What Are The ‘Benefits’ of Buying Twitter Followers?

LOS ANGELES — It is becoming more known now that social media is dominating the entire marketing and advertising world. Public relation agents, digital marketers, advertisers and company CEOs are adapting to the new world of social media marketing. Its grown from a small business to a multi-billion dollar industry that has even seen revenue in the trillion.

Twitter is no stranger to this success as it has dominated close to its rival Facebook. YouTube follows up close to these 2 social media giants, and Instagram right by it. Twitter followers has become extremely important and is now seen as a sign of authority or popularity. These two factors have made Twitter a household named brand and powerful internet platform.

There is nothing that can come close to Twitter except Facebook. So what are the benefits of buying Twitter followers?

Its simple. We will break it down in three simple words. “Authority”, “Popularity” and “Business”.


One of the best things about buying Twitter followers is the amazing type of authority that comes along. Its hard to build authority on Twitter, especially when you only have 35 followers. This is where buying Twitter followers can be extremely effective.

When a person buys Twitter followers from a respected social store like Rantic or Fiverr, then you are able to gain authority. So, I have authority, now what? You will receive extra heads who will see you as an important brand or individual.

By psychological perception, when a person sees a high social following, he automatically is trained to see you as an authority figure. Kind of like when you see a police officer on the street or a celebrity being followed by paparazzi. Its a natural human instinct and it can make huge opportunities possible for your brand.

Doors open very frequently for people who buy Twitter followers and use the extra boost correctly. The jumpstart of followers is not necessarily the end of your marketing plan, it should be only the beginning.


The big thing that can occur with buying Twitter followers is the popularity and potential viral outcomes that can happen. Sometimes brands become viral overnight by using this marketing tactic. You can gain a TON of followers from this marketing strategy.

A lot of Twitter users who see accounts with a large amount of followers, will follow you because you are popular. Others will just click to see who you are and why you have so much fame. This will not give you a follow, but it will get people to check you out and maybe even click on some links in your tweets. If you are a musician who needs music to be heard, this is crucial.

The more heads who listen to your music, the more exposure and more album sales. And of course, the more revenue that you make. Popularity = $$$


If you are the one who owns a company, big corporation or local business, social media marketing is now VERY IMPORTANT. Business owners now make a significant portion of their revenue through social media. Getting the word out about your business should be a must for everyone.

More people, business or companies will want to work with you if your brand looks marketable.

This article was originally published on The Epoch Times and has been rewritten with proper permission from the publisher.