Ways to Engage Your Users on Facebook

You must know what engagement is actually, it is anything a user does to anything you have posted.

Getting people to respond to your posts and post comments on your videos is very hard. They could just scroll past your posts but why did they choose to respond?  the answer lies in this simple statement ‘They found your content interesting’.

Now who are they? They are the people who have liked your page and chose to follow your posts. There’s nothing like overflow of engagement, the more the merrier. So you have to find out ways to improve the engagement level on your page.


Use photos and Videos

Have you ever heard of a bunch of text going viral over night? Your answer has to be No. Then I’ll ask you again have you ever seen an image or video going viral overnight? Your answer has to be in Yes. This is the power of an image or video, they have the capability of grasping the attention of audience with such power that they cannot help but share it with their friends, this string of sharing and commenting goes on and turns a certain meme or a video viral.

You can use images or videos to link to slideshare shows or podcasts to cover up the lack of integration for the in-between media.

Using text only won’t ever get you noticed in the avalanche of content on the internet. Whenever I see a post that says ‘see more’ I don’t bother clicking it or even reading it. Long boring texts will steer your audience away. These days technology has made it super easy to develop images for your social media. You just require a good smartphone and some filters. Filters are the reasons Instagram is so popular these days.

A powerful image attracts the attention of your videos. The key to uploading an image is never uploading a blurred, distorted image. Always upload HD images with crisp, bright colors.

Another thing to keep under consideration is to upload simple images that everyone can decipher. I don’t scroll the internet to solve logic puzzles neither does your audience. A good suggestion is to use images with text. This way your image gets noticed and your text will join it on the way to becoming viral.


Consider Interests of Your Users

This is another vital point for you to consider while uploading content. If your followers are middle aged women you cannot upload memes, they have absolutely no interest in them. Similarly, if you have relatively younger audience posting something about menopause or middle age crisis will not get you anywhere.

As I have said before images and videos are the basic reason people use social media. Some styles might work best for you and some might not. You just have to find your flavor. You need to find out what majority of your audience likes, for example if memes are popular it doesn’t mean you keep on posting memes day after day. It will make your audience not take your page seriously.


Fan Featuring

The best way is to conduct a contest on your page or post a poll. Find out what your viewers want to see. Start a contest about naming your new collection, or they can select who wore your brand’s product best.

You can also start a DIY extravaganza for example you can ask them to use recycled material and make their own holiday decorations. You can also start a contest of who makes it best and offer them a gift hamper for goodies, preferably your own products. A photo contest can also be started, if you’re selling hair accessories you can post a contest of who wears the hair accessories you made best and so on. This way you not only will earn likes from the participants but their friends as well. This type of networking really helps in increasing your engagement rates.


Mix Up Content

You cannot expect to have a unique and varied experience for your audience by just posting images, texts and videos all day.

You should mix things up for more variety, here’s what you can share instead of posting pictures and text.

  1. Text posts related to current events and your brand.
  2. Images that represent your brand, or own work created to signify your brand.
  3. You can share images from related blogs according to the choice of your audience.
  4. You can post links to blog posts you have written, preferably most recent ones.
  5. You can post links to other sites that you have found appealing and want your users to see.
  6. You can ask question through an image or text posts to encourage user engagement.
  7. Post videos that are mainly related to your industry probably once or twice a week.


You can establish a calendar to keep track or your posts. schedule your posts on weekly basis and stick to the routine. Probably set up Tuesday as your video day, put the tick and post a video on every Tuesday.


Avoid Clickbait

Buzzfeed/Upworthy/Clickhole use this style of writing to lure people into clicking their link. This style of Internet writing where the title gives you an idea of something you might want to see, when you click it open you are surrounded by disappointment. All you see is a post written by an amateur about something really different than the title. For example, I came across an article with the title ‘Toddler survived an attack’ and when I clicked the article this was just about a toddler and his elder brother squabbling about. I was not disappointed though; I was kind of expecting that.

Clickbait has been banned by Facebook I guess due to its exploitation. People use clickbait to promote their websites and posts. It’s not wise to use these tactics to promote your content, the most beneficial thing you can do it to make your writing so appealing that people can’t resist but read it and share it with their friends.