Ways to Make Your Facebook Image Go Viral



You must have come across many memes and videos going viral overnight. It might have made you wonder what does it take to make an image that will go viral. There is no way of knowing what will make it happen or the reasons behind it. You can only experiment and learn on trial and error basis.

These points will help you coming up with images that have better chances of becoming viral.


  1. Set Realistic Targets


You have to set a target that is realistic and achievable, you cannot expect your image to get millions of views in a day. Set it to a bare minimum and try to work towards achieving more.


  1. Is Your Image Worth Going Viral?


If you are expecting a boring image to become viral you are working in the wrong direction. It will look pathetic after a while, make sure the image is interesting enough to become viral in the first place.


3. Use Things from the Past


Being nostalgic will get you so many likes and shares it will blow your mind. You can trigger familiarity of your viewers by posting something people from the 80’s or 90’s can relate to.


4.Use Humor Related to Your Field


Share a joke that’s related to your field, for example the paleontology page shares really tasteful jokes about T-rex having small arms trying to make his bed or trying to do push-ups. These types of jokes are not only funny but makes you gain shares amongst your colleagues.


  1. Request likes and shares.


It’s not very hard to ask someone to like and share your post on Facebook. You can add a call to action phrase and you will get a lot of customer’s attention.


  1. Sharing the Image


You need to share the link to your image on Twitter, because on Twitter content is limited on scope and it needs exposure.


  1. Share on Other Social Media Platforms


You should share your image on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ they might not sound like platforms for viral content but you need to give maximum exposure to your image.


  1. Use Instagram and Pinterest


The main purpose is to share the image on maximum platforms possible. To gain exposure you should share it on Instagram that is hub for photos and Pinterest is a great place to make your image go viral.


  1. Ask for Opinion of Your Audience


You can also spark up conversation by asking opinion of your audience for example posting a picture and captioning it ‘Yay or Nay’. This will get the attention of your users.


  1. Strike Up Conversation


You can post logos of two sports team when a new event is approaching and ask the opinion of your audience. Don’t indulge in gossip and stick to professional opinions.


  1. Posting About Current Events.


You can post updates about a current event a sports event, or something that will interest most of the people and keep your audience hooked to your page for updates.


  1. Use Memes

Internet is full of memes that get the attention of many uses, you can also use them to make your page and an image you designed go viral.


  1. Use Clickbait


You can use a catchy caption to get the attention of your users. Use a clever caption that is not misleading but tempting enough to steer traffic your way.


  1. Caption is Vital


Come up with a caption that is appealing and is relevant to your content. Don’t put up false caption that will be disappointing to your viewers. SEO your caption so it can be searched easily.


  1. Use Positive Emotion


There is no a doubt that positive energy travels faster than negative, so it’s better that your image is more inclined towards the positive side rather than being negative and apathetic.


  1. Putting Up Mobile Friendly Images


Put up the content that is readable on the mobile devices don’t add up very small details that cannot be read on a small screen. It will make your images reader friendly.


  1. Go Through Existing Viral Content.


Check out which type of content is available in your niche and do a comprehensive research. Collect as much information as you can and collect sample size. Then try to come up with something as close as possible.


  1. Promote Older Content


If you posted something a couple of years ago and it generated a lot of engagement, it’s a probably a good idea to share it again from time to time to get the same effect.


  1. Add it to StumbleUpon


People are using StumbleUpon to get the content they require on regular basis. It is always wise to add your content there as well, it will give you another avenue to promote your content.


  1. Explore Color Theory.


Colors make a huge difference when it comes to images. Go through color theory and see which colors works best for what picture and theme. There are no limitations to which colors to choose and what not to choose. You can select whichever colors work best for you. Usually monochromatic colors are the safest but they become quite monotonous after a while and you can try different color harmonies on your image. There are many filters available as well to make your image more attractive and colorful.

You have to find out what time is the best traffic time of your audience. This will get your maximum exposure; Facebook analytics can help you with these. Nobody can force an image to go viral in a blink, you have to put in effort and time in an image to make it go viral.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. One trick might work on one type of image and the other might not work on the same image. The only thing you can do it give it your best and share it everywhere possible with attractive captions and colors hoping for it to go viral. You can use current memes to experiment with your creativity. your creativity can lead you to developing more viral images