Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook: The Ultimate Guide


Everybody who uses the social media channels for business purpose, as a marketer or as an individual desire to have an increase in the engagement rate on their social channels. Having a maximum number of engagement rates is related to the success of the stuff that you have posted as well as your social account.

Well to have a maximum number of engagement rates is not that easy as you think. It takes great effort and many sleepless nights in order to become successful.

To make it sound a bit easier I have compiled some of the tactics that you will find useful in managing to engage more and more audiences as possible on Facebook.

The Mechanisms of People Engaged

There are different aspects that are considered vital in accessing the rate of audience engagement of any Facebook account. The engagement rate is just an aggregate number to see how many people have responded to your posts. The major aspects which relate to the engagement rate are mentioned below


  1. The link clicks of your posts.
  2. Your Post likes.
  3. The comments received on your posts.
  4. Post shares.

Well there are certain limitations set while you calculate the rate of engagement. One of the major limitation aspect includes the duration and secondly the uniqueness. The duration aspect includes the total time it takes for the people to perform the above mentioned tasks for the content you have posted on your Facebook wall. On the other hand, the aspect of uniqueness includes that every user is counted once. Even if the users perform all the above tasks at different times.

Here to get the idea of engagement rate I will explain you with a simple example. Let’s say you posted some content on Facebook a day before. That particular post of yours is liked by 300 users, shared by 50 users and a total of 100 users commented on it. Furthermore, every user is inclined to click on it or commented on your post only once. Now according to these calculations the total number of engagement rate that your post has received is 450 altogether.

How to Draw a Distinction: PTAT

Apart from calculating the engagement rate on Facebook, there is another most important feature that most people intend to measure. This is known as PTAT or People Talking About This.  Whenever any unique users get engaged with your existing Facebook account a story is created about your page. This engagement can be in the form of liking your page, clicking on the contents that you have posted, by commenting on them or by sharing your posts with other users. It is overall a 7-day metric.  For the accurate calculation of user’s engagement the PTAT metric only counts the new and unique users as a whole. Any user who clicks twice or thrice is not counted.

I have mentioned some of the aspects which play a vital role in calculation of engagement rate through PTAT metric


  • Page likes.
  • Page follows.
  • Post shares.
  • Post likes, or Post comments.
  • Queries or questions asked by the users.
  • Answers to the questions asked by users.
  • Event responses
  • Feedbacks
  • Page mentions on non-page posts.
  • Page tags on photos.
  • Check- ins and different recommendations in the review system.
  • Offer claims.


Other then the above mentioned list, the PTAT metric does not count the mentions of any post, or any of the posts which mention you without linking to your page with it in actual. Similarly, the link clicks or any ads clicks or links are also not counted by PTAT metrics. Apart from this there is an exception of all those ads which lead to the user’s engagement or follows.

One major thing that you must know is that you can only increase or improve your engagement rate whenever a unique user gets connected. Whereas, this struggle will be useless if a user comments or likes a particular page or post more than once.

Grow Your Facebook Audience

Brand New Fan Notification

You can try out any option that you like but believe me the most effective way to enhance the users engagement is by increasing the number of users or followers on our contact list. The more friends and followers you have the more engagement rate you can expect. Both these aspects are interlinked to each other. If you have a maximum number of friends and followers they will get engaged to anything that you post. This can be through liking your posts, giving their feedbacks in the form of comments or by sharing your posts with their friends and followers.

Even if you have a list of 10,000 contacts just think of the exceeding engagement rate when you post your stuff. As this number of contacts increases the engagement rate exceeds too.  So I suggest that you should always try hard to attract audiences so that you have an increased number of contacts overall.

I have seen many of the Facebook users who buy fake contacts. Now this is a major drawback for many of the businesses, marketers and the individual users as well. Apart from buying these fake contacts I recommend that you should try posting some good and interesting stuff on your Facebook page. This will definitely attract a large number of audiences.

Now here I’ll tell you one simple trick by which you can easily calculate the user’s engagement yourself. One thing that you must make clear in your mind is that the percentage of user’s engagement rate is basically related to the number of different people who get engaged with your Facebook page or post. While the number of contacts increase on your Facebook contact list this engagement rate exceeds with it too. For example, on your Facebook page you have a ratio of 10% of user’s engagement.

