Want a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy? Follow these 25 Steps


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

This day and age requires a modern and refined social media strategy. If you already are running a social media marketing campaign and looking forward to making it a definite success. You have to be open to suggestions and should be able to apply them in your plan. Nobody can deny the fact that by adding fresher ideas to your strategy can really give your campaign a boost that it requires. This can not only be fun for you but will give your audience something to look forward to.


  1. Audio is Vital

if audio hasn’t been able to become a permanent part of your strategy, probably it’s time to change that and include audio as a member of other media that you share. It is about time that you start experimenting with audio editing tools and some innovative idea. You can look for cheap recording equipment online and polish your talent. You can also hire voice actors to do this job for you which can cost a bit. You can also get your file transcribed by professionals for the readers who don’t like listening to audio.

  1. Boost Blogging

There are countless ways to start your own and polish the existing one. You can manage long- form and short-form also known as microblogging, you can start a blog only containing images and no text (works perfectly for a photography page). One thing you have to keep under consideration is that your blog can be easily accessed by a mobile device as more than 60% of your users are using mobile phones, tablets or iPad to access social media. They not only use these devices to go through website they also use them to post their comments and keep track of posts made by pages.

You can use Instagram to showcase your brief posts and you can use Facebook to post lengthy texts.

You have to keep updating your blog from time to time to keep your audience interested and by avoid posting mundane posts and memes from months ago. Keep it up to date and related to current events.


  1. Use Old Content and Transform it

The content that doesn’t go stale is something you have written while in love like a beautiful poem and chronicles from a wonderful vacation you have two years ago. These experiences stay evergreen. Everybody likes reading good text like I do. I keep on visiting the pages and go through the content they posted a while back that I really liked.

You have to re-post the content which received a lot of likes, comments and shares in the past. You can use a different image to spice it up a bit.


  1. Attract Your Community

It is quite difficult to manage a business page online if you have tons of customers that ask too many questions on your posts and completely ruin it. The main idea is to create a forum on social media like a loyal closed group where the queries made by your customers can be answered by other users too. This way you will be able to sit back and enjoy for once. These loyal customers or admins can also help guide the new customers.


  1. Ask for Feedback

There is nothing more beneficial for you than asking for customer’s feedback. It helps you in improving your products and services. It plays a vital role in steering more customers your way. this is the same reason why Facebook business pages have a review section. By reading the reviews you can learn a lot and deal with the glitches your products are facing. Either its delivery, quality of the products or the behavior of your CS representative.


  1. Find Modern Photo Editors

You can get your photos edited by a professional and if you are tight on budget you can explore your creativity and try experimenting on your skills. There are many apps that are available online like Canvas and PicMonkey. You can install them on your desktop and use them to enhance your photos. On mobile devices you can use Snapseed and Over to do your job while you are on the go.


  1. Use Infographics

Social media relies basically on infographics for explaining information in a clear manner.it helps to display this info in a more concise manner so that when a viewer sees this infographic it will help them to understand this info more directly. You can easily create yourself and if you don’t have the time and some extra cash to spare you can hire a graphic designer.  You should always include your company’s name and URL and link to your landing page. This way while the image moves around the internet it will carry your image along with it.


  1. Use SlideShare Creatively

Businesses have been using slides for a really long time now. one you have showed them in your big presentation what to do with them? To make better use of them and harness their power even more, upload them to SlideShare. One you have upload them instead of stacking them in your hard drive somewhere in the back of your computer, stick a link in your articles and posts to facilitate your audience into understand the post better. You can use this link as a business pitch to your potential clients and customers just attach a link to the email and send it to get the benefit out of it.


  1. Facilitate Pinterest Users by Installing Pin It Button

if you really want users to share your images all over their social media websites, you have to get your Pin It Button installed so that your users can who like your images can share it on Pinterest and Spread your images.


  1. Walk a Mile in Your Customer’s Shoes

Have you ever tried using the products you manufacture yourself? if not then it’s about time you should. It really gives you an insight about your products and services and the problems your customers are facing. You can then come up with a solution. If I was running a business I would frequently call customers services and check upon how they are dealing with customers under a pseudonym if I didn’t have an advanced system of recording all calls and going through all of them. Probably this is why I am not running a business I would really be a problem for my employees.


