Facebook to humanize your business or brands effectively. For example, you can post different videos or images that show different events and the ways in which your company celebrates them. In addition to this, you can also show your company’s involvement in any charitable donations. For example, at the time of a severe flood, your company can provide shelter or food to the ones who have got effected with the disaster. This can be a positive aspect in terms of marketing.


Mari Smith Suggests Using Local Awareness

Another famous marketer Mari Smith who manages the online and offline marketing at Bricks and Mortar stores tells to use the feature of local awareness of Facebook ad targeting. For this purpose, you will be required to set the ad targeting feature to hyper-local users only. In this way all the people who are present in the local area will be able to see the ads you market on your Facebook profile


Neal Schaffer Suggests Looking Back

Neil Schaffer suggests that you must look to the posts that you have previously posted on your social media pages. In this way you will get to know which of your post received the most response from the audiences. You can further apply those tricks or features to the posts that you want to publish in future. For this purpose, Neil recommends using the BuzzSumo tool


Donna Moritz Suggests Linking Out from Images/Videos

In the view of Donna Moritz, you can use any of the available social media channels for the purpose of marketing but first you must try to optimize your visual contents. You can simply do this by including different links on your Facebook page that can further take the user to the main information page when they click on the provided link. You can even use the videos or visual contents to attract maximum number of audiences. Using an option like “click on the link for more information” can be a useful trick for this purpose where the audience can find more information when they click on the given link

Syed Balkhi Suggests Adjusting Your Content

One of the famous marketer, Syed Balkhi advises the users about repurposing their contents. In this way the users can create a blog post of their own. An informative and interesting blog post can be useful in getting some good results. You can further choose many options to promote your stuff. For example, you can post the graphics on your Facebook account by changing the snippets of your blog posts. You can also include the links with it that can take you to the main post. Another option that you can choose is to change the current blog posts into high quality and interesting videos which can result in providing some extra benefits to you when you upload them on your social media pages like the You Tube. Thirdly you have the option of robust the eBook content which you can easily do by merging different related articles with each other. You can market your stuff on different social media channels. A blog is not a useless thing. You can be creative and perform any task you like by interconnecting the blog posts with other options.


Joe Pulizzi Suggests Always Working on a Plan

Joe Pulizzi another marketer advises you to have a purposeful plan when you use the social media channels for the marketing purpose of your businesses or brands.


John Lee Dumas Suggests Consistency

John Lee Dumas says that being consistent is one of the major aspect that you must follow while using any of the social media channels. It is a vital tip for you if you want to market something on Facebook or any of the other social channels like the Twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc. You must follow a consistent schedule for posting or publishing your content on different social media channels. In this way it will become easier for you to attract the audience when they will start to see your posts on a timely basis. To make it more effective, John Lee Dumas suggests that you should use the Edger. It is a tool by which it will become easier for you to organize your schedules, follow timelines and also helps in publishing your content in the right way as you want. Moreover, Edger is also useful to manage and set up the categories of custom contents. In this way you can maintain the even distribution of contents and posts without going through the hassle of checking each and every content one by one.


Ted Rubin Suggests Converting Social to Blog

Ted Rubin has a simple tactic which comprise of converting your social updates into blog posts. These can include the updates that are your favorite, most liked or the successful ones. It is not necessary to create the lengthy posts. Many of the bloggers nowadays use brief sentences or paragraphs while blogging just like the famous blogger Seth Goddin.

In addition to this Ted Robbins gives another suggestion to the users. He says that you can make use of your existing blogs in order to format and market the responses of people that they have made on different posts. This will be helpful for you because in this way you can comment on those posts by using you existing social media account. Further to attract more people you can include your links on it too. This can benefit you to maintain a long term dialogue among the users.