If for instance there are 2,000 followers on your Facebook page then in this case you will have the PE of 200. Similarly, if this number of your page followers increases to a total of 3,000, while calculating it on a 10% engagement rate  you will end up having PE of 300 in total. As this number of follower’s increases or decreases the PE will definitely increase or decrease accordingly.

How to Improve Link Clicks?

There are some suggestions which I have compiled for you if you want an improvement in the link clicks done by the users. You are required to get your posts optimized if you want to do so. You can also read through the following options that I have mentioned and select any of the following which suits you.

Do not forget to include an authentic link in your posts whenever you get a chance. This is the first and the most important tip that I recommend you to follow. Believe me this will surely help you out in increasing the engagement rate of your audiences on any of your posts in a very short time.

You can include some attractive and unique images as well as information in your posts. These also play a vital role in increasing the engagement rate of audiences.

Clicks on Your Post

If you want to customize the preview of your posts, this can be done in two different ways. One way of doing it is through your site and the other way is through your Facebook account.

Now, if you are using your site for this purpose then you will need to use the open graph Meta elements in order to specify the image, its title, and other description that you want to include in the link. This is an essential part which is created as per your requirement when you put it on your Facebook page.

On the other hand you can use your Facebook account if you require modifying any specific post in a different direction or for the purpose of testing. Just remember to change the title, description or image of the post if you want prior to submitting the link.

How to Improve Post Likes

You can also apply some useful techniques in order to increase or improve the number of likes on any of your Facebook post. There are some basic techniques which can be helpful for this purpose which I have mentioned as follows:

Never breach the copy rights of any image or content that you do not possess. Otherwise you will end up being banned on Facebook by the Facebook authority. For this purpose you can always search on Google for some unique images that are available in the amount of millions over the internet.

If you like to use any image in your post that you have searched on Facebook then you need to click the option of “usage rights” which has a drop-down option. Now you can denote “creative commons” option just to be certain that you are allowed to use that particular image which you have searched.

If you ask about my opinion, I will recommend that you should be creative and use your own unique and striking images in your posts. Go out, explore nature, post pictures of beautiful landscapes or mountains, capture the striking view of sunset or the rainfall.  Believe me it is much better and beneficial for you than using any of the images from the internet. This will surely be helpful in maximizing the engagement rate in no time.

Do not mess up your images by including a lot of content in it. Otherwise people will not like it. Just include a little text where necessary otherwise don’t use it.

Another effective way of making users interaction is by posting contents or images with a fill-in-the-blank option. Ask people to fill up the blank with the most suitable answer. Trust me this will make a maximum number of people to comment more often while giving the answers. Moreover this is useful in increasing the number of likes of your post too.

You can even run different contests on your Facebook page just to make users to get engaged. Think of some unique ideas like guessing games, or choosing the right option. To make it more simple and attractive you can even ask the users to like or share your posts. The user having the maximum number of likes or shares can be set as the winner and can be rewarded.

Improve Post Shares by these Methods

Following are some of the main categories in which all those contents which are shared by different users on Facebook are categorized. Some of these categories are mentioned below:

All those contents which are short, bite-sized pieces of content which have broad appeal.

Different Memes that contain humor and that are relatable in a broad scenario.

All the content which include some emotional aspects that result in bringing some change that can be either positive or a negative one to the news feed of the users.

All those useful contents which the friends of the reader are interested to view on their Facebook newsfeed

Now I recommend that whenever you decide to post something just try to make sure that the contents you have compiled for posting must be in accordance to the above mentioned list of categories. This is really important if you want to boost up your post shares.

Always try posting something that is brief. It can be any information, image or you can post any video. Just make sure it is short. I have noticed many times that most users do not like lengthy posts. They just ignore them and scroll down for other posts. So it is better that you post according to the user’s requirements.

You must avoid posting some useless contents on Facebook. Nowadays people often do not consider even viewing any of the useless posts. They think that in this way their time gets wasted.

I recommend that you must make an effort and try posting some unique and informative stuff for your audiences. If your audiences are happy then there will be no hurdle in getting them engaged.

About the Author

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