  1. Never Stop Learning

Ok, now this advice is quite generic but by far the most important one. You have to keep learning to improve your strategy, if one thing doesn’t work it doesn’t mean nothing will.


  1. Consult Millennials

Millennials are the people who reached adulthood at the start of 21st century, like myself. I have witnessed dial up connections, phones with cords, cassette tapes and recorders, type writers and gramophones. This gives us an edge over the older people and relatively younger generation. We are humble yet knowledgeable. We know how to wait for our Wi-Fi to connect because let’s face it we have waited for our dial up connections to work. Millennials are more prone to share personal information unlike their grandparents. People in their 30’s are the market for social media as they are the people working towards a career and looking for new options. They are able to guide to towards the right direction.


  1. Visual Media

Although text play a very important role in promoting your page. There should always be an image attached to it. Beautifully edited photo can go a long way with your clever words.


  1. Encourage Content Sharing

It really doesn’t matter if your social media marketing department has 10 employees or just 1, you can ask people from other departments to help you figuring out what kind of content you should share on your website. You should always consult the people who work on these projects on daily basis, they will have much more productive knowledge in this area.


  1. Offer Freebies

Nobody says no to a free perk, like an e book that your users can download from your website or a discount. What was the last time anyone said no to a free sample? If you are selling beauty products it is the best thing to give away free sample of your black mask or a new perfume you have been trying to sell.


  1. Engage in Conversation

your Website shouldn’t seem like a sales pitch. Social media is never one way where users are posting comments and queries without expecting a reply. People who have likes your page look forward to a reply. I really don’t shop from the pages which do not have any comments from the owner as it feels very sketchy. Locate where your potential clients are and follow them there, if they on Twitter follow them there (not in a creepy way). I always spell check before I write anything It seems quite unprofessional if your post is full of typos and I hate becoming the target of the Grammar Police.


  1. Keep Your Options Open

Facebook ads have been the captains of social media marketing over the past couple of years but they are not your only options. You should also consider your options of using LinkedIn and Instagram. I have posted articles about how to use Instagram’s marketing tool. You have to consider several factors like pros and cons of a certain platforms, difference in cost and your budget. Always do your homework and see what suits you best.


  1. Work on Online Reviews

As I have said before reviews from customers builds up the trust on the company and products. Always ask your customers to leave a feedback. It is always wise to respond to these reviews it doesn’t matter if they are negative or positive. If they are angry always try to calm them down and attend to their complaints.


  1. Make Use of Instagram

If you have a page on Facebook always link it to Instagram as they are basically the same thing. You will have the attention of your Facebook audience as well as your users at Instagram. Whatever you post on Facebook will automatically be posted on Instagram so it will save you a lot of trouble. Always add hashtags while posting on Instagram. Reduce the text and you can use the filter to enhance the image.


  1. Snapchat is also Fruitful

Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities and businesses to promote their products and themselves. You can upload an interesting video of your product it will help create awareness and give another perspective.


  1. Vine Works

Vines are the most popular short videos on internet these days, a 30 second video can do miracles for your business it should be well planned and well shot. Nobody likes watching blurred and low quality videos.


  1. Review Your Social Media Strategy

It doesn’t matter how long you have been running your social media strategy there is always room for preening. Rule out your goals and keep working towards them. Gauging your success comes next and if you are not successful see what factors are contributing to this failure.


  1. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

The character limitation is a bit off putting but it really helps in doubling up your audience. There are many popular celebrities using Twitter as their main source of communication.


  1. Trial and Error

    Do not dismiss an option because you ‘think’ it might not work.     Always keep on open mind while coming up with strategies to improve your social media marketing strategy. The key to success is to always think positive.


  1. YouTube

Last but not least YouTube is a Video Sharing Platform and you should always upload your vines and other video along with slideshows to YouTube and try to increase your audience over there.  You can monetize your YouTube Channel and earn quite a bit from there as well. You should always include a link to your website in the description box. Call to action at the end of video is also a very productive move. Always think YouTube as another Social Media content sharing website. You can post your video reviews as well.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.