Holly Homer Suggests about Becoming a Resource

Holly Homer is known as one of the famous and successful marketer. She is also the co-founder of Kids Activities Blog. The important tip she shares with the users is to become a good and quality resource on the social media. In this way you can turn a simple platform into an effective one. Holly Homer herself write different contents on her Facebook page. She also publishes and share the posts which are related to the purpose of educating, inspiring, entertaining or informing the audience. She further suggests that you must manage your time effectively when you decide to market on Facebook or any other social media channel. For this purpose, you can use the Rescue Time Tool. This is a useful tool by which you can easily calculate the total time that you spend on different marketing tasks like creating a post or ad etc. So, the time management is very important factor.


Jeff Korhan Suggests Focusing on One Platform Rather than Scattered Marketing

Another marketer Jeff Korhan has a point of view that you when you decide to do marketing on any of the social media channels, you must try to focus on a single platform. You must use and maintain a single platform where you can post your contents, post different images or post any kind of information for the audiences. When the users will see interesting and quality posts on your social channels then they will be easily attracted. It will be helpful for you in increasing the number of followers too. In this way you will be able to get more benefit out of it without going through the hassle of maintaining multiple social accounts as a time.


Rich Brooks Suggests Automating Curation of Content

Rich Brooks gives the same suggestion like Holly Homer. He says that you should organize the contents that you have created and then use it in such a way that the users get attracted by it when they see or read your posts. This is a great way to get recognized on the social media channels and specially the Facebook. On the other hand, Rich also tells that the above process does not take your time or attention. One of the important tool that you can use to manage or curate your contents is the Hoot suite. The option of Buffer is also available for this purpose. Here the point is that you must focus to keep your activity level going smoothly. You can easily use the curated contents to maintain the content stream as well as focusing on maintaining the level of your contents properly.


Ian Cleary Suggests Using Social Ads as a Tool to Retarget Visitors

In view of another marketer, Ian Cleary you must try to create and use the social ads in order to retarget different audiences. It is not an easier task to attract a large number of audience to your website or make them to like your posts on a single visit to your profile page. For this purpose, Ian recommends the users to use the social tracking so that it becomes easier to track the total number of audience who visit your site. You can create different ads and run them on your Facebook profile page so that you are able to target those particular set of visitors. This is a great way to get your audience engaged to your Facebook profile page.


Tim Schmoyer Suggests Focusing Socially

Tim Schmoyer suggests that you must focus on your social media efforts by which you can manage to get a large number of followers. Social media is considered to be a source of connection among you and your audiences. In order to get the brand advocates you must try to reward the most dedicated members among your followers.


Christian Karasiewicz Suggests Productivity in Batches

Christian Karasiewicz focuses on the effectiveness of batch productivity. This means that you should be able to manage your time and post scheduling effectively. It is important that you must focus on scheduling your content on a timely basis. Otherwise the audience will lose their interest in your posts.


Mark Schaefer Suggests Shares Should Be Focused

According to Mark Schaefer you should try to focus on the number of shares of your content. In this way it helps you to make the reach of your content much broader. With a broader reach you will be able to get a maximum number of audience engagement.


Dennis Yu Suggests Praise Should Be Promoted

Dennis Yu thinks that promoting yourself on Facebook is a good option that many marketers or businesses do. On the other hand, it can create some negative results for you if you promote yourself or your business too much that the users get annoyed. Excessive marketing can result in a disaster when you are using a social media channel. An option that you can use here is to promote the posts of other users who are your followers rather than focusing on promoting your own stuff. In this way your contexts would be automatically promoted among other users and you will be praised for it.


Scott Ayres Suggests Boosting Product Announcements

If we talk about the famous marketer Scott Ayres, he prefers using the Facebook Boost Post button.

Apart from all the negative concept that is related to using the Boost Post button, Scott Ayres tells that he has been successful while using the option of Boosting the Posts to his friends’ circle and different followers. In view of Scott, you do not require a higher amount of money or resources when you are using the boost post option for promoting your business or brand. Rather you will only require a post having good context, a target audience and finally some product or brands that you want to sell.


Maggie Patterson Suggests Using Facebook PR

Maggie Patterson suggests that Facebook is not just a marketing or the B2C communication platform but it is rather a great platform to build your PR among a maximum number of audiences.


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